Why Are Octonauts Toys So Expensive?

Why are Octonauts toys so expensive? The Octonauts toys have become a popular toy among kids after the show got popular. Read on to know more about Octonauts toys.

The Octonauts is a trending kids’ series on Netflix. The show is about the Octonauts characters who explore different locations and rescue sea creatures. It is an excellent educational series to watch.

But if it is your child’s favorite show, he is going to like the Octonauts toys for sure. If you have looked up Octonauts toys online, you might have seen that they are ever so expensive!

Do you know why Octonauts toys are so expensive? After the Octonauts series on Netflix, the Octonauts toys have become the most trending toys for kids to play with. 

Your kid will want to have his favorite character or Octonaut playset to play with and have fun. Let us know more about the Octonauts toys and their characters in detail.

In this article, let us further look at,

  • Who owns the license for Octonauts?
  • Is Octonauts An Educational Series?
  • Do they still make Octonauts?
  • Does Fisher-Price make Octonauts toys?
  • Will there be new Octonauts toys?

Who Owns The License For Octonauts?

The Octonauts is a team of characters who rescue and protect the sea creatures in their octopods (vehicles). The Silvergate media company manages the Octonauts for BBC channel Cbeebies. The Moose Toys company has partnered with the Silvergate media. It secures all the rights to launch Octonauts toys.

Is Octonauts An Educational Series?

Yes, Octonauts is an excellent educational series for children. It is based on sea life and makes kids aware of the sea animals and habitats. It helps kids learn about ocean life and use their creativity and imagination while watching the animated seascapes and underwater life.

Do They Still Make Octonauts?

Yes. Season 5: Above and Beyond is the new series of the show. The kids and even adults have loved the series because of its remarkable story, making them learn and use their imaginations. 

This new series will be covering new locations, vehicles and has a fascinating storyline. It will further help kids learn about the weather and water challenges, new environments, and other fantastic sea creatures.

Why Are Octonauts Toys So Expensive

Do you Know Which Octonauts Character Is Your Kid’s Favorite?

In case you know about the Octonauts characters and their names, let’s have a look at who’s who, so you can get your kid’s favorite character. There are a total of eight characters.

Kwazii Kitten

Kwazii is an orange kitten wearing an eye patch. He loves exploring unexplored places and is always very excited about things.

Peso Penguin

Peso is the physician of the team carrying his medical kit everywhere. He is the bravest character on the team and is always there to help in emergencies.


Shellington is the otter of the team. He is a marine biologist and does a lot of research and lab work. He has an excellent knowledge of ocean animals and helps the team in their mission.

Professor Inkling

He is an oceanographer and an intelligent octopus. He is fond of underwater research and likes helping the team from his library.

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The Vegimals

They are underwater vegetable and animal hybrids who speak their own language, which the sea otter can sometimes understand. They love cooking and baking. They are of great help around the octopod.


Dashi is an intelligent dog who manages the computer system and ship traffic. He is also a photographer and enjoys taking underwater pictures.

Captain Barnacles

He is a brave bear and the leader of the team. He takes charge and is the first one to run out to help any marine animals and rescue them. 


He is the engineer of the team. He makes sure the gups (vehicles) are in proper condition and well-maintained. He loves working the vehicle’s parts and does a great job.

Why Are Octonauts Toys So Expensive

Does Fisher-Price Make Octonauts Toys?

Fisher-Prices is an American company that makes toys for kids. The company started making Octonauts toys after the series got released. They also make plush toys and playsets.

Fisher-Price is a famous brand and has a set of Octonaut characters and gups. The Octonauts Octo-crew set includes all eight characters, and almost all the kids love these toys. There are different Octonauts adventure playsets also available, which most of the kids love playing with. Though they may be a bit expensive, you can buy them when they’re on sale.

Will There Be New Octonauts Toys?

With the upcoming new series of Octonauts, the Moose company, in partnership with Silvergate, will be launching the new toys. The new series of Octonauts: Above And Beyond will be exploring new places, and the kids will learn new things about the ocean animals and the environment. 

Since the show is popular globally and has a fanbase worldwide, it will expand its presence in the preschool space. They will be making a set of new vehicles, playsets, games, and plush toys that will help kids learn and use their creativity while playing.

Why Are Octonauts Toys So Expensive

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Youngest Octonaut?

In the series, the team’s medic, the peso penguin, is the youngest of all the characters. However, he is the youngest but deals with all the scary situations pretty well. When any of the crew members is hurt, he is the bravest among all and helps out. 

What Are Gups?

Gups are the underwater vehicles of the Octonauts. There are various vehicles that have different uses. All the gups are identified by different letters from A to Z and are for different terrains.

What are Octopods in Octonaut?

The octopod is an underwater vehicle where all the team members stay. It has four sides having separate wings. The areas inside the octopod are interconnected and look like huge vehicles. All the main functions are done in the central location that is the center part of the vehicle.

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So Why Are Octonauts So Expensive?

With the Octonauts series getting popular, the Octonaut toys have become a valuable commodity and are kids’ favorite. And many of these toys are more available in the UK, where the series has been made. All the kids who love the show want to collect their favorite characters and play with them.