How To Dye Your Dolls Hair

Dying your doll’s hair will give a new life to your old dolls. Let’s find out how to dye your dolls hair below in this article.

Young girls love to play with dolls. Adults like to collect the dolls and keep them on open shelves for display as well. But as time passes, the hair of your precious dolls catches dust and dirt and starts to look dull. Your doll ends up needing an emergency makeover. 

You may think that washing and conditioning the doll’s hair can make the hair smooth and soft. Let me tell you that you are right, but that will not change the color of your doll. Your doll hair will be the same as before. 

Rerooting is also another option, but it takes a lot of time and patience. And on top of that, if you don’t do rerooting very well, it can damage the head of your doll. You may end up needing to invest in a new doll.

How To Dye Your Dolls Hair

So, I think dying the doll’s hair is an excellent way to transform the hair from dull to fascinating. Hair dye will give a new look to your beautiful doll. You can use any color to dye the hairs of your doll. The best thing is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to give a new look to your dolls’ hair.

Now the question comes how to dye your doll’s hair? Let me tell you that dying the doll’s hair is relatively easy, and you can do it alone at home. 

There are various methods for dyeing the doll’s hair. I will discuss some of the methods in this article. So, keep reading the article for more information.

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How Can I Change My Dolls’ Hair Color?

You can dye the hairs of your doll permanently by using acrylic paint. The acrylic paints are rich and deep. So, they will create a brighter shade on the doll’s hair. 

But try to use professional quality paints for good results. You need to follow the above steps to dye the doll’s hair with acrylic paint. The steps are as follows.

#1. Take Out The Cloth And Other accessories

First, you need to remove the clothes from your doll along with accessories. Keep them in a safe place and away from the water areas as water may damage the doll’s accessories and body.

#2.Cover The Eyes Of Your Doll

You need to cover the eyes of the doll with masking tape. It is so because the water can make the doll’s eyes rusty, which can damage them. So it’s best to avoid it.

You also need to cover the rest of her body because water can remove the factory paint of the doll.

#3. Wah The Hair With Shampoo And Conditioner

Your doll’s hair may have dust and dirt. So it’s wise to wash your doll’s hair with shampoo and conditioner before applying the dye on her hair.

How To Dye Your Dolls Hair

#4. Prepare The Mixture

Take some acrylic paint in a cup or dish. Add half a cup of water and mix thoroughly with the paint. You need to mix the paint and water thoroughly until the mixture becomes the consistency of ink.

#5. Apply The Mixture

Now lay the doll on a newspaper or any old cloth. Then take a comb and dip in the mixture of paint and water. Now start combing the doll’s hair until all the hairs of the doll are covered with paint and water mixture. 

You can also take the help of a good hairbrush to apply the mixture. Add plenty of water to the acrylic paint because if the paint is too thick, it may flake off when it’s dry.

#6. Allow The Mixture To Dry

Now you need to dry the doll’s hair upside down for at least 24-48 hours. You should not allow any wet hair to fall on the doll’s face and body because it will be difficult for you to remove the stain from the plastic body. You need to comb the hair once or twice a day during drying to prevent stiffening of hair.

How To Dye Your Dolls’ Hair Permanently?

To dye the doll’s hair permanently, you need to use permanent fabric markers directly on the hairs of your doll. Apply the marker gently and leave it for a few hours or overnight. 

Then wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner. If you applied a deeper shade color to the doll’s hair but after washing it has become light, repeat the process once again.

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How Do You Dye Dolls’ Hair With Food Coloring?

To dye dolls’ hair with food coloring, you need first to apply Vaseline to the hairs of the doll. The Vaseline will protect the hair from the food color. Now take a bowl with hot water and dip some food color into it. 

Stir for a few seconds and dip the hairs of the doll into the bowl containing the food color mixture. You need to dip the hair for a few seconds to one minute. 

The longer you dip in the food color mixture, the brighter it will be. Now place your doll in an old towel and allow the hairs to dry for a few hours or overnight. Then wash the hair with cold water. You will have permanent dye color on the doll’s hair.

But sometimes, if you get bored with the color and want to have another color on the doll’s hair, then you can wash the doll’s hair with dish soap. It will remove the old color instantly.

How To Dye Your Dolls Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What can I use to dye dolls’ hair?

 There are various methods of dyeing dolls’ hair, like acrylic paint and water mixture to dye the hair. You can use a fluorescent marker on the doll’s hair to dye temporarily. If you want the dye color to remain permanent, you can use a permanent marker on the hairs of your doll.

#2. How to dye a doll’s hair easily?

You can take the help of a marker to dye the doll’s hair easily. But for permanent effect, try to use a permanent marker on the hairs of the doll.

How To Dye Your Dolls Hair

Wrap Up

Dying the doll’s hair will surely give a new look to your doll. You can use various methods above to dye dolls’ hair.

I hope this article was informative, and please don’t forget to share your experience after dying your doll’s hair. You can share the pictures of your doll in the comment section. I will be glad to read your experience and see the images.