How To Make Paper Dolls Stand Up In Just 3 Steps

Do you love making paper dolls for your little princess but don’t know how to make paper dolls stand up? Then this article will give you the perfect answer to your query.

Do you love art and craft and want to make a paper doll for your baby girl? Making a paper doll is a fun and perfect way to show how creative you are. Whether you are making a paper doll for your child or as an artistic hobby, you might have a question about how to make paper dolls stand up? 

Instead of spending so much time making your paper doll stand, you need to know what is the correct type of paper you need and the steps to consider to make your paper doll stand up. 

How To Make Paper Dolls Stand Up

Artists recommend avoiding soft and flimsy paper to make the paper doll, and using a paper stand will always help in standing the paper doll. Here we will discuss every aspect of how to make your paper doll stand up. In this article, you will learn: 

  • How to make a paper doll? 
  • Materials required for making paper doll 
  • How to make a stand for a paper doll? 

How To Make A Paper Doll? 

Here are a few steps you must know and take care of while making a paper doll. 

# Get a printable version of a doll Or Draw a Doll 

The very first thing that you need is a free printable template of the doll you like. Getting a printable is a perfect option for those who want to experience less drawing effort or are not good at drawing. 

You can always get free doll templates online. Once you find the template as per your choice, adjust the size and print the template. It is essential to get the print out on a more rigid paper or a paper with 80 to 100 lbs weight. The thinker paper is essential to make the doll sturdy. 

While many printers do not support or can handle thicker paper, in that case, take out the normal printout and paste it on the thicker sheet. Also, if the print is in black and white color, get crayons and pencil colors and color the doll’s features. Always remember to cut out the template after you color it. 

Another way to make a paper doll is to get a thicker sheet and fine-tipped pencil to draw a paper doll. And even when you draw, color features before you cut out the paper doll. 

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# Complete Your Paper Doll 

Who does not want to protect the delicate base of the paper doll, so it is essential to draw a half-circle shape at the doll’s bottom? Make sure the flat side of the half-circle is along the bottom. 

Now it is time to cut out your paper doll. Use a small scissor to precisely cut the cutouts. Make sure you cut across the lines of the doll and be extra careful in delicate areas like hands, toes, and base. 

Here you go, your paper doll is ready. 

How To Make Paper Dolls Stand Up

Material Required For Making A Paper Doll 

Before you start making a paper doll at home, collecting some items to ensure you work effectively is essential. The below are requirements to accomplish your paper doll making process: 

  • Get the correct type of paper, like it is essential to look for thicker paper to draw or get a print of your doll. 
  • Cardboard paper is a must, as it is a sturdy material that keeps your doll stable. 
  • Get a pair of scissors to cut the paper doll. 
  • Make sure you have the correct type of colors that make your paper doll attractive. 
  • Pencils are also required when you are drawing a doll yourself. 

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How To Make A Stand For Your Paper Doll? 

To make your paper doll stand up on its own, you need to keep some instructions in mind. 

You need to print the doll on cardboard or have it pasted on it. Your doll will not stand if it is made on flimsy paper, but the doll can stand well when it is made on a rigid base. Card stock is a thicker sheet that is well used to make your paper doll stand on its own. 

You need to cut the doll and place it on the strip of card stock; always remember to have a 3 to 5 inches wide strip. Draw a line or make a half circle on the card stock, use a pencil for it; this strip is used as the base or bottom of the paper doll. 

Now get another strip of cardstock, draw a line on it to fold the particular area, and place it at the doll’s back with glue. Folding back the tab will make a stand for your doll. If you don’t have glue, get the double tape, this also works well. 

In this way, your paper dolls can stand on their own. 

How To Make Paper Dolls Stand Up

Are Paper Dolls Expensive?

Since paper dolls are made up of paper or thick sheets, they are a cost-effective way to entertain your kids. Also, the materials used for making paper dolls are cheap and readily available, and they are cut out of paper.

For over 50 years, paper dolls have been great toys for kids who want inexpensive dolls. It is well used for storytelling for the age group of 4 to 10 years old kids. 

How Do You Make a Standing Doll?

You need to create a base with a thicker or card stock sheet to make a standing doll. The card stock sheet is sturdy and durable, so it helps your paper doll to stand. With the help of paper folding tabs, you can make your doll stand. 

How Do Paper Dolls Work?

Paper dolls are figures made out of paper cut out; they are used for advertising and entertaining your kids. Paper dolls are fun and best for kids. 

How To Make Paper Dolls Stand Up

Making a Standing Paper Doll Is Easy If You Know The Right Material And Steps.

Paper dolls are the perfect toys for your baby girl. So when it comes to making a standing doll, you need to follow a few steps stated above. Our article above provides you with great information about standing paper dolls and how to make them for your loved ones.