What Does BB Stand For In LOL Dolls

LOL dolls are the favorite of many kids. But you might notice the words BB on the packaging when you are buying one. What does BB stand for in LOL dolls? Let’s find out.

If your little one is begging you for LOL dolls or always watching unwrapping of toy ball videos on YouTube, you must be wondering what this new crazy fashion is and what does BB stand for in LOL dolls?

Let me tell you that the BB stands for baby in LOL dolls. The LOL dolls are mini baby dolls which you will find inside a surprise toy ball. The makers of the toy ball are very smart because they have integrated almost all the latest toy fads into a single item. Do you remember playing with a peeing or crying doll when you were a child, and you love cleaning them? The company incorporated these ideas in LOL dolls.

What Does BB Stand For In LOL Dolls

The idea of different layers of surprise in the toy ball has made them quite popular in almost every part of the World. You can easily find LOL dolls on various online sites for your kids, and the cost is also affordable.

This article discusses more LOL baby dolls. So keep reading this article for more information.

What Are LOL Dolls?

LOL surprise dolls are new dolls in the market which are found almost everywhere around the globe. You will not believe that these dolls are available from Dubai to Des Moines, and cute little kids are asking for different types of LOL dolls. But what are these LOL dolls?

Surprises Galore!

LOL dolls are cute baby dolls that wrap inside a closed spherical toy ball. Each ball will have several layers, and on opening each layer, you will find different accessories, stickers, messages, and finally, you find a doll. You will not know the type of doll or gender until you open the last layer of the doll because the company has introduced LOL brothers in the mix. 

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Always New

The doll shown on the ball is also not identical to the doll you discover after opening the last layer of the toy ball. The LOL dolls may have glitter on the hair and clothes, making the little kids more unique, and they want to collect all the series dolls like trading cards.

Parents may not like these toys because they don’t know what is precisely inside the toy ball. But children surely enjoy these cute toy balls. They cannot wait to open each layer of the ball till they find the doll.

The element of surprise has made them so popular all over the globe. People prefer to give such surprise toy balls on Christmas or birthdays, and kids love it. You can give such LOL dolls to kids above five years old.

Keep The Ball!

Another thing you need to remember is that after unboxing the ball, don’t throw away the surprise toy ball in a hurry. It can be a perfect lounge area for your doll. You can also carry the doll somewhere with these balls. So, in short, I will say they are great to use even after unwrapping.

What Does BB Stand For In LOL Dolls

Types Of LOL Dolls

The LOL dolls available in the market are of two types, i.e. Big sisters and Lil sisters.

LOL Big Sisters

The LOL big sisters have seven or more seven layers of packaging. You will find different types of surprises on each layer of the ball like message stickers, bottles, shoes, outfits, and some fashion accessories which will fit the big sister.

The secret message sticker will have a puzzle or funny face to help you figure out the type of doll inside the ball. The collectible stickers will indicate whether your doll will spit, pee or cry or change its color when dipped in water.

LOL Lil Sisters

The LOL Lil sisters are available in small surprise toy balls. They are a bit cheaper in comparison to LOL big sisters. If your little kid is asking for big LOL dolls, then don’t buy LOL little dolls. It is so because she will keep the small one and again ask you for the big one.

The LOL little sisters are babies with diapers, but the looks and other characteristics are almost similar to the LOL big sisters. They come with accessories, but that may or may not fit them. Those accessories will fit the LOL big sister. 

The balls come in five layers, and on each layer, you will find secret message stickers, collectible stickers, small and large fashion accessories.

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Frequently Answered Questions

#1. What does LOL dolls stand for?

The LOL dolls are three-inch dolls that come in seven layers of packaging. The LOL here means “Little outrageous littles.” The original packaging or Series 1 LOL dolls were called Little outrageous littles.

#2. What does LOL Surprise stand for?

LOL surprise means little outrageous littles surprise. Most recently, a video has gone viral about LOL surprise dolls. In that video, when the LOL surprise dolls are dipped in the water, you can see the lingerie in dolls, which most parents don’t like.

#3. What does napping mean for LOL dolls?

Napping means the LOL dolls will be discontinued in the market, or you can say these dolls will no longer be available for your kids. According to some parents, these baby dolls are obscene for the cute little girls because the boy version of the toys is anatomically correct with no warning on the package.

#4. What is the rarest LOL OMG doll?

 Crystal Star is the rarest LOL OMG doll.

What Does BB Stand For In LOL Dolls

Wrap Up

The cute little packaging spherical ball has stolen the hearts of most of the kids. These dolls are recommended for those aged above five years old. 

But there are very small items in that packaging, like bottles and shoes, which small kids can put in their mouths. So as a parent, you should keep these items away from your children.

I hope this article was able to answer many of your questions about LOL dolls, and please don’t forget to share your experience if you purchased LOL dolls for your kids.