How To Make A Squeaky Toy Quieter?

Irritated with your pup’s squeaky toy? Do you want to know how to make a squeaky toy quieter? Learn all about it here.

Be it your dog or your child, squeaky toys are their favorite.

A high-pitched noise seems to entertain them a lot more than it entertains you. There’s no doubt that all moms hate squeaky toys as squeaks interrupt not only your nap time but also your online meetings. Don’t you wish to stop the squeak or at least make the toy a bit quieter?

Let’s find out ways to make your life quieter.

How To Stop The Squeak Of A Squeaky Toy?

Do you know what is easier than making a squeaky toy quieter? Stopping it from squeaking is simpler than making it quieter. But before you go about doing something so drastic, make sure your baby or pup loves the toy itself and is over its squeakiness. 

For A Soft Toy Squeak

These types of squeaky toys are far quieter than plastic ones. Still, if your baby finds the right spot to bite, the noise could be high. You first find the spot where the squeak is embedded. After that, make a small incision on the site. Use a tweezer to pull out the squeaking part. Now stitch the incision. The squeaks will be gone! 

How To Make A Squeaky Toy Quieter

For A Plastic Squeak Toy

Plastic squeaky toys come in all shapes, such as the popular squeaky hen. Most manufacturers make squeaky toys in either an animal, a ring, or a ball. An advantage of squeaky plastic toys is that you can convert them into interactive food-finding toys.

Now, your pup would love to get treats instead of a squeak. If you have a fussy dog who is always running away from food, you can add something else instead of treats. 

To transform a plastic squeaky, find the location of the part producing the squeak. With the help of the screwdriver or scissors, pull the part out of the toy. You will create a hole. Now sterilize the toy by soaking it in hot water. 

Then after it is dried, you can fill it with treats. As the toy will roll, the toy will dispense treats. 

For a fussy dog, you can also use good-quality ropes. Your dog will love to pull each strand of yarn out of it. 

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How To Make A Squeaky Toy Quieter?

Now let’s look at some ways not to upset your sweet pup or baby and try to make the toys quieter instead of killing the sound completely. The usual range of hearing for dogs is five to fifteen decibels while they can listen to sounds of frequency upto twenty thousand hertz. 

A 5-decibel squeak is equivalent to a whisper for your ear, whereas your dog can enjoy a squeak as much as a 15 decibel one. Our aim here is to lessen the intensity of the sounds as much as we can. 

How To Make A Squeaky Toy Quieter

For A Soft Toy Squeak

Unlike a plastic squeaky, you cannot find a soft toy’s squeak easily. To make a soft toy or plush toy with a squeak quieter, first, locate the part that makes the noise. Then make an incision to pull out the piece. Now you have to cover the part which makes the sound so that the intensity of the noise lessens. You can do so by covering the squeak-making part with tape. 

A white tape or duct tape is preferable over other mediums as they stick better. Now you will have to reinsert the part into the toy and stitch it up. Please make sure the part is near the surface to produce a light, pleasant squeak that only your dog could hear properly.

For A Plastic Squeak

Using tape to cover the noise-producing area would not work for plastic squeaky. As it is externally attached, your dog could easily pull the video and even ingest it. So hot glue comes to the rescue.

Take a narrow nozzle glue gun to fill in a few of the holes of the squeaky part from where the noise comes. Filling up the noise-making holes will help reduce the intensity of the squeak to some extent. Please make sure that the glue is not coming out of the holes. Ingesting the cement could cause health issues in your dog. 

An alternative to glue is nail polish or shine gel. It is more suitable for small holes of a squeaky toy but is more toxic. You can use these alternatives sparingly. 

How To Make A Squeaky Toy Quieter

Answers To More Questions About Squeaky Toys

How do you make a squeaky toy stop squeaking?

To make a squeaky toy stop squeaking, you have to take the squeak-making part out of it. You can use a screwdriver or any other sharp object for plastic or squeaky rubber toys to pull the squeaky out. 

For a soft toy, you will have to perform a small surgery. That is, you will have to rip it open and take out the squeaky and stitch it up.

How do you stop a squeaky dog toy?

Squeaky dog toys are usually made of a mixture of plastic and rubber. The squeaky part is embedded inside with a covering on the surface.

You need to remove the covering and pull out the squeaking part of the toy. It would create a hole, but you can have fun with it by filling it up with your dog’s favorite treats.

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How do you muffle sound on a toy?

To muffle sound on a noisy toy, you need to first the outlet for the sound. There must be a mini speaker or something like that on the toy. Now you need to cover it up with white tape. Add a few layers of it to make sure your kid does not pull it up. 

You can also fill the holes of the toy with a nail shiner or glue.

What makes a squeaky toy squeak?

All squeaky toys have a squeaking part added to them. The feature enables the toy to make a high-pitched sound that is the squeak. 

When the toy is squeezed, compressed air is forced to pass through it making the sound.

How To Make A Squeaky Toy Quieter

Quieter Squeak Is Better Than No Squeak

A silent squeaky toy could result in not-so-quiet children or dogs demanding a new squeak toy. Thus, it would be best if you dampen the squeaky part of the toy so that it doesn’t interrupt you while entertaining your dog or your kid.

Please be careful of the material you use as both dogs and children tend to put all their toys in their mouths. Make sure that there are no toxic parts in any of the adhesives or other materials that you use.