What Age Are American Girl Dolls For? When Should You Stop Playing With Them?

Some enthusiasts have spent their childhood playing with American Girl dolls and can’t get enough of them today. But what age are American dolls for really? All the answers in the article below 

Dolls are one of the favorite toys for a young girl. If you are under the age of 30 or have a girl kid, you must know what American girl dolls are.

Even since their launch in 1986, these dolls have been viral. With a variety of dolls representing different races, communities, and beliefs, these are a favorite of girls, but the parents also like these toys.

What Age Are American Girl Dolls For

The only concern with these dolls is that they are expensive. This gives rise to the question- what age are American girl dolls for? We will discuss what American girl dolls are, the age suitability for the American Girl dolls, and how to care for them properly in this article.

Even the lowest costing doll from the American doll range would be around $50, and the highest can go up to $150 for unique and limited edition dolls. Parents are often worried about giving the dolls to their kids only to have them ruined because the kid couldn’t take care of the doll. 

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What Age Are American Girl Dolls For

Girl kids love dolls, and the love for American Girl Dolls is even more with the high-quality build and the availability of accessories to play dress up. But the cost for the dolls is very high, and the accessories cost adds to the cost of dolls.

Most of the parents wonder what age is suitable for American Girl dolls. Since the dolls are so expensive, it is essential to take proper care of them. If the girl kid you are giving the doll is not at the appropriate age, they may mess up the hair or dress, and that would be expensive to replace.

Classic American Girls

The classic American girl dolls are for slightly older girl kids. The dolls have real hair, and you can buy several accessories to change their dresses and others. 

Recommended Age

The recommended age for American Girl dolls is eight years and up. But there are several ranges from the same doll line that is suitable for younger girl kids. 

What Age Are American Girl Dolls For

Younger Girls

If you want to develop good habits in your kids from a young age and make them responsible for caring for someone else, then the Bitty Babies doll line is ideal for them. 

These dolls are replicas of young babies. The recommended age for these dolls is three years and up. If your girl kid falls within the age range, then you can buy her one. 

Playing with the Bitty Baby and caring for it will make her understand responsibilities at a young age.

Wellies Wishers

Another doll range is the Wellies Wishers dolls series, and they are named as such because of their boots. Their body is made of plastic, and the eyes do open and close, and they are 14.5 inches tall, which is smaller than the regular American Girl doll size.

These dolls are suitable for middle-aged girl kids. If your girl is somewhere between the age of five to seven, then these dolls would be the best for them.

Truly Me And Create Yours

Other doll ranges from the American Girl doll line are Truly Me and Create Your series. In these doll ranges, you have the option to customize a doll to look like your girl or have a beauty you want. You can choose the hair color, texture, eye color, skin color, and face mold according to your choice. These dolls are also better for girls of age eight and above.

What Age Are American Girl Dolls For

What are American Girl dolls?

The American girl is a brand of dolls manufactured by Pleasant company. They first launched this doll range in 1986 to help young girls discover who they are and what they are meant to be. All of the American Girl dolls represent how women and girls are responsible for shaping the country.

Each of the dolls comes with a book series in which you understand the era of the character that the doll represents. What makes them more unique is that the story in the book is being told from the doll’s point of view. This helps girls connect with their dolls even better.

There are several ranges of dolls in the American Girl Dolls line. For younger kids three or above age, there is a specific range of dolls called Bitty Babies. For girls of age five and above, there is a range of dolls known as Wellies Wishers. 

For older kids who are eight or above age, there are a lot of varieties like the classic American Girl dolls, or you also have the option to customize a doll with Create Your Own or the Truly Me range.

What makes these dolls so exciting and very popular among the girls and parents is the accessories. You can buy accessories for the dolls to play dress up or make them get festival ready. With various accessories and storybooks, it is easy for you to teach your girl about different cultures and traditions and install good values on them from a young age.

What Age Are American Girl Dolls For

How To Care For American Girl Dolls

Since the dolls are expensive, it is essential to take proper care of them. The clothes are removable, and it is easy to replace them if they become dirty or worn out. 

The dolls’ hair is the main part that gets tangled and messy if you don’t take proper care of it. Most people wonder how to clean their hair. You can wash the hair if you like or if it is too dirty. But make sure to cover the body and the face of the doll with plastic first.

You must always protect the eyes of the American Girl dolls while cleaning them. You can wipe their faces to clean them off any dirt.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What age group is Our Generation Dolls for?

The recommended age for our generation of dolls is kids having age three years or above. Kids younger than three risk putting the dolls in their mouths or hurting themselves since they are 18 inches in size. That is why it is recommended that you get an Our Generation doll for your kid only when they are three or above.

What is so special about American Girl Dolls?

American Girl Dolls are made with high-quality materials keeping the safety of the kids in mind. The dolls’ hair is a wig and is very similar to the actual wigs that people wear. The eyes close and open, and the transition is very smooth and quiet.

The dolls’ faces are sculpted by hand by artists and made to look like natural skin using vinyl instead of plastic. The body of the dolls is made of a soft cloth and stuffed by hand.

What Age Are American Girl Dolls For

Why Are American Girl Dolls So Expensive?

There are several different reasons why American Girl Dolls are so expensive. The first and the main reason is the quality of the doll itself. You get what you are paying for. They use safe and high-quality material in the making of the doll. 

The second reason is that the dolls can be customized. You have the option to customize a doll to look like yourself, or you can create your masterpiece.

Another reason for the dolls being expensive is that they come with a wide variety of accessories. You get accessories with the dolls and can buy them separately too.

Another reason for the dolls being so expensive is that these dolls are made by hand.

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American Girl Dolls Are Fun To Play With At Almost Any Age!

American Girl dolls are costly, and that is why you must give them to girls who are at the age where they can adequately take care of them. The recommended age for American girl dolls is eight and above. However, if you think that your kid will keep the doll properly and won’t mess their hair or anything else, then you can get an American Doll for them at a young age too.