How To Reroot Monster High Dolls Hair In 8 Easy Steps

Rerooting your doll’s hair will give a new life to your doll. Let’s find out how to reroot Monster High dolls hair below in this article.

I love to play with dolls. The Monster High doll is my favorite among all other dolls. But a few days ago, I observed that my doll had alopecia, or her head was missing some clumps of hair. So, I want to reroot my doll’s hair. Re-rooting helped me try a new color of hair for my doll and solve her alopecia as well. My doll looked more beautiful than ever before!

How To Reroot Monster High Dolls Hair

So if you, too, are looking for ways on how to reroot Monster High doll’s hair, I will share with you some simple and easy to follow tips and tricks that you can do yourself with commonplace things found in every home.

I am sharing my method of rerooting doll hair below so that you can easily customize your Monster high dolls at home. So, keep reading this article for more information.

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How Do You Re Root Dolls Hair?

To reroot your doll’s hair, you need to follow the below steps. The steps are as follows.

#1. Remove The Head Of Your Doll

First, you need to remove the head of your doll. Removing the head looks a bit tricky, but in reality, it is not difficult. You need to heat the neck area of the doll with a blow dryer, or you can hold the neck area under a hot water tap. Once you feel that the plastic is pliable, you can pull and wriggle the head from the neck of your doll.

#2. Remove The Factory Paint Of Your Doll

Acetone is best in removing the factory paint of your doll. Removing the old paint and repainting once again will surely give a new look to the doll. However, this is an optional step. You may or may not follow this particular step.

#3. Remove The Hair From Your Doll

Now it’s time to remove all the hairs from your doll. It is a very scary step. But don’t worry, you are going to replace the doll’s hair with better stuff. You need to make a ponytail by using a rubber hand. It will help you easily snip the hairs, and the hairs will not fall here and there at your home.

Now put the doll head into the plastic shopping bag and snip the hairs close to the scalp of your Monster High doll. Trim the extra hair as much as possible with the scissor.

How To Reroot Monster High Dolls Hair

#4. Remove Extra Hairs From The Head Of Your Doll

Now it’s time to run the tweezers on the doll’s head to remove all the extra hair. But I will advise you not to use the fancy pair of tweezers of your parents or siblings because you may end up with tweezers that will allow flue of glue, or it may become out of shape.

Now you need to put your old tweezers on the inside of the neck hole and run them all over the hole to remove extra hairs. You need to be very careful in this process because if you pull too hard, the thin plastic can tear, or the plugs will split open, which you do not want.

Once all of the hair is down, use your pliers to pull out all the old hair and glue it from the neck hole.

#4. Clean The Scalp

You need to clean the scalp of your doll by using some cotton balls dipped in varnish remover. Your main aim will be to wipe all the previous paint from the head of your doll.

But if you will use the same color of hair to reroot as it was earlier, then there is no need to remove the old paint from the scalp.

#5. Paint The Scalp Of Your Doll

Now you need to paint the scalp of your Monster High doll. But the color of the scalp and the new hair you will reroot will be completely identical. Most toy companies prefer painting the scalp because the hair will look denser on a painted scalp.

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#6. Fixing Torn Plugs

The plastic in between the two plugs may split, and you can reroot those portions. You can use superglue with a thin nozzle to fill the gaps. After filling the gaps, allow it to dry for a few hours. Once it is dry entirely, you can use a needle to create the holes.

#7.Rooting The Hair

You need to use a specialized tool to reroot a doll’s hair. The needle should be of the correct size for your doll so that you can easily reroot the new hairs on the scalp of your doll. It should be long and thin. Now take the needle and screw it on the rerooting tool.

Then cut the new hair into the desired length. If you want to keep the doll’s hair middle length, then cut some portion of the new hair with a scissor. Now it’s time to reroot the hair. So, for this, first, take one strap and find its mid-portion. 

Then wrap it on the finger. Scoop the hair into the rerooting tool and plug it into the head. You need to repeat the process for the entire head. But don’t use too many hairs altogether while scooping because it can cause splits on the scalp. Again first try scooping the front section of your head. It will be easier for you.

How To Reroot Monster High Dolls Hair

#8. Style The Hair

After rerooting, you can set the style of the hair of your Monster High doll as you want. You can use a flower crown to make your doll look more beautiful.

How To Reroot Doll Hair Without A Tool?

You can reroot the hairs without a rerooting tool. But for this, you need to use a needle with a wide eye. Insert a few strands of hair on the eye of the needle and plug it inside the holes of the scalp. 

Secure the hair by pouring the craft glue inside the head through the neck of the hole. It is essential because it will prevent the hairs from coming out of the scalp of your doll.

Answers To More Commonly Asked Questions

#1. How do I fix my Monster High doll’s hair?

If the hairs of your Monster High doll’s hair have a lot of tangles or some hair strands are missing on some portion of the scalp, then it’s best to reroot the hair.

#2. How do you reroot a doll’s hair with a needle?

There are two methods by which you can insert the strands of a doll’s hair on the scalp with a needle. You can insert the needle into the rerooting tool. Divide the strands in half by a finger and scoop the hair into the rerooting tool—finally, plug the hair into the scalp hole.

Another way is to put the strands of hair in the needle’s eye and plug them into the holes of the scalp.

How To Reroot Monster High Dolls Hair

Wrap Up

Monster High dolls look beautiful with silky and smooth hair. But when the hair has many tangles, it’s better to reroot the hair. 

You need to follow the methods above for rerooting.

I hope this article is informative, and please don’t forget to share your experience with me after rerooting your doll’s hair. You can even share the pictures. I would love to read the experience and see the images.