Which Neko Atsume Toys Are Best

Which Neko Atsume toys are best in attracting more cats to your yard? Let’s find out!

Neko Atsume is a popular game both on android mobile phones and iOS platforms. This game was first released in the Japanese language. 

But as the game became popular, it was translated into English. It is a relaxing application, and you can easily download it from your Google play store or Apple Store.

Neko Atsume Gameplay IOS / Android

Fans constantly argue about which Neko Atsume toys are best, and in this article, we will help you figure out which side you should be on.

What Is Neko Atsume?

This game will give you an empty backyard, and you can place some toys or food items that will attract cute little cats, which allows you to observe the cats and take pictures. You can also attract rare cats in your backyard by buying expensive toys. 

The cats who visit your yard leave silverfish or rare goldfish if they enjoy the food and goodies in the backyard. You can even buy rare goldfish by spending real money. But that is not mandatory. Well, you can spend the fish on buying more food and toys, which will attract more cats.

You can buy all the goodies from their store. The store sells beds, toys, food, and housing for your kitties. Once you buy a goodie, you can easily place it in the backyard so that the cat will interact with them.

Cats In Neko Atsume

You will find two types of cats in this game. One is a normal cat, and the other is a rare cat. Each cat has a certain power level which you can easily see by accessing the cat book.

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Cats with a lower power level take more time getting into the yard. Again, when a low power level cat interacts with a toy or food, a high-power level cat can easily boot the cat out from the yard. 

But this does not mean that a low-level cat will never appear in your yard. They will appear on your mobile screen but only for a limited period.

Normal Cats Vs. Rare Cats

Now, if I talk about normal cats, they look almost equal in size, shape, and appearance. Well, the colors may vary from one another, but that’s about it. 

A normal cat wants some food and entertainment. You don’t have to spend money on a normal cat. They will appear on your screen automatically irrespective of what type of food and toy you have kept in your yard.

But rare cats like specific food and toys. They also give a better reward in comparison to a normal cat.

How Can You Attract More Cats?

  • You can place high-quality food in your yard to attract more cats.
  • Toys are another great option. As a player, you have to fill every inch of your yard with toys. If you are selecting a large size toy, it can accommodate more than one cat at a time.
  • Try to expand your yard to place more toys and various kinds of food in your yard.
Neko Atsume 100% Finished (All Cats, All Mementos Everything

What Are The Best Toys For Neko Atsume?

All the toys in Neko Atsume are not made identical. You will find different toys in Neko Atsume that will attract different cats, which can be your regular cat or rare cats. 

Each time you open the application, you will be able to see different cats in the yard. These virtual cats will play, sleep and eat on your mobile screen. It is nice to watch cute little kitties on a mobile phone.

I have described below some of the best toys that will help you play Neko Atsume on your mobile phone.

#1. Cardboard Choo-Choo

The Neko Atsume is a game mainly for children. The silly name of this toy attracts more kids to play with virtual cute little kitties. They don’t impact so much on your game but look cool and interesting. 

The choo-choo is a large item which means it takes two regular spaces in the backyard. It can accommodate four cats, including a rare cat, i.e., Conductor Whiskers. You can buy this toy for 60 goldfish, which is quite expensive.

#2. Doughnut Tunnel

Doughnut tunnel is another ridiculous-sounding toy for attracting cats. It is a large toy structure-wise, but it can only accommodate two cats. 

Which Neko Atsume Toys Are Best

Although the cats don’t use the space inside the tunnel efficiently, it makes up for it with the sheer comic value when the two cats are stuck with their bum poking out. You can buy a doughnut tunnel with 300 silverfish.

#3. Heating Stove

The Heating Stove is a bit expensive, but you need this toy for your cute little cats. The heating stove can accommodate three cats at a time, including the rare cat called Guy Furry. The Guy furry is also known as the chef cat. 

You will notice an interesting thing if you buy the heating stove. The Chef cat will cook pizza on the top of the stove but will neither eat it nor serve it to the other cats. It will cost you 600 silverfish. 

#4. Lacquered Bowl

You can get a Lacquered Bowl at a fairly low price which will cost you 25 goldfish and can accommodate a maximum of two cats, including the rare cat called Kathmandu. The lacquered bowl is quite an efficient toy because it doesn’t take much space in the yard.

#5. Kotatsu

A Kotatsu is a table with a futon, and you will see one electric heater built in the frame. The table with the heater is large enough to attract four cats at a time, including the rare cat Saint Purrtrick, who prefers Kotatsu more than other cats. The Kotatsu will cost you 60 goldfish.

Which Neko Atsume Toys Are Best

#6.Tiramisu Cube

The Tiramisu Cube is a starter item similar to a Lacquered Bowl. The price of the Tiramisu Cube is only 28 easily affordable goldfish. It will attract a maximum of two cats at a time. 

Other toys can also attract two cats, but the tiramisu cube is cheaper than other toys for Neko Atsume. Again, the Tiramisu Cube can attract the rare cat Cream-San, also known as peaches.

Cream-san is not classified as a rare cat in Neko Atsume, but it has a low power level which makes this cat different from all other normal cats. 

Here, the low power level means the Cream-San will not appear in the yard as frequently as other cats. So, if you want to add Cream-San to your cat book, you need to purchase a Tiramisu Cube indeed.

#7. Zanzibar Cushion

Zanzibar Cushion is cheap in comparison to all other toys in terms of gold. You can purchase a Zanzibar Cushion with only 20 gold. 

The Zanzibar Cushion attracts Xerxes IX, a big tipper, and leaves almost twenty to forty silverfish at a time. So if you want to earn silverfish, then you should undoubtedly purchase a Zanzibar cushion.

#8. Tower Of Treats

One of the recent items in Neko Atsume is Tower Of Treats. It can host up to five cats at a time, including two rare cats called Jeeves and Sapphire. It is undoubtedly space-efficient.

The Tower Of Treats will cost you almost 900 silverfish. I will not say it is cheap, but if you desire to add Jeeves and Sapphire to your cat book, you should invest in it.

#9. Cat Metropolis

You can get a Cat Metropolis with 50 goldfish. It is pretty spacious and can easily accommodate six cats at a time.

How Can You Attract More Cats In Neko Atsume?

Food is quite essential for cats. So, you can place various types of food in your yard to attract a greater number of cats. So, you should forget to place a fresh bowl of food. But remember that it depletes with time and lasts only for a few hours. 

You will get free food on the menu called Thrifty Bitz at the Neko Atsume store. So, most of the players start with Thrifty Bitz. But there are six other different types of food in the Neko Atsume store. They vary in price and duration of lasting. So once the cats finish the food, you need to try some other food.

How Can You Attract Rare Cats In Neko Atsume?

The rare cats appear when you lay some exceptional food in your yard. For instance, Tubbs will appear on the screen if you lay five purchasable foods in your yard. 

They will quickly complete the food and give you some rewards. Another thing you will notice is that no cat will visit your yard when Tubb is completing the food.

Which Neko Atsume Toys Are Best

6 Types Of Foods In The Neko Atsume Store

#1. Frisky Bitz

The Frisky Bitz will cost you 30 silverfish and lasts for six hours.

#2. Ritzy Bitz

The Ritzy Bitz will cost you three goldfish and lasts for almost three hours. It is sure to boost your power to attract cats to your yard.

#3. Bonito Bitz

The Bonito Bitz will cost you seven goldfish and lasts for only three hours.

#4. Deluxe Tuna Bitz

The Deluxe Tuna Bitz will cost you 12 goldfish and lasts for three hours.

#5. Sashimi

The Sashimi contains slices of fresh fish and is beloved by some rare cats. It will cost you five goldfish and lasts for three hours.

#6. Sashimi Boat

The Sashimi Boat can take your cat into an exciting cruise of flavor. One plate of Sashimi Boat will surely boost the mood of cats, but it quickly disappears. It lasts in your yard only for one hour. A Sashimi Boat will cost you 50 goldfish, which is quite expensive.

Mementos In Neko Atsume

Sometimes when a cat visits your yard, it brings a memento for you. When you open the application, the screen may become blank for a few seconds. Then all of a sudden, the cat appears on the screen and shares a memento along with you.

You can check all your mementos by clicking the menu on Neko Atsume and then cats, followed by memento.

How Can You Get More Silver And Gold Fish?

The cats who visit your yard will most probably reward you with silver and goldfish. You will also observe that some cats have more power than others.

If the royal Xerxes IX visits the Zanzibar cushion, it will undoubtedly leave a lot of fish in your yard. Similarly, Ms. Fortune loves cardboard houses. So when it sees a cardboard house, it will surely leave a lot of fish in your yard.

So you should allow your cat to leave under their power. You should fill the food again and again until the cat goes away from your yard.

Again you can exchange silverfish with goldfish. In the Neko Atsume store, you can buy 500 silverfish by exchanging ten goldfish.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which toy attracts which cats, Neko Atsume?

  • Bob The Cat – Cat Metropolis
  • Conductor Whiskers – Cardboard Choo
  • Ms. Fortune – Cardboard House
  • Saint Purrtrick – Silk Crepe Pillow
  • Senor Don Gato – Mister Mouse

 #2. Which toys give the most goldfish Neko Atsume?

The cardboard house or Zanzibar cushion can give the most goldfish on Neko Atsume. It attracts rare cats, and they provide a high return on investment. 

If I compare Cardboard House and Zanzibar cushion, then Zanzibar cushion is the most preferred one because it takes very little space in your yard.

#3. What are the best items to take in Neko Atsume?

The best items to take in Neko Atsume are

  • Cardboard Choo Choo
  • Heating Stove
  • Doughnut Tunnel
  • Kotatsu
  • Zanzibar cushion
  • Tiramisu Cube

#4. What goodies hold the most cats?

High-quality food is an excellent option to hold more cats. Food like Sashimi or Deluxe Tuna Bits can bring more kitties to the yard.

Collect The Best Toys To Get The Maximum Out Of Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is a cat collecting game. Kids love to see cats on their mobile screens. However, adults too love to see and click pictures of their favorite kitties. I hope this article has helped you in knowing some of the best toys for playing Neko Atsume.