Why Do Cabbage Patch Dolls Smell Good?

Why do cabbage patch dolls smell good? According to some consumer advocate groups, cabbage patch dolls had an oily smell, while some gave a sweet, powdery fragrance. Read on to know more about cabbage patch dolls.

There have been a lot of different toys available in the market, but still, people are inspired by the cabbage patch dolls produced in 1983. These dolls were popular and high in demand at that time as well as today.

Coleco Industries first manufactured the cabbage patch dolls in 1982, having plastic heads. These dolls had a unique design with different combinations of hair, body, eye shapes, and expressions.

It was a trendy kid’s toy in the market in the 1980s. It got inspired by the little people dolls sold by Xavier Robert . It is one of the oldest doll franchises in the US. 

Why Do Cabbage Patch Dolls Smell Good

But do you know why do cabbage patch dolls smell good? According to some consumer advocate groups, the cabbage patch dolls had an oily smell. This is because of the industrial rag present inside the items.

In this article, let us further look at,

  • About cabbage patch dolls.
  • What is the rarest cabbage patch doll?
  • Are all cabbage patch dolls unique?
  • When were cabbage patch dolls most popular?
  • Why was cabbage patch dolls discontinued?
  • Are They Still Making Cabbage Patch Dolls?

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About Cabbage Patch Dolls

Known As Little People

When Xavier Robert started making these cabbage patch dolls using his skills, he named them little people and had plans to sell them worldwide. You can quickly get to know if he makes the doll if you find his sign at the back of the doll. It will be rare and valuable.

Later the little people became famous. They started adopting them rather than selling them in doll hospitals. This included the adoption and birth certificate in the package. He sold a lot of his little people dolls.

Later he rebranded the little people as cabbage patch kids before partnering with a toy manufacturer, Coleco Industries.

So if you ever find the doll that is soft and comes with all the paperwork, it may be valuable. And if you find the signature of Xavier Robert, it will be rare and worth it. 

But since these dolls’ demand was higher, Coleco found it difficult to manufacture and keep up with the orders.

Why Do Cabbage Patch Dolls Smell Good


1989 To 1994

Hasbro took over the manufacturing of cabbage patch dolls in 1989 and made the dolls 14-inches tall. 

1994 To 2001

The Mattel company started producing the cabbage patch dolls and kept them smaller to 14-inches.

2001 To 2003

Later, Toys “R” Us produced the cabbage patch kids and kept it 18-inch and 20-inch.

In 2015, the official license was wicked cool toys, but still, the 14-inch dolls have unique features and adaptability.

What Is The Rarest Cabbage Patch Doll?

All the cabbage patch dolls had a unique design and were not made equal. However, all the dolls were valuable and were worth around $20 to $40. 

Let’sLet’s look at the rarest cabbage patch dolls.

Teresa Ann

The 1985 Teresa Ann is the rarest cabbage patch doll having green eyes and dimples on the cheek. It has a soft body with a pink dress. It was sold for $2000 on eBay. It was the most valuable cabbage patch doll.

Twin Set

There was a twin set doll signed by Xavier Robert that is most valuable and rare. If you have this twin set today, it is worth $3500.

Anne Greta

The Anne Greta doll with red hair is one of the most popular dolls people like to have. If you find this doll with a pacifier, it will be worth $800 today. It will be more valuable if you have the doll’s birth certificate and other paperwork. However, its condition will also determine its value.

Why Do Cabbage Patch Dolls Smell Good

Iddy Budds Ranny

If you like collecting cabbage patch dolls, you are going to love this doll. The hairs of this doll are different and unique. 

Are All Cabbage Patch Dolls Unique?

Yes, all the cabbage patch dolls have unique designs and features. They had different heads, eye shapes, hairs and were of different color combinations. Their clothing made them look different and unique.

Why Were Cabbage Patch Dolls Discontinued?

In the 90s, the cabbage patch dolls were discontinued because they were found eating children’s hair. The Mattel compnay produced snacktime patch doll with a motorized mouth. These dolls were made to munch plastics. 

But do you know what the actual problem is? When the doll starts eating, it does not stop, and it does not even have any button to switch it off. And this chewing habit sometimes eats the child’s hairs or fingers which is dangerous. So this was the main reason for discontinuing the snacktime line patch dolls at that time.

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Answers To More Questions About Cabbage Patch Dolls

When Were Cabbage Patch Dolls Most Popular?

In 1983, when cabbage patch dolls were made, it was the most famous doll that kids loved to have. For people who love collecting cabbage patch dolls, it is valuable.

These dolls were usually made of plastic heads, yarn hair, and fabric bodies. So you know what made them famous? They were huggable and had a unique design, and you can adapt with all the paperwork and birth certificate.

How Do You Clean The Doll Hairs?

The doll’s hairs are either stitched or glued to the doll’s head. If you want to clean the doll’s hair, you can use a hair solution or any hand-wash product. Massage the doll’s hair and wash it with water.

Why Do Cabbage Patch Dolls Smell Good

Are They Still Making Cabbage Patch Dolls?

In 2014, the company started producing cabbage patch dolls with a soft face and hand-stitched using different molding methods.

How Do I Know If I Have Real Cabbage Patch Doll?

A lot of companies started producing cabbage patch dolls after Xavier Robert. All real cabbage patch dolls have the signature of Xavier Robert at the back of the doll. You can also look at the material of the doll’s head. Earlier it had a soft and sculpted feature.

So Why Do Cabbage Patch Dolls Smell Good?

The industrial rags present inside the doll have an oily smell. But some dolls gave a sweet, powdery smell. Each cabbage patch doll has a unique design and features. Their different clothing styles made them different from one another.