What Clothes Fit Disney Animator Dolls

If you are looking to create a new wardrobe for your dolls, then you have come to the right place. What clothes fit Disney animator dolls? Let us find out!

The Disney animator dolls are available in sizes from 12 inches to 19 inches. The dolls are that cute; like you dress the doll for any outfit, they still look adorable. We can wrap beauty in many ways with pieces of clothing material. 

You can use needles by hand or a pro-level designer, then with sewing machines, buttons, and glue. All dolls look adorable if you designed their clothes by taking exact measurements of dolls. 

What Clothes Fit Disney Animator Dolls

The dolls’ clothes are too small, and while playing with them or in the wardrobe, they might get dust on them, so you need to take care of them from time to time. Your doll’s clothes need washing; sometimes, you decorate them with accessories by using glue. 

After some time, they might fall out, so you need to glue again. Sometimes the stitches may get loose, so you have to tighten them. 

Basic material requirements

To make a dress for your doll, the basic things required are some scrap fabric, some basic craft supplies, and a wardrobe to place these cute dolls over there. 

Let’s check out different kinds of clothes for your cute little dolls, so they always look adorable while playing or decorating in the house.

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Ming lin pattern

This is a simple style to dress your doll. If you have no experience, then also you can dress your beauty with this ming lin pattern. 

To dress your doll like this, you need a variety of items. For example, the fabric of size 13″ X26″, bias bending 43″, matching thread, fabric pencil or pen maker, iron and ironing board, and microtex needle for brocade fabric. 

Cable ponytail hat 18″ doll knitting pattern

Winter is here, and after one month, there is Christmas, to dress your doll in a red dress and red hat is an extraordinary dress for this event. 

The doll size is 18″ tall dolls with a head periphery between 11″ to 13″ inches.

What Clothes Fit Disney Animator Dolls

You need basic skills and a few other things to make the knitting pattern. 

Sport Weight – 4 Ply, kinds pick Special reserve stroll brights – Razzleberry, pale rose, cherry red elie family four-ply, one ball yarn, needles of size 3.25mm, and a row counter. 

Slumber slippers

These slippers are made using a soft material, and it has elastic around the ankle of the doll. This doll can be made by sewing machine or with a needle if you have a beginner’s experience level, which gives you a beautiful esthetic look. This pair of slippers fit in the 13 to 16 inches range doll. 

You need a few items such as the fabric of size 8″ x11″, lining 8″ x8″, fusible interfacing of 8″ x11″, matching thread, fabric marking pen or pencil, seam ripper, small safety pin, and hand sewing needle for making the slippers.

A Mermaid tale

The mermaid doll is trendy, and probably everyone has them. The mermaid is made in two parts. The bottom part includes a tail, and the upper part, which consists of a bikini. The thing with this doll is that the beauty cannot sit with the mermaid tail; you need to remove the bottom while you make the doll sit.

For mermaid tale dress, we need fabric – tail – 7″ x16″, fin 12’’x12″, panniers 6’’x13″, bikini top 9’’x10″, remnant 7’’x12″, tracing wheel and chalk paper, matching threads, loop turner, safety pin, hand needle, and iron and ironing board.  

What Clothes Fit Disney Animator Dolls

Simply skirt

If you are a beginner and don’t have much experience with dressing a doll, then go with a dress. This is easy and simple and requires less work and material. 

To dress your doll on the skirt, you need 25cm long fabric, a thread, and ⅜” narrow elastic. 

Hospital patient doll clothes

Winter is here, and it is expected that you will get cold in winter. Dress your doll like a cute patient who gets out after the first snowfall. 

To dress like a patient, you need two fabrics; one is of hospital gown 9.5″ x19″, another one is cap and booties 12″ x20″, vinyl for a wrist band, bias binding 18″, hook and loop tape 1″, narrow elastic 16″ and matching threads. 

Costume Jumpsuit pattern

Use cute fabric, and you can make winter pajamas for your doll. The doll can also sit with this suit and add extra elements to create different characters from one dress. 

To make a jumpsuit, you need fabric of 15’’x22″ and tummy applique of 3.5’’x4.5″, hook and loop tape 4″, ¼” sew-on snap, matching threads, fusible interfacing, fusible web. 

What Clothes Fit Disney Animator Dolls

You can make this kind of dress if you have little idea or imagination of how to make this kind of dress. 

Maddy Lou Dress pattern

This is a simple dress pattern. It is perfectly suitable for beginners to design a fully lined bodice, clinched up overskirt, and the whole opening back. 

For making this dress, you need 1/8 yard of coordinating fabric, preferably prewashed, 1/3 yard of main fabric, coordinating trims, ribbons, and buttons, needle, threads, ribbons, and hook and loop tape or snaps. Choose a cotton-woven fabric for doll dresses. 

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Mariner bay doll clothes with knitting pattern

The doll dress has a boat neck and sleeve of length three quarters, styled in a baggy way. The dolls have buttons on the backside. The sleeves have peepholes which add to summer flair. This pattern is suitable for 16″ dolls and also 18″ dolls size. 

To make this doll, you need the following items and basic level skills

KnitPicks Crochet curio, Elle crochet cotton, tinky no 5, Alize miss 100% mercerized cotton, needles, row counter, 3/8 “wide buttons four nos and stitch holder.  

Cherry patch top and pants pattern 

This pattern is designed to fit a slim body 14 inches. To make a patch top and pants pattern, you need these supplies to dress your doll

What Clothes Fit Disney Animator Dolls

9 “x14″ fabric for the top patch, 9″ x 9″ fabric for the lining, 9″ fabric for pants, thread, 3” hook and loop tape, 5 ½ elastic material for pants, and to decorate doll buttons

Checklist for your Disney animator doll

While purchasing doll clothes material or direct clothes, check your dress size and measurement carefully so that you can dress your doll perfectly, play with the beauty comfortably and look nice for decorating purposes and in wardrobe. 

American girl clothes do fit animator dolls but the other way around, because the animator dolls are more miniature in size than American girl types of dolls.