Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze?

One of the greatest controversies among Toy Story fans is “why do the toys in Toy Story freeze?’. Let’s take a look at the various reasons behind this.

Pixar’s 1995 film Toy Story and its sequels Toy Story 2,3, and 4 deal with the very interesting plot of toys coming to life when humans are not around. 

It focuses on the interactions between the toys. But the film has far more depth when it comes to the emotional experiences of the toys. Do you have questions about the toys in Toy Story? In this article, we will talk about everything related to Toy Story!

What Are the Rules for Toys in Toy Story?

The toys in Toy Story follow three main rules. These rules have been discussed below. 

Toys should freeze whenever a human comes into the room.

This is one of the major rules that the toys in Toy Story have to follow. They freeze as soon as Andy or his family come into the room. Now toys are allowed to move if it is necessary. But they must do so in a way that is not too believable for humans.

For example, when Sid sees them, Hannah does not believe him. This is because Sid appears panicky and scared. The toys can also pretend to fall from the shelf. This will also not raise any suspicion.

Toys can also clean themselves or repair broken parts. But humans should never catch them doing it. They should also not understand which part has been cleaned or repaired. 

Toys have to return to the last place they were in.

Toys need to come back to their original spot. This is so that their owners do not realize any change. This is not expected if a toy has fallen from the shelf.

Sometimes, a toy is unable to return to its previous position. Toys kept in mint condition should stay in their boxes. Toys that have been sitting on a shelf for too long can move about. But they too have to return to their shelves. 

Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze

Toys cannot leave their owner’s home. 

Toys in Toy Story are not allowed to leave their owner. This is why Sid’s mutant toys continue to stay with him. But there are exceptions. If a toy is abandoned, it can leave. Its owner will probably not even realize that the toy is missing. Another exception is seen when Al’s toys leave and join Andy’s toys.

Toys that have been left accidentally or have been stolen will try to return. This is seen when Woody tries to come back to Andy after being taken by Al. But if a toy has been abandoned, it will not try to come back. 

Why Do Toys Freeze in Toy Story?

The toys in Toy Story are capable of feeling emotions and moving around on their own. But the minute they come near humans, they freeze. Their frozen state shows them as regular toys that children play with. The major reason for this is that the toys do not want humans to know about their ability to feel, move and just live. 

Are the Toys conscious when they freeze?

The toys interact with themselves as they prepare to move houses. But they return to their lifeless state as soon as they come near humans. This is to avoid any chance of being discovered. When they freeze, the toys only lose their ability to move around. They can still feel, hear and see everything around them. They are aware of the changes in their surroundings. 

Why does Buzz Lightyear Freeze?

The interesting part happens when Buzz Lightyear is added to Andy’s toy collection. Buzz believes that he is the actual space ranger and not a toy action figure. So, ideally, he should not freeze when coming into contact with humans. 

Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze

Buzz is sure about the fact that he is an astronaut. He even shares the story of being sent to a galaxy with the other toys. But it is seen that he too freezes in front of the humans. 

This could be because of several reasons. Freezing was how the toys responded to human presence. Buzz believed himself to be human. 

One reason for his freezing can be traced to his programming. The programming works like an instinct. Since Buzz is a toy, his natural instinct prompted him to freeze around Andy and his family. The same could be true for the other toys. 

This was the same programming that made Buzz believe he was a space ranger. Buzz was already far more technically advanced than the other toys. So he could work with two different types of signals. The other reason could be that he acted just like the other toys. It might not be Buzz’s instinct and instead, be more of a collective response. He reacted in the same way as the toys around him. 

Why Do Toys in Toy Story Not Talk to Humans?

If you have been watching all the Toy Story movies, you are probably wondering why don’t the toys in Toy Story talk to humans. The answer is simple enough. The toys are treated as just playthings by children. So they are not comfortable interacting with them. While they crave their attention, the toys do not know how humans will react to them being alive. 

Children would get scared!

To be completely honest, it would be rather strange for a child if all their toys started talking to them. This would change their world of make-believe. To avoid any bad reactions, the toys in Toy Story do not talk to humans. 

Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze

Children will also be scared if their toys start talking to them. This would make them throw out all the toys. The toys in Toy Story do not want to be put away in storage. So if Andy or later Bonnie threw them away, they would be terrified. 

Other than this, children can often be rough with their toys. So if the toys started talking, they might throw them across the room. Thus, the toys have a good reason not to talk to humans. They are protecting themselves while staying and enjoying playing with their owners. 

It’s all about the Toys, silly!

Toy Story focuses on the secret life of the toys. This life is away from their owners and involves only them. While it addresses their concerns and feelings, the humans are not directly involved. So probably the film crew did not find a need to introduce any interaction between the toys and the humans. 

Humans are going to react if they see their toys moving and talking. This reaction is likely to be an undesirable one. If the children are scared, even adults might decide to get rid of the toys. This would not end well for the toys in Toy Story. So they choose to keep their lives separate and not talk to humans. 

Why do the toys in Toy Story freeze: Reddit Fan Fic.

Conditioned Response

Fans of Toy Story on Reddit have many theories as to why the toys freeze. The majority of fans believe that it is a conditioned response to the toys. They don’t want their secret lives to be discovered by Andy or any of his family. 

But as others have pointed out, the toys do sometimes change their facial expressions. When Andy is playing with them, you can notice slight changes in their expressions. These changes are related to their mood. But they do not show any emotion that you can easily identify. 

Are toys asleep or conscious?

This also throws up the debate on the state of the toys when they freeze. Fans on Reddit often wonder if the toys are asleep or alert and conscious when they are frozen. Many people suspect that the toys are conscious when they are frozen. 

This is because they are invested in the lives of humans. The toys want Andy to play with them, and they are devoted to their owner. This is why it is likely that they would stay conscious. Evidence of this is when Woody and Sid’s mutant toys scare him. They stay frozen before suddenly moving and scaring him. If they can change their state, then they must be conscious. 

Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze

What do the toys represent in Toy Story?

Emotional Growth

The toys in Toy Story represent emotional growth. Even though toys are meant to be inanimate, in Toy Story, they are allowed to be sentient beings. This helps to show the growth, especially through Woody’s character. 

Woody’s relationships with Andy and Bonnie are examples of how a person develops and changes over the years. The other toys represent the formation of personalities and how one’s identity is supported by those around. The toys are unique, and they have their own emotional experiences. 

The Sequels Have Evolved as the Viewers have Grown.

Toy Story also focuses on the growth of the viewers. This is particularly for those who have stuck with the franchise since 1995. The viewers have grown and now understand the stories better. 

As a viewer, you are able to appreciate the toys and their abilities. If you have watched the movies, you will be able to acknowledge the development of each toy. 

Are the toys in Toy Story immortal?

The question of the immortality of the toys is an old one. In the franchise’s first movie, viewers were not clear about whether the toys would continue to live or die at one point in time. But it wasn’t until August 2020 that the makers of Toy Story properly addressed the confusion. 

Lee Unkrich, the director of Toy Story 3, jumped on the debate last year. Unkrich asked on Twitter if the toys would survive an incinerator. Now, this is a rather bleak perspective. But, Unkrich does have a point. 

So far, we have seen that the toys can be put back together even when severely damaged. There have been amputations, and even tape has been used to repair the injuries. After the repairs, the Toys went back to behaving as usual.  

Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze

As Unkrich suggested, if the toys were to be put in an incinerator, the outcome is expected to be different. An incinerator would destroy the toys. 

All parts would be damaged beyond repair, or at least that is what logic suggests. But since no film has shown this, it is a little difficult to predict for sure. So far, the toys seem to be immortal. 

Which Toy Story is the saddest?

All Toy Story movies have sad and heartfelt scenes. But Toy Story 4 remains one of the saddest movies due to Andy and Woody’s farewell scene. This scene shows Andy leaving his toys and starting a new chapter in his life. It is extremely emotional and never fails to bring tears. Andy’s decision leaves Woody on his own to figure out a new path. 

Another sad farewell scene is at the end of Toy Story 3. This is when Andy goes off to college. He leaves his toys with Bonnie. This scene is heartbreaking as Buzz and Woody watch Andy leave. 

There are many sad montages in the Toy Story franchise. One is Jessie’s story. It shows how her previous owner went from loving her to becoming uninterested in her. It is a tragic recollection of Jessie’s beginnings. 

Going back to the first Toy Story movie, it is impossible not to feel sad when Buzz replaces Woody as Andy’s favorite. Woody’s distress is evident and will affect every viewer. 

Why does Bullseye not talk in Toy Story?

It was director John Lasseter’s decision not to give Bullseye a voice. Initially, Martin Short was supposed to voice Bullseye. But Lasseter decided that Bullseye would be better understood and more appealing if he could not speak. 

Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze

What The Fans Think

Fans have an interesting theory behind Bullseye’s inability to talk. Many believe that Bullseye is stuck in playing a particular character. This is similar to what Buzz was going through. 

Buzz was sure about not being a toy and being an astronaut, instead. Bullseye may consider himself to be an actual animal. He might think that because he is a horse, he is not supposed to speak. This depends on his programming. 

Bullseye is one of four characters in Toy Story whose origins are unknown. So, it is difficult to predict the exact reasons as to why he cannot speak. While it might be the director’s creative decision, it can also be Bullseye’s configuration. 

Like Buzz, Bullseye’s programming might prompt him to behave like a horse rather than a living toy. This would also mean that Pixar has some opportunities to work with. The makers can develop Bullseye’s story to add insight to the plot of Toy Story. It can also help viewers understand the programming of the toys. 

He Can Feel Emotions

Even though Bullseye cannot speak, he is able to feel emotions. In Toy Story 3, Bullseye appears to be attached to Jessie, even though he is Woody’s horse. 

In a dramatic scene, Bullseye is found to be hiding behind Jessie. This means that chaotic situations make him nervous. So, despite not speaking, Bullseye is able to express his feelings. 

Do the toys in Toy Story feel pain?

If you have watched the movies in the Toy Story series, you might wonder, do the toys in Toy Story feel pain? Surprisingly they don’t feel any pain. Their programming gives them a very different kind of biological structure and condition. This is also why they can survive a lot of rough handling. 

The toys do not feel any pain because they do not have any organs. This means that no serious injuries can occur. Even if they are severely damaged, they will not lose their lives. But if any limb is amputated, they cannot move it. This does not mean that they can feel pain before the amputation. 

The fact that the toys in Toy Story don’t feel any pain can be seen very clearly when Sid decapitates a doll and a pterodactyl. 

The doll was Janie, and she belonged to Hannah. Both Janie and the pterodactyl were put back together with some tape. They came back to life and functioned as usual after that. Thus they felt no pain when Sid tortured them. 

There are more examples of this in the other Toy Story movies. In the first Toy Story movie, Woody’s fingers are crushed. Ducky’s toes are crushed in Toy Story 4. Both these incidents happen due to Buzz’s space helmet. But they do not seem to endure any pain. 

Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze

While the toys do not feel pain, they do malfunction if there are any injuries. Even if they cannot feel the damage, all injuries need to be repaired. An anomaly is seen in Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead. Mr. Potatohead has complete control of his arm. Mrs. Potatohead can see through the eye that is supposed to be disconnected. This can be because these parts can be removed and replaced. 

What happens if the toys are seen in Toy Story?

As a fan of you might ask, why can’t the toys in Toy Story be seen? Well, the answer to this is that it is because of how humans will react. Think about yourself: how would you react if your toys started moving around? 

Humans are likely to get scared and find evil intentions behind such actions. This is because we are not used to toys doing something like that. To us, toys are meant to be inanimate objects. But in Toy Story, they have lives of their own. 

The unfavorable human reaction is seen when Sid discovers the toys. Sid is Andy’s neighbor and the antagonist in Toy Story. His toys scare him by coming to life in front of him. 

When Sid sees them, he runs into his bedroom. While Sid deserved to get scared, his reaction is a common one. It is expected that all humans will react in the same manner if they see their toys coming to life. 

How are toys in Toy Story alive?

In Toy Story, it is seen that the toys are brought to life through human emotions and interactions. When children play with the toys, they can come alive. The toys are devoted to Andy, and I want him to play with them. 

Before Buzz Lightyear comes in, they are terrified that Andy may replace them. Thus these toys are very close to their humans. They do not wish to be kept away in storage. The biggest reason is that they do not want to be away from the children that play with them. Thus for the toys, staying alive is linked with being close to humans and receiving their love. 

Why Do The Toys In Toy Story Freeze

As the Toy Story franchise progresses, this theory is better understood. You can observe that human emotions have the ability to bring toys to life. 

While the toys freeze in front of humans, they are very close to their owners. Even though the toys are not interacting with humans, they become sentient beings through human emotions. 

The character of Forky can explain the force of emotions behind the toys being alive. In Toy Story 4, Bonnie, the new owner of the toys, creates Forky using an old fork and some stationary. She keeps Forky in her purse. When she returns home, Forky comes to life. The other toys are shocked to see this. This shock can be explained as a response because the toys have no idea about their origins as living beings. So it seems that the depth of Bonnie’s love has somehow brought Forky to life. 

Now this theory can also be rather dark. It means that anything a child loves can come to life. It also creates a discrepancy. If the toys needed a child’s love to come alive, how were they alive at Al’s Toy Barn? In Toy Story 2, you can see that the toys are alive on the top shelf. Thus it could be multiple emotions lending to the life-like behavior of the toys. 

This brings me to the end of a very interesting article. If you are a Toy Story fan, let me know in the comments. Share this with other fans who are interested in knowing a little more about the toys in the film.