Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Not Working – Solution

Toy tags play a vital role in the Lego dimensions game. Let’s find a solution for Lego dimensions toy tag not working in the article below.

I am a big fan of the Lego Dimensions video game. You will have a unique experience in the Lego universe. You need to build the actual Lego Minifigures and then put them into the gamepad. 

I will say it is an excellent video game not only for me but for the entire family. I have a PlayStation 4 at home, but you can also play the game on PlayStation 3, WiiU, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Not Working – Solution

Recently I found that my lego dimensions toy tag is not working correctly. I was just wondering what to do with my toy tag so that it will work. I was unable to play the game. So, I researched the internet for answers for a longer time. 

Finally, I found some solutions, which I am going to share in this article. I hope this write-up will help you too if you are having the same trouble with your toy tags.

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What Is Lego Dimensions?

Lego Dimensions is a Lego-themed video game with an electronic toy pad in which the player has to place the Lego figures to add content to the game. 

The toy pads connect with the console of your video game by a USB cord. The Lego figures have an NFC tag on their base. The portal recognizes it and activates the Lego figure as a character in the game. This game is fantastic for both youngsters and kids.

The Lego Dimensions game is available as a starter set where you will find a Lego dimension portal, Batman mini figure, Gandalf mini figure, Wyldstyle mini figure, and game disc.

If you are new to Lego dimensions, then you should start with this starter set. Here you need to assemble everything starting from the Lego mini-figure to the portal.

Once you become a master in the starter set, you can buy other Minifigures and place the characters on the Lego pad. After that, you need to send a signal to the game to program the new Minifigure. Now you can play with the new character in the Lego Dimensions video game.

Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Not Working – Solution

What Should You Do If Your Toy Tag Is Not Working Properly?

If you have many toy tags and they do not work properly, the problem will likely fall under these two categories.

#1. Corrupted Toy Tag

If you have a corrupted toy tag, then the game cannot use this tag. However, if it’s a generic blue tag, then it can be written over. You can quickly solve this problem if you have an NFC-enabled android mobile phone.

Your toy tag can sometimes get corrupted and won’t work properly during the base unit’s reading and writing operations. So the NFC app realigns the data so that the tag can be readable once again.


You have to download two applications from the play store, i.e., NFC tools and NFC tasks. Then enable the NFC, open the application on your mobile phone, and place the defective toy tag on the back of your mobile phone. 

It will take a few minutes to read the complete tag. Just be patient with it. You will find a long list of data records, including serial numbers and various other things.

Now you need to go to the other tab and select “read memory.” Once the screen comes up, which shows all the memory locations of the defective toy tag, you can remove the tag from the back of your mobile phone and put it on the base unit. 

The characters will pop back up without any problem. 

#2. Dead Toy Tag

If your toy tag is dead, then the game cannot see the tag anymore. So, the NFC readers cannot fix this issue.


Well, you can take a small flat head screwdriver and apply a little leverage so that the inner part of the tag will come out. The tag simply sits inside. 

There is no need for any glue or adhesive. You can easily remove the tag and place a bit of pressure on it as if you are trying to take your fingerprint. 

Then place your tag on the pad reader. It should pop up on the gamepad again. If it does not pop up, you can put it on the NFC reader and the tag reader.

Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Not Working – Solution

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. How do you fix the toy tag in Lego dimensions?

You can download the NFC reading program on an android phone and scan the toy tag multiple times on the application. It will work perfectly.

#2. How do Lego dimensions toy tags work?

Each character will have a toy tag at the base, which you need to place on the Lego pad to work effectively. They use NFC technology to work.

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#3. Do Lego dimensions still work in 2020?

No Lego dimensions were officially dead in 2017, and Warner Bros. even declared that you would not get any further expansion packs or any new character in Lego dimensions. However, the previously released toys still work today.

#4. Why are Lego dimensions currently unavailable?

Lego dimensions are officially dead now. Well, there are many reasons for it. The pack of Lego dimensions always consists of real Lego, which was a bit expensive. 

But unfortunately, the toys were not selling at a good price. So the company had to face huge losses and finally decided in the year 2017 to stop the expansion pack or any new toys to the game. 

However, the older toys and the game still works, and if you face any problem, you can contact customer care for help.

Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Not Working – Solution

Wrap Up

Lego dimensions is an exciting game and are loved by people of all ages. It was started in the year 2015 with the starter pack. Later it introduced various other packs like fun packs and team packs, story packs, and numerous others. In each pack, you will find a new toy character in the game. 

Unfortunately, the company had to face a huge loss because the toys were sold at a very low price in the market. People were not interested in buying expensive toys. So in the year 2017, the company stopped the production of toys and packs.

Although the company has stopped production, they provide service, and the old game still works like before. So you should not worry about it.

The toy tags are crucial in the Lego dimensions game. If you have a Lego dimensions game at home and your toy tag is not working properly, I think this write-up will help you correct it. Please don’t forget to share suggestions for this article. Your comments and suggestions will help us improve our content.

Happy Playing!