How To Remove Paint From Action Figures? 6 Perfect Paint Removers For Your Action Toys

Do you want to paint your action figures with a whole new look? Wondering how to remove paint from action figures bought off the market? Get all your answers here.

Children often stain their toys. A paint remover comes in handy when you want to return your action figures to their former glory. Sometimes, you may want to redesign your action figure and thus want to remove the factory paint. 

For all these purposes, the following article provides the application process of the most popular cleaning agents used to remove paint. 

How To Remove Paint From Action Figures

Best Cleaning Agents To Remove Paint


Rubbing alcohol is used as a cleaning agent in various fields. A proper concentration of alcohol and water can effectively rip off paints from substances like rigid plastic and wood.

Removing paint from an action figure needs a lot of patience and work. There is little scope for error in this activity. That is why it will help if you spot-test before applying alcohol all over your action figure. Spot testing will make sure that you don’t accidentally end up damaging your precious action figure.

Removing paint with alcohol includes applying a 70:30 ratio of alcohol and water and then scraping off the paint. You will have to repeat the process multiple times to get rid of all the paint. 

Note: Alcohol is a flammable substance, and you need to be cautious while using it. It can damage your plastic and acrylic surfaces if you use a concentrated solution of alcohol and water. Make sure to keep children away from the scene.

How To Remove Paint From Action Figures

Soap And Water

Most action figures are made of plastic which is not known to make strong bonds with paints. 

Sometimes simple soap and water could do the trick to remove paint from your action figure, especially when it has not dried completely. 

But you should follow the below steps to ensure that paint comes off with soapy water: 

  • You need to prepare a solution of warm water and liquid soap. 
  • Then soak your action figure into it and leave it for a few minutes. 
  • Then try to scrape it off using a sponge. After that, let it completely dry. 
  • If your action figure does not have any electronic connections, you can give it a bath with soap and water once in a while to make sure it’s clean. 
  • Use a soft brush to remove dirt from the groves and ridges. 
  • Avoid using warm water for cleaning purposes. 

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Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a readily available chemical and has been used in a variety of DIYs. 

This chemical compound has a unique structure and bonding that allows it to oxidize and reducing agents. 

To remove paint using action hydrogen peroxide, you need to:

  • First, dampen the area with warm water. 
  • Then dip cotton wipes or earbuds into the hydrogen peroxide solution and do a spot test.
  • If everything looks fine, apply the peroxide with the help of an earbud on the action figure and try to mix it with the paint mark. 
  • Leave the action figure soaked with hydrogen peroxide for a few hours before washing it off. 
  • You can also use a toothbrush for this job.

Hydrogen peroxide is not as strong as alcohol and not as toxic as bleach. If you see the paint has faded but is not obliterated, make multiple applications or wash it off with soap water to increase its effectiveness.

How To Remove Paint From Action Figures


Bleach is the common name for a diluted solution of Sodium Hypochlorite. It is used worldwide as a paint remover. It effectively removes paint from anything, be it clothes, furniture, carpet, or toys.

But you need to remember that it is highly toxic. It can burn your skin due to its high reactivity. While using bleach, wear a mask and gloves to prevent any possible hazards. You must be wondering that if it is so reactive, won’t it damage your action figure?

You should use a dilute solution in small amounts to avoid destroying your action figure. 

You would either soak the toys in bleach water or apply them through wipes: Soaking toys is not preferred as it can strip off paint from unwanted places and make your action figure look patchy. 

Instead, soak a wipe into a diluted bleach solution and carefully rub it on the surface where you want to remove the paint. 

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Baking Soda

Baking soda is a water-soluble crystalline solid. Its chemical name is Sodium Bicarbonate. 

It is commercially produced in large amounts due to its diverse uses. It is extensively used in cooking, disinfectants, fire extinguishers, and medicine. 

It is also an essential compound in the cleaning industry. It is used to remove paint and corrosion by the process of soda blasting. Baking soda can be used on any material but acts best on metal surfaces.

To remove paint from your action figure, add a few teaspoons of baking soda to a pot of boiling water. Let it cool a bit, and then soak your action figure. Then you need to scrape the paint off it. 

How To Remove Paint From Action Figures


Vinegar is a form of acetic acid. Vinegar is extensively used for cleaning purposes alongside cooking. It is effective in cleaning dirt, rust and stripping off paint from any surface. 

It is a non-toxic and dilute solution that needs no precautions. Vinegar is readily available in grocery stores and has been a favorite item for DIY lovers. 

For removing paint from your action figure using vinegar, you would need to warm the vinegar. 

But make sure you don’t boil the vinegar. Just heat it up a bit and moisten any cloth, or wipe and rub it on the surface. Then let it sit for a few hours to help it weaken the bonds between the paint and the surface of your action figure.

Then you could wash it off and scrape the paint.

Answers To Some More Questions About Removing Paint From Action Figures

How do you remove paint from toys?

You could remove paint from toys by using several cleaning agents such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, dish soap, denatured alcohol, etc. 

How To Remove Paint From Action Figures

How do you remove acrylic paint from a figure?

You can remove dried acrylic paint with the help of potent cleaning agents such as rubbing alcohol or bleach. Apply it carefully using earbuds or cotton wipes. 

How do you get paint off a plastic statue?

When trying to remove paint off a plastic statue, you need to be careful about what chemical you are using. You cannot use concentrated strong chemicals like bleach on plastic statues. It would be best if you first try with vinegar or soap water.

How do you get gloss off action figures?

You should use a matte or dull coat spray to remove the gloss off the action figures. 

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Remove Paint From Action Figures Using Kitchen Supplies

Most famous cleaning agents are available in your kitchen, such as baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, etc., that could strip off paint from a surface.

Removing paint from an action figure is a tedious job. Still, if you select the correct chemical, the job gets much more manageable.

We hope we were able to guide you to the right method of removing paint from your action figures in this article. Do share your experience in the comments section!

Happy Painting!