How Old Is Bug From Little Big Toys? What is Bug’s Net Worth?

Little Big Toys fans always ask us: how old is Bug from little big toys? Did you know that she is just 10 years old? Learn all about Bug in this article

Little Big Toys is a viral and modern YouTube toy channel for kids. Celestine Chuahiock, a Philippine girl, is the “Bug” of this toy family. She is a very famous YouTube star who runs this toy channel.

Celestine Chuahiock was born and brought up in Quezon, Philippines. She was born on the 11th of Aug, 2011, and is just 10-years old. According to astrology, Leo is the zodiac sign of this Bug. She was born to Abigail and Charles. 

Her mother is also the pioneer of the Blog Artistic Milestones. Unfortunately, her father died last year. Her followers are also very familiar with her cousin, Callie, in her own Instagram account.

Bug's 24 Hour Roblox Birthday Celebration! | Little Big Toys Family

You can watch numerous videos of Little Big Toy on her YouTube channel. The primary motto of this channel is to bring to life the power of all the little kids through her beautiful dreams. 

Your child can learn numerous activities from the videos streamed on this channel, mostly on arts and play. Also, there are different artistic stories, funny experiments, and silly challenges present for your kid to explore.

Little Big Toys also has a ton of followers on Instagram and Facebook pages. Among all the videos, the one with the complete dress-up of the Disney Princesses is widely popular. You will be surprised to know that this particular video has been viewed more than 1.8-billion times.

Ethnicity and Religion

Most of you have written to us to brief the ethnicity, ancestry, and religion of Little Big Toys. But the fact is the ethnicity of Little Big Toys is as yet unknown. But we are trying hard to find out answers to all your queries very soon.

Net Worth of Little Big Toys

Little Big Toy is one of the most popular and most affluent YouTube stars in recent times. According to the statistics available in Wikipedia and the Forbes & Business Insider, Little Big Toys come with $1.5-million net worth. Other sources suggest a much higher net worth (approx $3mn).

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Little Big Toys is so popular that it is pretty sure that all of you are very eager to know their height, body measurements, shoe size, and even their hair color. But all these statistics are unavailable right now. We are trying hard to come with all this information for you. 

Other Activities

You may know Little Big Toys as a YouTuber of her popular toy channel. In addition, in the “Recipes for Kids” series, she teaches the children how to cook some of her favorite recipes.

Who Is Little Big Toys Dating

As per our research, Little Big Toy is perhaps single and did not have anybody previously in her life. Therefore, your Little Big Toys is not at all dating anybody till this year. If you get any information about her relationship status, you can write to us in the comment section below. 


Little Big Toy is a very famous YouTuber. We have previously mentioned that the 11th of Aug is her birthday, and she celebrates her birthday with great grandeur every year. 

Getting a New Mermaid | Little Big Toys

Some Popular Series of Little Big Toy

Bug’s Funny Situation When Mommy Is Not In Home

When Bug’s mommy is not present, she learns how to clean the house with her aunty’s help. Her aunt was there to teach her a to-do list of jobs. And at the end of the day, Bug also gets a surprise gift from her aunt.

Bug’s Art Class Challenge Winner

The Bug will help your kids learn numerous art and craft techniques through various activities with many friends.

Bug’s Ballerina Costume Transformation

In this series, Bug and her cousin, Callie, try to transform the shoes and the costume into Ballerina attire with the help of her mother. There, she also dances with her cousin and mother to make the video more entertaining.

Bug’s Home-Made Ice Cream Puppy Bed

In this video, Bug will show you how she will utilize the art techniques to make a house for her little puppies. Her dear dog just gives birth to small puppies. Therefore, she wanted to make an ice-cream bed accommodate the entire dog family.

How old is bug from little big toys

Bug Makes The Happiest Birthday Party Ever

Here you will see Bug arrange an excellent birthday party for herself. It will also help your child to learn party ideas and thoughts.

Bug’s Funny First Forest Adventure for Beginners

The Bug visits a rainforest for the first time. Therefore, she is afraid to ride the hanging bridges and various challenging rope courses there. Thus, this video will make your child learn the adventurous forest trip guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions: How Old Is Bug From Little Big Toys

Where did Little Big Toys live?

Little Big Toys live in Quezon city in the Philippines.

How did Little Big’s dad die?

Bug’s father was Charles Chuahiock. Bug’s family has been very private about Charle’s death, though most of her fans came to know about it from her Instagram post. Her post suggests that she lost her father on the 26th of Sep ’20. 

The cause of death is unknown, but Bug’s father was quite young, so presumably, the cause was accidental. At this time, this is pure conjecture, and we respect the grieving family’s wishes to keep the information private.

Bug & Sequin Have New Puppies! | Little Big Toys

What is the net worth of Little Big Toy?

Little Big Toy is a viral YouTuber and comes with a $1.5-million net worth. Other sources put her net worth at close to $3mn.

How many subscribers do Little Big Toy have?

Little Big Toys YouTube toy channel comes with 6,110,000 subscribers. A total of 239 videos have been uploaded to this channel. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that the media have more than 2Bn views.

Who is Bug of Little Big Toys?

The Bug is a Philippines girl named Celestine Chuahiock, who is the most famous YouTuber. Traveling and photo capturing is her favorite passing time.

How Old Is Bug From Little Big Toys


Little Big Toys has huge fan followers and billions of YouTube subscribers. This little Phillippine girl comes with numerous art and activities videos to enlighten your child’s dreams. Subscribe to the channel today to take your young child into a magical world!