How To Fix Your American Girl Dolls Frizzy Hair? Just Do These 4 Things

The hair of your precious American doll may become frizzy with time. Let’s find out how to fix your American girl dolls frizzy hair below in this article.

If you love to play with your American girl doll you might have noticed that brushing often makes their hair frizzy and gives them tangles.

Now American Girl dolls are expensive (nearly $1000 per doll!). So, if you love your American doll, you should take good care of it ever so often. 

Your doll should be neat and clean with silky smooth hair all the time. But if the hair has become frizzy, then you may contact the company American Girl. The company gives a solution to send the doll to the doll hospital. 

How To Fix Your American Girl Dolls Frizzy Hair

But for this, you need to spend $50 more, and your doll will return with a new face that you may or may not like. I think that’s not the right solution because all you really wanted was to get rid of frizzy hair!

So then, how to fix your American girl dolls frizzy hair at home? You don’t need to panic. You can easily make the doll’s hair silky and smooth at home. 

This article will provide you with all the guidelines which you need to follow to make the doll’s hair soft and smooth. So, continue reading this article for more information.

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How To Fix Your American Girl Dolls Frizzy Hair?

#1. Prepare The Doll For Clean-Up Session

You need to cover your doll’s eyes with masking tape because water can make the doll’s eye rusty. Then remove all the accessories of the hair and clothes from your doll’s body and keep them in a safe place, which will be away from the washing area. 

Then cover your doll with a clean towel, but her face and hair should remain exposed to you. It is so because your main aim will be to clean the hairs of your doll thoroughly.

#2. Soak Hair In Fabric Softener

Now soak all the hairs of the doll in fabric softener overnight. It is an optional method, but it removes all the tangles on the hairs of your doll.

Make sure that all the hairs are coated with the softener. Then use your fingers to remove all the tangles. You need to be very gentle in this process because excess force may complicate the process of detangling. Try to do this process repeatedly till you are not sure about the process of detangling.

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#3. Wash The Hair

Now wash the hair thoroughly with water. Use a mild shampoo or baby shampoo to wash the hair. Then use a wide-tooth wig brush to comb the hairs of your doll. The hairs of your doll will not be completely smooth, but I am sure there will be no tangles, and you can easily comb the hairs of your doll.

#4. Smooth Hairs Of Your Doll

To make the doll’s hair silky and smooth, you can follow any of the two options. The first option is to use a ceramic straightening iron, and the other is to use hot and cold water to make the hairs naturally silky and smooth.

I will suggest you not make the doll’s hair silky by ceramic straightening iron because it can dry and stiffen the hairs of your doll. The fibers of the doll can melt by the heat of the iron. So, it’s best to avoid it as much as possible.

Instead, let me share with you a natural process by which you can easily make the hairs of your American doll silky and smooth. Let’s discuss the process below.

  • You need two pots, and both should be filled with water. In one pot, you need to dump a few pieces of ice cubes, which will end up with cooling water.
  • Now turn the burner and keep the other pot containing water under it. Turn off the bubbles when you see steam and bubbles on the water. Remember, too much hot water can damage the hairs of your doll. Finally, you now have both hot and cold water.
  • Now brush out a small section of the hairs of your doll.
  • Dip the particular section of hair in hot water followed by cold water. But the time limit should be no more than 5 seconds in each hot water and cold water. Leave for a few seconds, and then brush the hair immediately. Brushing is quite essential because it will smooth the hairs of your doll.
  • You have to repeat the process for all the sections of the doll’s hair.
  • It will not be perfectly smooth in the first round. So you need to process at least 3-4 times. I know it is a time-consuming process, but in the end, your doll will have silky smooth hair, and that also naturally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How can I make my American doll’s hair soft again?

You can make the American doll’s hair soft by using a hair softener followed by the ceramic straightening iron method. The ceramic straightening method is very easy but will not work for all hair. 

There is the possibility of damaging the hair by this method. So you can follow the hot and cold water technique to make the hair soft once again. But it needs a lot of patience and attention to make the hair smooth.

#2. How can I keep my American doll’s hair nice?

You should never use a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightening iron on the hairs of your doll. The heat may damage the hairs of your doll. So it’s better not to use it.

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Wrap Up

The American doll will look excellent and beautiful if her hair is silky and smooth. You have to spend a lot of money on buying this beautiful doll. Hair is always an issue with the doll. It becomes frizzy with years. So you can follow the above procedure to make the hairs shine naturally.

I hope this article has helped you know the methods to properly make the hairs of your doll silky and smooth at home. Please share any suggestions or experience in making the doll’s hair soft and smooth in the comment section. I would be glad to read about your experience.