What Size Are Our Generation Dolls? Your Expert Guide

What Size are Our Generation dolls? Our Generation dolls are 18-inches tall and are similar to American Girl dolls. Read on to know more about Our Generation dolls.

Our Generation Dolls

A Canadian family, Battat, created Our Generation dolls brand. It is a very successful and popular brand with a variety of play dolls, clothes, and other accessories that most girls will love.

But do you know how big Our Generation dolls are? All Our Generation dolls are 18-inch tall and are pretty affordable. They are of the same height as the Gotz Precious day and American girl dolls. The size of the doll is ideal for a 3-year old to play with and have fun. Let us know more about Our Generation dolls in detail.

What Size Are Our Generation Dolls

In this article, we will further look at

  • What do Our Generation dolls look like, their types, their pricing?
  • How do you maintain your doll’s hair?
  • What size are American Girl dolls and what size clothes do they wear?
  • What age girls can play with Our Generation Dolls?

Do you know what the philosophy behind Our Generation dolls is? It allows girls to do what they love and enjoy. It can be catching butterflies, fishing, riding, hair styling or making trendy outfits, or any other thing they like. Our Generation dolls have a different variety of dolls and allow girls to do all the things they like. 

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So what do Our Generation dolls look like?

Our Generation dolls are similar to American Girl dolls and are 18-inches tall, having stiff vinyl limbs and heads. Their body has a nylon skin tone and has a filling of polyester fiber inside. They have an excellent filling inside, so it is pretty comfortable for girls to hold and make them stand. 

Some premium range dolls can even bend their knees. Some wire may be put inside the doll’s leg, so the vinyl material can bend and stay intact. Other dolls may not have this feature.

Though all Our Generation dolls have a neutral expression and lip color with pink cheeks. They have big eyes and large fiber eyelashes. The hairs are smooth and soft to touch.

Our Generation Dolls Types

There are four different types of Our Generation dolls having different features.

Regular Dolls

The regular dolls are non-poseable and do not bend their limbs. These are the basic dolls that come with one clothing set.

Deluxe Dolls

Deluxe dolls are poseable and come with different outfits and accessories. It even comes with a storybook to let you know their personality.

Retro Dolls

Vintage outfits and accessories inspire the retro dolls, and they do not pose.

Specialty Dolls

Specialty dolls have a profession of their own and come with matching outfits and accessories as per their profession. It includes the outfit of a doctor, inventor, or hairstylist.

What Size Are Our Generation Dolls

How Is Our Generation Doll Priced?

The Our Generation dolls are the best gift any girl would love to have and are affordable. Any girl would love to play with this Elizabeth Ann doll having bright eyes and long hair. Some dolls are priced as low as $24, and some may have a little higher price if it comes with clothing sets and accessories. You can mix and match the doll with other OG clothing sets as well.

How Do You Maintain Your Doll’s Hairs?

  • You can brush your doll’s hair using a wire brush. 
  • Try to divide the hairline and start brushing them. Take small parts at once. 
  • Remove the tangles from the bottom first and then begin brushing upwards.
  • If the hairs are too messy, you can spray some water on the hairs. And if your doll has curly hairs, gently brush the hairs and keep it as it is. 
  • Don’t apply any gel or hair serums as it may damage the hair more, and also, don’t use a dryer, roller, or hair straighteners.

Why are Our Generation Dolls Made in China?

The Battat’s design the dolls in the USA and Canada and manufacture them in China. Do you know why? Because they wanted to make it affordable. China offers high-quality dolls, outfits, and accessories at a very reasonable price. The company has a good connection with its overseas team. They even keep visiting the manufacturing unit for quality tests and making sure the standard is met.

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What Size Are American Girl Dolls?

American Girl dolls are 18-inch tall and are designed by Pleasant Company. The American Girl dolls represent girls aged 8 to 12 years having different ethnicities and social classes. 

One great thing about American Girl dolls and Our Generation dolls is that they are almost the same size, and you can change their clothes, shoes, and accessories, and they will fit perfectly fine.

The price of American Girl dolls is higher than the OG dolls. Also, American Girl dolls offer more variety and even have a customization option. You can choose the eye color, hairstyle, face color, and expressions and create your own doll.

What Size Are Our Generation Dolls

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Clean Your Doll?

If you want to clean your dolls, just use a damp cloth and wipe them properly.

What Size Clothes For Our Generation Dolls?

All the dolls of this brand are of the same size and height (18-inch). The clothes that Our Generation brand offers fit all the dolls perfectly. So girls like dressing their dolls more often and it is fun. 

You can interchange the dresses and accessories of your dolls and make them look different.

What Age Girls Can Play With Our Generation Dolls?

Girls aged three and above can play and enjoy with Our Generation dolls. They are pretty soft to touch, and their eyes open and close and can even stand on their feet perfectly. The OG dolls come with various accessories and outfits, making it fun for all age group girls.

All Our Generation Dolls are 18-inches Tall!!

They come with different outfits and accessories and are affordable for anyone to buy. Girls love playing with dolls and styling them. They offer both poseable and non-poseable dolls and are suitable for girls aged three years to twelve years.