What Are Time Out Dolls Used For? How To Make Your Own In 6 Steps

Time Out dolls is so pretty that they can steal anyone’s heart. Let’s find out what are Time Out dolls used for below in this article.

I had gone to a classic car show in Florida when I saw a red-haired toddler with white sneakers and a poodle shirt facing a car with her hands covering her face. 

I read the lines that my parents don’t want me, and you can take me for $25 to your home. I went closer to the toddler and discovered that it was not a human being but a doll. A man who noticed me for a few minutes started laughing.

What Are Time Out Dolls Used For

I saw such a doll for the first time in my life. When I came back home, I researched this doll on the internet and came to know that they are “Time Out” dolls or Faceless Child dolls. They cover their faces with their hands.

I was interested to know what are Time Out dolls used for, and I learned my answer, which I will share in this article. So, keep reading this article for more information.

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What Are Time Out Dolls Used For?

Time Out means separating a toddler from a group for a temporary period if his behavior is not accepted. So, you can say it’s a kind of punishment for the toddler. In actual Time Out is a parenting technique recommended by most pediatrics in the United States. 

The toddler has to stand for a few minutes on a corner facing the wall by hiding his face. Many researchers believe that Time Out can help correct behavioral problems in the child.

The Time Out doll is a representation of toddlers who are Time Out temporarily in a group. The original designer of the Time Out doll is not known to anyone. But most people believe that these dolls were made in Appalachia in the year 1990.

Gag For Your Living Room

People purchase these dolls and keep them against a wall or furniture, fooling anyone coming to their house. These dolls also add beauty to your home. Some people have a hobby of making dolls. The Time Out doll and its attire are sewed with many thoughtful ideas. So, making a Time Out doll is an excellent way of showing your talent.

What Are Time Out Dolls Used For

Showing Off Your Talent

Apart from adding décor, you will find these dolls while going to classic car shows. These dolls are kept against the car to hide any scratches, dents of an old car. The style with which the dolls stand and their clothing add a nostalgic tone to the event. Most of the people go not to see the car but to see the Time Out dolls.

Once upon a time, there were many stalls in flea markets where you would find Time Out dolls with beautiful attire. But it’s sad to say these dolls are not found anymore in antique stores and flea markets. You can, however, find a few of them on online sites like eBay and Etsy because they remain common in many classic car shows.

How Do You Make Time Out Dolls?

To make Time Out dolls, you have to follow the following methods. The methods are as follows.

#1. Step 1: Draw The Head And Neck Pattern Of Time Out Doll

First, take your compass and draw an 8-inch circle on lightweight cardboard. Now draw a rectangle of 4-inch width and 6-inch length. But while drawing the rectangle, attach the 4-inch side of the rectangle with the circle. Now extend the 6-inch side of the rectangle to meet the circle, which will give you the head and neck pattern of your Time Out doll. Cut out the pattern and keep it aside.

#2. Step 2: Draw The Hand Pattern Of Your Time Out Doll

Now you need to draw the hand pattern with the same lightweight cardboard. Draw a rectangle of 3-inch width and 8-inch length on the cardboard. Then cut the pattern and keep it aside.

#3. Step 3:Placing Muslin On Work Surface

Now lay the muslin cloth on the work surface, place the neck and head pattern you have, and keep it aside. Then take a pencil and draw along the sides of the neck, hand, and head pattern. Finally, pin the layers of the muslin cloth.

What Are Time Out Dolls Used For

#4. Step 4: Sewing

You need to sew the head and neck but leave the bottom portion of the neck unstitched. Then sew the long sides of hands. You need to sew the corners where both head and neck will meet. You need to remember that there is one handpiece in the Time Out doll.

#5. Step 5:Fill Stuffing

Now you need to fill the head and the half from the neck with stuffing. Then Gather the neck with your hands and tie the neck tightly with a string. You can now fill the stuffing with the rest parts of the doll, like wrists and feet. Then burrow a hole in the stuffing which you have inserted inside the neck. Apply some hot glue inside the hole and line the doll’s head in such a way that one side of the head faces slightly forward than the other.

#6. Dress Your Doll

You need to dress up your doll. You can dress your doll in a shirt, socks, and shoes for boys, whereas girls can wear leggings, socks, and shoes. You need to apply glue on the shoes to hold them in the proper place of your doll.

Then apply glue on the hat and place it on the head of your doll. Then hold the head firmly till the glue cools down.

Who Invented Time Out Dolls?

It’s believed that Time Out dolls were created in Appalachia in 1990 to decorate the home. These dolls usually face a corner or against a rocking chair.

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Wrap Up

Time Out dolls adds beauty to the house. They represent children dressed in beautiful costumes, with their faces hidden away. They are a great gag for your living room.

I hope this article helped you understand what Time Out Dolls are useful for, and if you make Time Out dolls at home, please don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comment section. I would love to read your experience and see the images in the comment box.