When Do Girls Stop Playing With Dolls

What is the right age after all? When do girls stop playing with dolls? If you have a little princess in your home who is growing up, you might be wondering the answer to this question. Well, worry no more!

When you have a baby girl, you must have a great collection of dolls. Since, understandably, girls love dolls, there is no doubt to wonder when girls stop playing with dolls. 

Although it is fine to keep your baby girl busy with dolls during their childhood, and there is some importance of dolls in a child’s development, it is important to know playing with dolls should not exceed some age. 

When Do Girls Stop Playing With Dolls

So here we will explain to you at what age your girl must stop playing with the dolls or other similar playful toys. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • How do dolls help in Child’s development? 
  • At what age do girls stop playing with dollhouses? 
  • Can a 12-year-old play with Barbie? 

How Do Dolls Help in A Child’s Development? 

# Develops Empathy and Love For Others

Playing is the right way for your child to develop their skills, and play allows a baby to start understanding the world. Playing with a doll is a perfect example of showing a child how to relate what has been done to them or their siblings. It develops a sense of care.

When a girl swaddles or rocks a baby doll, it allows them to practice self-care and care for loved ones. Dolls help in developing a sense of empathy. Here are a few reasons how dolls help in Child Development: 

# Develops Cognitive Ability 

Barbie dolls or other dolls help a baby to develop cognitive skills and language skills. Dolls allow girls to pretend to play and show their best imagination and creativity. Also, when girls talk to their dolls, they tend to grow their language and speech skills.

When a baby girl engages in pretending to play with their dolls, it increases her understanding. Extending pretend play for your baby girl and doll is a great idea to deal with fussy baby tantrums. 

# Develops Fine Motor Skills 

When your baby girl plays with dolls, it helps in developing their sense of grooming. When a girl dresses their dolls, they use the strength of their thumb and index finger that results in developing fine motor skills. 

It is not that only girls play with dolls; even boys also like to play with dolls. Not only motor skills, but playing with dolls also increases self-care skills. As when a girl bathes or dresses up a doll, they understand the similar process with themselves. 

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How to choose the right toy for your child at the right age? 

We must know what kind of toy is perfect for your child’s age to ensure proper development. So when we talk about playing with dolls, you kids will start liking and playing with dolls when they reach 2 to 3 years of age.

Since your child tends to play with purpose at this age, pretending to play with a doll will give a sense of enjoyment. Your girl will start imitating the actions and start enjoying playing with dolls at the age of 2 to 3 years. 

Dolls and stuffed toys are also perfect examples of toys for 2 to 3 years old babies. 

When Do Girls Stop Playing With Dolls

Can a 12-year-old play with Barbie? 

According to research, it is said that a 7-year girl tends to abandon dolls and other traditional playthings, and they focus more on electronic gadgets. When they reach 9 to 10 years, they completely leave traditional toys and dolls to play with. 

However, a 12-year-old girl playing with a doll is an unusual and rare incident. At the age of 12, a girl is just one year older than a teenager. Since 12 years is a pre-teenage time, one must expect a little mature behavior from girls instead of seeing them playing with childish toys like dolls, stuffed toys, and more. 

Usually, 12-year-old girls focus more on their looks, body, and clothes; their peer group influences them more. 

If any parent is concerned that their 7 to 9 years old girl is still playing with dolls, they should not worry as there is no age limit for playing with dolls. When your 12-year-old girl is more interested in traditional, playful things rather than on the internet is a good thing, as per many parents. 

Traditional dolls and toys are much safer than wrong content on the internet, whereas other electronic gadgets or interests in other games are right. 

Therefore, if your 12-year-old girl is still playing with dolls, it is not a cause of concern. It is a good thing as long as they don’t want to destroy the dolls and still have the same imaginative play with them as in their childhood. 

And if your 12-year child is into electronic gadgets, never force them to play with dolls; let them develop differently. 

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At what age do girls stop playing with dollhouses? 

Being a parent, it is important to know at what age girls stop playing with dollhouses and how long a dollhouse will last. 

Since investing in a dollhouse is spending hundreds of dollars, and isn’t it a waste to buy a dollhouse for only a few weeks, one must know the right age to buy a dollhouse. 

Most girls have enjoyed dollhouses for many years, and many parents have reported that their 7 to 9 years old daughters also play with dollhouses that are meant for 4 to 5 years old girls. 

So while this question comes to mind, at what age do girls stop playing with dollhouses? The clear answer is it varies. Every girl is different; their choices of enjoyment are different, so it varies. Many girls who are not influenced by electronic gadgets like phones, iPads and more, tend to play with dollhouses even when they are close to teenagers. 

Dollhouses come in different shapes and sizes; one can easily get dollhouses for every age group. 

When Do Girls Stop Playing With Dolls

Final Verdict 

There is no minimum age for girls to play with dolls. It depends on your daughter, but girls at the age of 5 to 6 stop playing with dolls and dollhouses in most cases. 

At the age of 10 to 12, they start exploring the world at the next level and are more interested in other playful things than dolls.