What Are BJD Dolls Made Of? 12 Steps To Make Your Own BJD Doll

BJDs are highly articulated dolls. Let’s find out what are BJD dolls made of below in this article.

BJDs are highly articulated and poseable. So by looking at the beauty of these dolls, most readers ask us in the comments section, what are BJD dolls made of?

Most modern BJDs are cast using PU synthetic resin, which is hard plastic, and highly elastic and thick cords are used to string together all the parts. These dolls are mainly manufactured in Japan, China and South Korea. 

What Are BJD Dolls Made Of

A few companies in Asia also produce BJDs by using cheaper methods. They use plastic like ABS in making BJDs; they are less expensive in the market. 

If I talk about Dolfie Dreams, Smart dolls consist of ABS with outer skin made from PVC. They have an internal skeleton with hinges and ball joints.

This article discusses BJDs in detail and how you can easily make a BJD at home. So, keep reading this article for more information.

What Are BJD Dolls?

Ball-jointed dolls are modern Asian dolls articulated with Ball and socket joints in the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles. You will also find some dolls in the market which have double joints in the elbows and knees of the doll.

The BJDs are designed in such a way that the user can easily customize the doll. Most of the dolls are sold in blank so that the owner can paint the doll themselves or hire a skilled painter to paint the doll. 

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You can even choose the eyes and wig for your doll. Some doll owners can even change the existing part of the doll by sanding, drilling, or applying some amount of epoxy putty to the doll.

The BJDs are available in different sizes. If I talk about larger dolls, they are 24 inches, Mini dolls are 15.5 inches, and the extremely small BJD dolls are only 4 inches in length. These dolls are mainly produced in Japan, South Korea, and China.

What Are BJD Dolls Made Of?

The old BJDs were made in Greece and Rome and consisted of clay wood. Their arms and legs are connected to the body with the help of a wire.

The first modern ball joint dolls were bisque dolls in the 19th century and made from pulp, sawdust, and glue. Hans Bellmer, a German artist, was famous at that time for creating BJDs and using them in photography.

The first Asian Ball-jointed dolls were made by a Japanese company and were called Super Dolfie. Those dolls were 57cm tall and consisted of polyurethane resin.

Later the South Korean companies began manufacturing BJDs in the year 2002. The United States started producing BJDS in 2007.

What Are BJD Dolls Made Of

How Do You Make A BJD Doll?

It’s a great feeling to make the doll of dreams at your home. You can easily create a BJD doll at home using paper clay, sandpaper, foam, and aluminum foil. I have listed a few steps on making a BJD doll. The steps are as follows.

#1. Learn About BJD dolls

You need to first collect information about the BJD dolls from online articles. You need to familiarize yourself with the construction and how the parts are strung together.

#2. Choose The Size Of Your Doll

Before making a BJD doll, you need first to select the size of the BJD doll. Super Dolfie is typically 55 to 57 cm, Mini super Dolfie is 42 to 44cm, and Yo super Dolfie is 10.4 inches tall. You need to remember that the larger you want to make your doll, the more you need to spend money on casting.

#3. Decide The Type of Doll You Want To Make

You need to decide whether you want to make a child-like doll or a mature-looking doll. Most Super Dolfie dolls available in the market have full breasts and defined muscles, whereas Mini Super Dolfie dolls are known as child type or matured ones.

What Are BJD Dolls Made Of

#4. Draw Anatomical Sketch Of The Doll You Want To make

Now draw an anatomical sketch from the front and side. One unique feature of BJD is that they are anatomically perfect.

#5. Add Joints In Different Parts Of Doll

A BJD doll has knees, ankles, hips, wrist, elbows, arms, and shoulders. In some dolls, you will find a double joint in the knees and elbows.

#6. Ensure That Your Doll Fits Eyes, Wigs, And Shoes Of Different Companies

BJD eyes are available in even size numbers which range from 6mm to 24mm. The wigs of BJD are sold in inches, according to the circumference of the doll’s head. If I talk about the shoes of BJD, then they are available in mm. You need to be sure that the feet of the BJD doll you are making should correctly fit into the shoes.

#7. Build Armature And Core

You need to make the armature and core from aluminum foil and foam. Make the torso, head, and limbs from the foam and wrap the foam with aluminum foil and masking tape.

#8.Mould The Core

Now you need to mold the core with paper clay.

What Are BJD Dolls Made Of

#9. Allow The Clay To Dry

Once the clay dries completely, try to remove the core from inside the paper clay.

#10. Sculpt The Doll

Now you need to sculpt the doll and its various features.

#11. Sanding

Coat the doll first with a primer and then sand with fine sandpaper for various times until you see any clay from outside.

#12. Make Mould

Make a silicone mold and do casting in resin. Then add details to your doll along with face make-up.

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. How much does it cost to make a BJD?

A BJD will cost you within $100 to $1000. If you wish to choose high-grade plastic, then it will cost you more. 

#2. Can BJD dolls get wet?

Yes, water is perfect for BJD. You can wash a BJD with water. But you need to be cautious about the string. The string should not get too wet.

#3. Can you make a BJD with polymer clay?

You can use polymer clay to make BJD. But there are other clay options like paper clay to make BJD. You can choose the type of clay according to your preferences.

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Wrap Up

A BJD doll can attract anyone. But as they are too expensive, adults prefer to keep them as collectibles or photography. They are not meant for playing. So, I will advise the parents not to give a BJD to their kids. They will break the expensive doll by throwing it here and there.

I hope this article was informative, and please share your experience about making a BJD doll in the comment section. Please share your pictures as well. We will be glad to read your experience and see the images. Do give a shoutout to others who are looking for similar information!