Where is Mastermind Toys? Where Can You Buy Mastermind Toys in the US?

Mastermind Toys is a name every parent has heard. But where is Mastermind toys located? We will tell you everything you need to know about Mastermind Toys in this article.

As a parent, you would be looking for a perfect toy store with every kind of toy for your kid. 

Here we will talk about one of the best chains of toy stores, Mastermind. It is a Canadian chain with a vast range of toys, books, and games for all age groups. The store helps you to bring all the little ones’ toys from their wishlist. 

Where is Mastermind Toys? 

Mastermind Toys, as said above, is a Canadian chain that has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. The company was started by two young brothers, Andy and Jonathan Levy, in 1984. 

Where is Mastermind Toys

Mastermind is a specialty toy and books retailer of Canada, operates 68 stores all over Ontario, British Columbia, and the other seven provinces of Canada. 

It is a Canadian-owned and operated toys company. 

If you are wondering how far are Mastermind toys? The company ships their products across North America as they have successful online toy store. Then you don’t have to worry, with a large number of stores, you can find it easily all across Canada. 

The company’s inventors started Mastermind in 300 square feet shop located in Toronto that only had educational software to sell. Since then, the company has grown so much in Canada that it comes under Canada’s Authority on Playlist. 

It is the nation’s biggest toy and children’s books retailer, with a full-filled and attractive website. A mastermind is a place where kids discover new things at every corner. 

History of Mastermind Toys 

Let us read the history of the company. 

  • 1984: We have mentioned this before; in 1984, the two brothers started Mastermind in a 300 sq.ft. shop located in Toronto offering educational software to parents for their new home computers. They opened their second shop in 1985. It had a great collection of toys, games, and books. The shop became the destination for gifts and in-house designed wrapping paper. 

Where is Mastermind Toys
  • 1990: Mastermind Educational expanded to over 10 locations in the Greater Toronto area. It was a reputable small toy store over the decade. In 1997, the company launched its first website to welcome customers from Canada and the United States. 
  • 2000- The company’s name was changed from Mastermind Educational to Mastermind Toys, and they opened their 11th store in 2007. 
  • 2010- Birch Hill PE partners formed a partnership to bring the best out of the selection and excellent customer service to toy lovers in Canada. Fifty-seven more stores were opened across Canada over the decade. 
  • 2020- Mastermind launched a new way of online shopping, Pickup in-store. The company has strengthened its partnerships with many renowned Canadian brands. 

Where do Mastermind ship? 

Mastermind Toys ships its products to all Canadian provinces and the United States. The company offers no international shipping. So no matter if you are in any area of Canada, you can place an order and get free shipping anytime. 

In-Store Pick Up 

The new launch of online shopping by Mastermind comes in the form of Pick Up In-Store. The company offers two easy and free ways to get your products: 

Where is Mastermind Toys
  • Curbside- Here, you have to call the store when you arrive, and a representative will deliver the product in your car. 
  • In-Store- You need to collect your order from the help desk of the store. 

How Can You Opt For The Pick Up In-store Option?

  • Once you visit the Mastermind website, choose the toys or books you want and add them to the cart. Once you confirm your products, select the Pick up in-store option, Then select the preferred store and move ahead with payment and checkout. 
  • Within a few hours, you will get an email from the company that your order is ready for Pick up in-store. 
  • Pick up your order either from the store or curbside. 

Where Can You Find Mastermind Products? 

If you are wondering where you can get Mastermind toys or books, then you can either visit its official website or call any nearby Mastermind Toys retail store. The products are also available at Target and Walmart. 

Different Brands of Mastermind Toys 

Mastermind Toys comes with toys and games of different brands, and the company is associated with the following brands: 

Where is Mastermind Toys
  • Lego is a renowned toy brand famous for detailed playsets for every age group and skill level. 
  • Ty: Ty is a range of plush toys. At Mastermind, you can get the most extensive and newest collection of Ty Plush products. 
  • Barbie: The Mastermind Toys store and online has an excellent collection of Barbie dolls. 
  • Bruder: Bruder toys vehicles are well known for their durability and realism. You can order or get the best vehicle from any Mastermind toys store. 
  • Paw Patrol: While you look for any game or toy from Paw Patrol, the Mastermind Toys site is the perfect place to place an order. 

Mastermind Toys have many more reputable brands. 

When Does Mastermind Toys Close? 

There are no exact closure timings of every Mastermind Toys store. Every store has its own timings depending on the days and season. The standard timings of Mastermind Toys store are 10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm. 

If you have opted for Pick up in-store, make sure you check the timings of the store before you head to collect your order. 

Also, for ease of availability, you can anytime place your order online on its official website. 

Answers To Other Questions About Mastermind Toys

# Is Mastermind Toys a Canadian Company? 

Yes, it is a Canadian Company; they have all their stores in Canada. 

# Where is Mastermind located? 

Mastermind Toys have their headquarters in Scarborough, Ontario. 

Where is Mastermind Toys

# Is Mastermind Toys in Australia? 

No, Mastermind toys do not do international shipping. It is only present in Canada and the United States. 

# How many stores do Mastermind Toys have? 

Total 68 Mastermind Toys stores are located across Canada, and they are expanded in all provinces of Canada. 

Wrap Up 

Mastermind Toys is a well-known toys and books company that sells different brands of products all over Canada and also offers online shipping in the United States.