How To Repaint Monster High Dolls In 12 Easy Steps

Repainting Monster High dolls can give your doll a soft, stylish look. Let’s find out how to repaint Monster High dolls below in this article.

Everyone loves dolls. One of the new trends going on in Hobby World is the repainting of dolls. People love to renovate popular dolls like Barbie, Monster High dolls, Tonner dolls, and various others. Sometimes you might not be satisfied with the factory paintwork and want to give a new look to their dolls.

Repainting dolls means you need to remove the old factory paint and then draw various features with acrylic paint by hand. If you are a beginner, then Monster High dolls will be fantastic to work with because you will find so many exaggerated features in this doll that will force you to think out of the box. 

How To Repaint Monster High Dolls

So, How To Repaint Monster High Dolls?

Well, repainting is relatively easy. You need to collect a few things like colored pencils, pastels, sealants and follow the steps that I will tell you to repaint your doll. Repainting will give a new look to your doll. 

The best thing for repainting your doll is that you don’t need to invest much money. Your doll will look bold and stylish very quickly, which will make you really happy.

This article will describe the methods step by step for repainting the Monster High dolls. So keep reading this article for more information.

How Do You Prepare A Doll For painting?

#1. Remove The Head Of Your Monster High Doll

You should remove the head of your doll before repainting it. You can remove it by the blow dryer method. Just blow dry in low heat near the neck area to make the plastic soft, and you can easily yank off the head from your doll. While blow-drying the neck area, try to wrap off the hairs of your doll as the heat can damage the hair. 

You can also use the hot water technique to remove the head. You need to run over the hot water on the neck portion of the doll. It will soften the plastic, and you have to yank off the head of your doll.

#2. Remove Factory Paint From Your Monster High Doll

You cannot repaint your doll without first removing the existing factory paint. Try to use 100 percent acetone to remove the factory paint. It simply wipes away the old paint.

You can take the help of a cotton ball to remove all the previous paint from the face. But some areas are hard to clean with cotton balls. So with a toothpick, you can remove the old paint from the corner of the eyes and lips.

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#3. Wash The Head Properly

After removing the old paint, you need to wash your doll’s head thoroughly with dish wash soap and then rinse the head with cold water. After that, allow the doll to dry completely.

#4. Wrap The Hair

Now you are heading towards repainting your Monster High doll. You will be using a sealant which is bad for the health of the hair of your doll. 

So, you need to wrap the head completely so that the hairs will not be exposed to the sealant. After completion of repainting, you can straighten the hairs of your doll.

#5. Use Spray Sealant

You need to apply two coats of spray sealant to your doll. But try to apply sealant outside of your house because the chemicals used in the sealant are not good for your health. Between each spray coating, there should be a gap of 15 to 20 minutes.

How To Repaint Monster High Dolls

#4. Shade With White Pastels

Take a printer paper and grind the pastels backward and forward to scrape off the powder. You can use pink pastels on a hairbrush to add blush to the face of your doll. Similarly, add brown pastels around the eyes of your doll and under the eyes.

#6. Fill The Dolls Eyes

You can use a white color pencil or white color paint to fill the eyes of your doll. Give the shape as you like to do. You may not follow the sculpt lines exactly. If you are using paint, then allow it to dry for a few minutes.

#5. Draw Outline Of Dolls Eye And Lashes

You can use black color pencil or black color paint to outline the eye of your doll along with eyelashes. But if you are using paint, try to outline very carefully. Avoid drawing thick outlines.

#6.Color Iris And Pupil Of Your Doll

You can choose a color to fill the iris of your Monster High doll. You can pick a black colored pencil for the pupil.

#7. Draw The Eyebrow Outline

Now use pastels and a thin brush to outline the eyebrow of your doll. You need to be very slow while outlining because the eyebrow outline should match the expression and personality of your Monster High doll.

How To Repaint Monster High Dolls

#8. Fill The Eyebrows

You need to fill the eyebrows with the same pencil you use to draw lashes for your doll.

#9. Work On Lips

You need to work now on the lips of your doll. Blush the lips with red or pink pastels to give the desired shade to your doll.

#10. Apply Final Coat Of Sealant

After completion of the painting, you need to apply the second coat of sealant. But this time, also don’t unwrap the hair of your doll.

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#11. Apply Gloss

Apply liquid gloss on the lips and eyes of your doll, which will add shine to your doll and gives a natural look. You will observe a huge difference between your old Monster High doll and the new one. Allow the gloss to dry for some time. After it dries out, the work of repainting is over.

#12. Use Eyelashes

It is a purely optional step. If you want, you can use eyelashes to give a stunning look to your doll.

Answers To More Questions About Monster High Dolls

#1. Can I spray paint a doll?

Yes, you can spray paint a doll, but you need to be very careful while painting. Again you should have proper knowledge about spray paint before using it in the doll. So most of them disagree with using spray paints. Artists usually prefer acrylic paint in dolls.

#2. How do you make your Monster High doll?

You can build your Monster High doll by buying a Monster starter pack which includes two torsos, two limbs, two heads, a gorgeous blue and purple wig, and a few accessories. You can assemble the pieces in 250 different ways. So kids will love to make their own Monster High doll repeatedly.

How To Repaint Monster High Dolls

Wrap up

The Monster High doll is the favorite of most of the kids. After playing with a Monster High doll for a few years, the doll starts to lose its shine and looks dull. 

So you need to repaint your doll to give her a new life. Repainting dolls is not all a difficult task. You can easily follow the steps above to repaint your doll.

Please do share your experience after repainting your Monster High doll at home. You can share some of the pictures of your doll in the comment section. I would love to see those pictures.

Happy Repainting.