How To Make A WWE Ring For Action Figures In 7 Easy Steps

Who will win between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin? How about getting them into a WWE ring! Let’s learn how to make a WWE ring for action figures to fight out their battles!

Action figures are a great collective, but fighting them on a realistic WWE ring is more fun than showcasing them. A WWE ring is a perfect gift for a WWE lover or yourself. It could be the best addition to your WWE collection. So let’s find out how to make one!

How To Make A WWE Ring For Action Figures

Step-by-step Process To Make A Realistic WWE Ring For Action Figures

Assortment of Equipment Needed

The first thing you need to do to make a stunning WWE ring is to gather the tools and other equipment you would need. Here is a list of equipment and parts that you would need to make this ring.

  • Plywood for the base structure. You could also use rigid cardboard as an alternative to plywood.
  • Plywood for the sides and legs of the ring
  • Metal sticks or PVC pipes for corner posts. If you are using cardboard for the base, you can use chopsticks, straws, etc. 
  • Wool yarn for ring ropes. You can reuse the strings of surgical masks for the ring ropes.
  • A dozen of hook screws 
  • A dozen of flat tip wood screws
  • A score of wood screws
  • A piece of fabric or cloth to wrap the ring mat
  • Bubble wrap for padding your ring mat.
  • Few metal strips connect the lags of the ring. 
  • Black cloth for covering the sides
  • Your Action figure so that you can make a ring of a suitable size. Otherwise, the round would end up either too small or too big. 
  • Other equipment includes sandpaper, tape, and reusable plastic. 

You would need the following tools 

  • A saw
  • A drill
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hot glue gun with 1-2 glue sticks 

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Cutting of the Equipment

Now you need to measure your action figure and decide what size ring would be best for you. First, cut the base as per your measurement and make compatible sides. 

If you want a realistic ring, then you must be using plywood for the base structure. You would require a saw for cutting those in size. 

If you are using cardboard, a strong pair of scissors and a scale will do the job. 

Assorting is the most crucial step as the cutting would decide how good your ring looks.

Screw the Parts

Now you need to screw all the parts for an easier assembly of the features. You can add three screws on each of the four sides.

If you are making a cardboard ring, you need glue and no need for any screws.

How To Make A WWE Ring For Action Figures

Wrapping the Ring Mat

Imagine a WWE ring mat. It’s a bit fluffy and covered with colored fabric.

After cutting the ring mat plywood or cardboard, it’s time to wrap it up.

First, add a few layers of bubble wrap with the help of tape. 

Then it would help if you covered it up with a cloth of your favorite color.

Make the Base or Legs

Now fall, holding your ring. It would help if you made legs or bases. You can either use plastic, metal, plywood, or cardboard for the legs. 

The legs would be something like a rectangular block that you would need to attach to the ring mat. 

Take the size and cut the plywood. 

To make one with cardboard, draw lines from breadth, width, and length, cut them up, and glue them together.

You should not use plastic. It would not look realistic, and if you do not have the pieces cut off the exact size, it is difficult to cut them. 

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Work On the Ring Posts

In this step, you need to cut and fix the ring post into the mat. 

If you are using metal corners, you need to secure them with screws and hooks carefully. 

To attach the corners, first mark the areas in the leg pieces and use your power drill to make holes to fasten the corner posts.

If you are using cardboard, make the holes and attach the corners using hot glue. Before proceeding with the structure, let the structure rest. 

How To Make A WWE Ring For Action Figures

Making the Base Structure

The most fun step is to attach all the parts. 

It is the easiest step if you are making the ring with cardboard. You need to glue the legs with the corners to the ring mat.

Then you need to add the ring ropes. 

You need to fasten the parts using screws if you are using plywood. 

Volta! Your WWE ring is ready. Now you need to color some of the parts to make it match. And add curtains to the ring.

Adding curtains to the ring

Making curtains could be a tedious job, but it could make a cheap-looking WWE ring into a professional, realistic miniature WWE ring for your action figures. 

For making curtains, take measurements of the sides of your ring. Then it would be best if you cut the cloth in that size.

Then you need to attach them to the sides. It would be best if you add some velcro straps to keep the corners from getting round up. 

How To Make A WWE Ring For Action Figures

Answers To More Questions About WWE Action Figures

How do you make a wrestling ring at home?

You can make a wrestling ring at home by recycling cardboard boxes or using plywood. You need to grab some of your tools and craft supplies like hot glue guns and make the minor parts of the ring such as ring mat, legs, corner posts, etc.

Then assemble them.

What is the rarest WWE action figure?

The Blue Pant Era of the 1978-1984 model is the rarest action man figure from WWE.

Other WWE action figures include WWE Jakks Limited Edition Marble Ultimate Warrior and 

WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars Andre the Giant Black Card MOC.

How do you make a table for WWE action figures?

You can make a wrestling table of WWE action figures using cardboard and some pipes for the legs. Then you could attach them using tape and hot glue. 

What is the WWE ring floor made of?

The WWE ring floor is made of steel beam and a wooden plank. It is generally covered with foam padding and a canvas ring mat cover. 

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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

It is easy to make a WWE ring using plywood or cardboard. You need to pay attention to details to create a realistic WWE ring. You could color it with spray paint and make it neat. 

Be careful and take your time to make the best WWE ring for your action figures.