Why Did Crystianna Leave Dancing Dolls

Crystianna Summer is a renowned American dancer. Fans often ask why did Crystianna leave dancing dolls. We will give you all the answers in the article below.

Crystianna Summer was a member of the dancing dolls group and even served as their captain. Americans know her from the television reality show “Bring it.” 

Crystianna remained silent and shy most of the time in the show, but when it came to performance time, she gave some mind-blowing performances. 

That’s why she earned the title of a silent killer on the series. Today she is one of the best-known dancers in the country. Crystianna is also a talented cheerleader.

There are many fan theories and conspiracy stories about why did Crystianna leave dancing dolls? 

Crystianna left dancing dolls to dance with the Divas of Olive Branch, which was the rival team of the dancing dolls group. She is a sweet and excellent dancer who never hurts anyone. 

Fans say this happened just because Crystianna’s aunt Rittany forced her to join the rival team. It had disheartened many fans of the United States.

In this article, I will discuss Crystianna Summer. So, continue reading this article for more information.

What Do You Understand by Dancing Dolls?

Dancing dolls are a dance group from Jackson, Mississippi, in the United States and led by Diana Williams. She started the group in 2001 at Pied Piper playhouse, and the group consisted of female dancers from age six to seventeen. 

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The baby dancing dolls have a separate group in which there are kids of age six to ten years. The group is quite renowned in the United States because of the stunts performed by the dancers on the stage. Diana Williams earned more fame when the dancing dolls group participated in the television reality show Bring it.

Who Is Crystianna Summer?

Crystianna Summer was born in the year 2002 in Jackson, USA. She is the daughter of Chris and Valisa Summer. 

Crystianna started her dancing career at five and joined the dollhouse factory as a baby dancing doll. Her talent forced the coach to get Crystianna to participate in the first season of the show “Bring It” as a dancing doll. 

She had shown her excellent stunts in that season as a head drillmaster, which made millions become fans of her dancing. Crystianna is very close to Camryn Harris and Makalah Whisenton.

The year 2015 was not good for Crystianna. She lost her father, Chris Summer, in that year. He expired because of severe wounds on the body after getting numerous shots at a gas station. At that time, Crystianna was only 13 years old and was in high school.

Now she is staying with her mother, who is very close to her. Her aunt Rittany also has a vital role in her life. She always inspires Crystianna for dancing and appears with her on the reality show Bring it.

Crystianna has a youtube channel which she started in the year 2016. Some of the popular videos are Faith and Dajiya, which have stolen the hearts of many fans. The three friends Crystianna, Camryn, and Makalah, always collaborate and dance videos on the youtube channel. 

Her youtube channel has more than 26.6k subscribers. On Instagram, more than 800K follow her. Her unique dancing style has stolen many hearts in America. Her net worth is between $1 million to $5 million.

If I will talk about her personal life, then she is single at the moment. She is a shy and sweet girl who focuses more on her career.

Why Did Crystianna Leave Dancing Dolls

Why Did Crystianna Leave The Dancing Dolls?

Everything was going well in the life of Crystianna. Fans loved her performance, and we’re always excited to watch her show. But one day, Camryn, the former captain of dancing dolls from season 3 to season 5, stepped down just two months before leaving college. 

Now it was the turn of Crystianna to lead the dancing dolls team. Crystianna was much excited to lead the team along with dancer Makya.

But unfortunately, her excitement did not last long. The coach announced that Crystianna would not be seen in the dancing doll group just two days before the reality show competition. 

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Fans were disappointed after hearing the news from the coach. Her aunt Rittany forced Crystianna to leave the Dollhouse so that she could grab other solo dance opportunities. 

Crystianna finally joined the Divas of Olive branch, the rival group of dancing dolls that has made millions of fans and her mother unhappy.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Where is Crystianna from dancing dolls now?

Crystianna is currently a student of Alcorn State University.

#2. What is Crystianna from dancing dolls’ net worth?

The net worth of Crystianna is almost between $1 million to $5 million.

#3. Did Ms. D quit dancing dolls?

Diana Williams started a dollhouse dance factory in 2010, where she was also a team member. In 2014 she started her journey on a television reality show, Bring it, where she pushes many young dancers to show their dancing skills. 

Year by year the show became quite famous all over the country. But later, coach D resigned from the show. She did not find anything energetic and exciting in the dancing dolls group. So Ms. D was frustrated and left the dancing dolls. Later she moved to Atlanta.

#4. Who died on Bring it dancing dolls?

The father of dancing doll star Crystianna died because he was shot several times in the parking lot of the Laxmi gas station, Terry road. The police department of Jackson arrested a man who was involved in killing his father.

Wrap Up

Crystianna is a true icon and inspiration to many dancers throughout the World. Her dancing talent is just incredible. She also excels in cheerleading. The down-to-earth, sweet and shy girl is now a student Of Alcorn State University.

I hope this article is informative and please don’t forget to share suggestions for this article. I would be glad to read the suggestions in the comment section.