How To Repaint Action Figures In 4 Easy Steps

As an action figures collector, have you ever wondered how to repaint action figures? Let me share my secret tips and tricks so that you can repaint that Iron Man just like new.

Whether you want to paint your old action figures or customize them, painting requires a lot of patience and knowing what the right material is. 

Action figures, in particular, come in complicated shapes that require proper handling and a special way of painting. 

How To Repaint Action Figures

Before you start repainting your action figures, make sure you select a ventilated place so that the smell of paint does not spoil the environment. Get some newspapers or a mat to don’t spoil the floor where you are painting the toys. 

So while you wonder how to repaint action figures, you need special brushes, paint, and required other tools. In this article, you will learn 

  • Things You Need To Paint Action Figures 
  • Right Process of Painting Toys 
  • What Kind of Paint Is Required for Painting Action figures?

Things You Need To Paint Action Figures 

As we all know, repainting your action figures can save you money and allows you to customize them to give them a fresh and unique look. However, although it is an affordable way to give a new look, it requires a few things that are easily available at every retail store and do not cost a lot. Here are important things you need to paint action figures: 


As we know, action figures are usually plastic, and the most common paint used for painting plastic toys is acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are fast drying and become water-resistant as soon as they dry up. 

However, acrylic paints on action figures modify the look and texture of the figurine. Also, you need to mix a little water with paint to apply on the surface. 

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To repaint an action figure, you need different types of painting brushes. Before you start painting, consider the size of the toy. 

Action figures need a special thin brush to paint thin lines on their surface. So it would be best if you had different brush sizes, from very fine to thicker ones. 

Sand Paper 

It would be best if you used very, very fine sandpaper to clean the surface; remember not to get normal sandpaper; otherwise, it will leave scratches on your precious figurine. 


Acrylic paints can leave a stain on your floor, so it is important to keep an old newspaper or a mat on the floor or surface where you will repaint action figures. This can save your floor from unwanted color stains. 

How To Repaint Action Figures

Right Process of Repainting Toys 

Once you have collected all the things to paint a toy, you need to follow some steps to paint action figures correctly. Here we go, 


This is the first and most important step of painting an action figure. Sanding cleans out the old paint completely and gives you a clean slate. 

You need to look for the seams where some parts are glued and sand off the complete piece to make them look seamless. 

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Use Primer 

Most people skip this step, but priming is also important to give a perfect look to your action figure. 

Get some primer paint and paint the entire figure with it. Make sure you paint thin coats of primer as thick coats can destroy the figure’s texture and leave streaks. 

You must start applying the primer on the easier areas and then slowly reach the tougher ones. 


Now it is time to paint your action figures. 

First, you must start painting the hard areas and main colors, go for maximum colors first, and then gradually paint the areas that require fewer colors. 

When you put the first layer of colors, be patient and wait until it gets dry. Next, apply double and triple coats as necessary, always remembering to follow the same sequence every time.

Sometimes, it may require several coats, so apply it as per your need. 


Many places are hard to reach in an action figure, like eyes, mouth, and any special symbol (such as the one on Superman’s chest). The popular tip for painting the details of an action figure is to get a thin fine-tipped brush and a running hand. 

Also, use a trick to dip the color on it and use water to spread it. Using watered-down paint methods is a perfect way to color hard-to-reach areas; it will also help shade. 

How To Repaint Action Figures

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Painting Action Figures

What Kind Of Paint Is required For Painting Action Figures? 

It is important to get acrylic paint for painting action figures. This is because acrylic paints are easy to apply on plastics and surfaces that need consistent texture. Also, it is pretty easy to use as compared to other paints. 

Due to its fast drying property is used for action figures to easily and quickly paint the hard-to-reach areas. Thus, it saves time, and they are permanent colors. 

Acrylic paints are water-based and don’t require much water to get mixed for application. Almost every color is available in acrylic paints. 

What is the Difference Between An Acrylic Paint and A Regular Paint? 

The major difference between acrylic paint and regular paint is, acrylic paint is chemical-based, whereas regular paint is water-based. Due to chemical bases, acrylic paints are more elastic than others. 

Since regular paints are water-based, they are easier to wash away with soap and water; on the other hand, acrylic paints are not washable; they are permanent. 

However, acrylic paints are more expensive than regular or latex paints. In addition, acrylic paints are more durable than others. 

So when it is about painting action figures, acrylic paints are always a better option due to their benefits and features. 

How To Repaint Action Figures

What kind of paint do you use on action figures? 

In the above article, we have mentioned that acrylic paints are always best and recommended for repainting or painting action figures. 

How do you seal paint on action figures? 

For sealing the figures of an action figure, you can always get a sealant spray. There are many options available in the market so that you will get the sealant spray easily. 

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Repainting Action Figures Is Both Fun And Exciting!

While you are looking to repaint your favorite action figure, remember why you are doing this in the first place. Your objective should be to give a fun and new look to your precious action figure.

Use bold and bright colors, textures, and paints so that your action figure can stand out in a crowd and look the part that the makers intended to play. And most importantly, remember to have fun doing it!

We hope the article above gave you answers to all the questions you had about painting your action figures. Do share the pics of your repainted action figures in the comments section below!

Happy Painting!