Where Does EllieV Toys Live? What is EllieV Toys Net Worth?

Are you interested in ellieV Toys? Curious as to where does EllieV toys live? Continue reading to learn more. 

We all love holding on to the happy memories of our childhoods, and for ellieV, it is the joy of playing with LEGOs. She has turned her passion for these toys into a very popular YouTube channel! The channel has close to 1.88mn subscribers, at last count.

Ellie reviews and talks about LEGO toys in her videos. She also creates fun LEGO sets and challenges herself to be as creative as possible. Are you interested in such innovative content? Read on to learn more about Ellie and EllieV Toys. 

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Where Does ellieV Toys Live?

ellieV Toys is a family-friendly Australian YouTube channel. Ellie is the owner of this channel. She lives in Australia and started the channel in 2015. Ellie enjoys collecting toys and unboxing the contents of the packages. ellieV shows are creating and building with selections of LEGOs. 

LEGOs have been popular in Australia for a long time. LEGO Australia is the country’s top brand for toys and sells billions of LEGO sets every year. Almost every Australian child owns LEGO sets or has individual pieces. 


Children enjoy playing with LEGOs. Even adults appreciate their LEGO toys and collections. Those who still have their childhood love for LEGOs call themselves AFOL or Adult Fans of LEGO! ellieV is such a fan, and she enjoys her obsession with these toys. 

Even though the ellieV Toys channel is for children, adults can enjoy watching as well. Adult subscribers on ellieV Toys find her videos entertaining. These videos also inspire them. Ellie’s creativity with LEGO sets has encouraged many of her subscribers. Many have created fantastic LEGO worlds and can compare notes through her channel. 

The Birth Of EllieV Toys

Ellie launched ellieV Toys on 26th Sep’15. Ellie, who runs the YouTube channel, is a teacher and a mother of two kids. Ellie lives in Australia and uploads content from home. 

Ellie gives details about LEGO sets and shows thorough unboxing content. She displays different LEGO toys and builds their surroundings, where they live. Ellie gives a unique look to each set of LEGOs. Ellie provides reviews of each LEGO box. Her videos are funny and interesting and perfect for a family session! 

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Ellie’s Online Merch

Apart from creating videos, Ellie also manages her online merchandise shop from Australia. She sells t-shirts with the ellieV Toys print. She also sells different household products and various kinds of accessories. Ellie’s store is a major part of the Australian toy merch industry as she lives in Australia. 

You can buy comfortable t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, tote bags, and pouches. There are many more products available from ellieV. All ellieV Toys merchandise is available on TeeSpring. The shop gets new designs and products quite often. ellieV Toys is popular all around the world. Their merchandise is available outside Australia, as well. You can buy any ellieV Toys-themed products from TeeSpring and pay for shipping to any country. 

Where Does EllieV Toys Live

ellieV’s Net Worth

You may be surprised to know how much money does ellieV Toys make. To answer this question, we need to look at the various sources of income that ellieV Toys have. 

The ellieV Toys YouTube channel is Ellie’s main source of income. The channel has 1.88 million subscribers. If you consider this number, then ellieV’s net worth should be around $4.48 million. Note that this money is purely from the YouTube channel. 

Yearly Revenues From the Channel

Every month, the channel attracts at least 18.67 million viewers. YouTube channels usually monetize through viewership. Most YouTube channels earn approximately $3 to $7 for every thousand views. According to these statistics, ellieV Toys earns around $74.69 thousand per month. This means that per year, ellieV Toys earns $1.12 million. 

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Now, it is not only views that help to monetize a YouTube channel. Advertisements are another major source of income. Since ellieV Toys is very popular, it generates more than $7 from advertisements. So, the channel makes around $2.02 million per year from advertisements. 

Some several endorsements and affiliates add to Ellie’s net worth. Her merchandise shop sells various products. She also has various sponsorships and speaking engagements that generate significant revenue. So her net worth can very well go beyond $4.48 million. 

Growth Over The Years

ellieV Toys has grown significantly over the past six years. Ellie started her channel back in 2015 and did not have the following that she does today. ellieV’s current net worth is due to her viewership and following. You can see how her viewership has grown over the years here.

The subscribers of ellieV Toys share Ellie’s love for LEGOs and enjoy her videos. This has allowed her to develop these different sources of income. Her product sales increase every time she launches a new ellieV Toys product.  

People Also Asked

Who is ellieV?

Ellie or ellieV is a teacher in Australia who also has two kids. ellieV is a collector of toys and loves her ever-growing collection of LEGO toys. Ellie enjoys collecting and playing with these toys. 

Ellie shares her interest in LEGO toys with her kids. She is enthusiastic about creating different LEGO sets based on themes or toys available. Her love for LEGOs led her to launch a successful YouTube channel. ellieV Toys is a channel loved by kids and adults alike. 

What Is ellieV Toys’ Net Worth?

If you consider the videos only, the ellieV’s net worth is $4.48 million. The videos that ellieV Toys upload on YouTube are very successful. But, it is important to take into consideration all sources of income. 

ellieV Toys merchandise is a huge source of revenue. Product sales keep increasing, and this adds to Ellie’s net worth. ellieV Toys also profits from advertisements and various sponsorship deals. 

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How Much Money Does ellieV Toys Make A Year?

ellieV Toys is monetized through advertisements, endorsements, product sales, and sponsorships. These sources add to the yearly income of ellieV Toys. Ellie’s channel earns approximately $1.12 million from YouTube views. Since ellieV Toys has 1.88 million subscribers, the channel can even cross this amount. 

This is because several videos earn more than $7 per thousand views. You can see these advertisements in the middle of the videos, and they generate massive amounts of money every year for Ellie. 

Monetization of YouTube videos happens through advertisements. ellieV Toys makes more than $2.02 million through advertisements alone. ellieV Toys also earns from other sources, which contributes to the yearly income. 

Final Words 

If you are a LEGO fan like Ellie, I hope you enjoyed learning about her unique YouTube channel. Share this article with others who enjoy playing with their LEGO sets. Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts!