How To Fix Monster High Dolls Hair: 5 Steps To Refurbish Your Doll’s Hair

Monster High doll’s hair tends to become sticky as they become older. I will share some tips on how to fix Monster High Dolls Hair in the article below.

I am a collector of dolls. I have many Barbies and American dolls in my collection, and I just love dressing them up and trying on new outfits on them. But when I saw Monster High dolls, it was like love at first sight. 

This ghoulish line of dolls has a lot of panache and funk. And they open up a whole new palette of colors for you to play with that traditional dolls just don’t go well with.

How To Fix Monster High Dolls Hair

But one thing that I didn’t like about them was their sticky and greasy hair. I looked all over the internet to find a solution on how to fix Monster High dolls hair and give them a fantastic hair transformation.

Glue seepage is what causes the sticky hair in Monster High dolls. The glue seeps out mainly when your Monster High doll becomes old or with wear and tear. The glue holds in the hair and forms a sticky mess that gives your Monster High doll a dull look.

So without further ado, let me share a few ways to get rid of sticky hair on the Monster High doll for those who love playing with these dolls just like me. 

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How Do I Fix Monster High Doll Hair?

Using Rubbing Alcohol And Dishwasher Liquid

Step 1: Use Alcohol

You need to put the head of your Monster High doll in a cup of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol should be enough to dip all the hair of the doll. 

Allow the alcohol to soak the hair for 5-6 minutes. But don’t soak for more than that because the alcohol may enter the doll’s head and make more glue seep.

Step 2. Wash With Lukewarm Water

Now rinse the hair of your doll with Lukewarm water. Try to clean properly, including the roots of the hair plugs.

Step 3. Apply Dishwash Liquid

Now it’s time to apply the dish wash liquid to the hair of your doll. Wash the hair and scalp of your doll’s hair properly as you wash it with shampoo for at least 3-4 minutes. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water.

Step 4. Dry The Hair

Dry your doll’s hair thoroughly with a clean towel or a white paper towel. It will squeeze all the excess water from your doll’s hair. 

Then allow the hair to dry naturally in a place with sunshine. If you are in a hurry, then you can use a hairdryer, but be careful not to dry for too long because it might cause the plastic to melt.

How To Repaint Monster High Dolls

Step 5. Brush The Hair

When your hair dries, thoroughly brush the hair of your dolls. If you observe that the hairs of your doll are flying, then you don’t need to panic. It’s a good sign that all the grease is thoroughly removed. 

Now take a clean laundry dry sheet and wrap it on all the sections of your doll’s hair. You need to start from the root of the hair and wrap it till the end of the hair. 

Try to wrap twice for each section. After wrapping all the sections, you brush the hair once again. You will be astonished to see that all the hair on your doll is silky and smooth.

Pro Tip: If you still observe any greasiness, you need to apply the dish wash liquid once again on the doll’s hair and repeat steps 4 and 5.

Using Goo Gone And Fabric Softener

Step 1: Unbraid

Take out the braid of your little doll and brush her hair. Try to remove as many knots as possible before washing the hair.

Step 2: Wash With Dishwashing Liquid

Wash the hair with dish wash liquid and rinse with water.

Step 3: Apply Shampoo

Then wash the hair with any shampoo that you use for your own hair. Most people prefer to use baby shampoo as it has fewer chemicals in it.

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Step 4: Spray Some Goo Gone

Next, spray some Goo Gone into the hair. It helps to remove the glue from the hairs of your doll.

Step 5: Use A Conditioner

Apply some conditioner on the hairs of your doll and rinse thoroughly in water.

Step 6: Apply Fabric Softener

Take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Put one tablespoon of fabric softener. Then spray all over the hairs of the doll. Try to spray as much as possible and start combing the hairs. 

Keep spraying and combing until you feel the hair has become easy to comb. Once you feel it’s easy to comb, set aside your doll and let the fabric softener sit on the hair for one to two hours.

Step 7: Wash With Lukewarm Water

After one to two hours, dunk the hairs of your doll in lukewarm water. It makes her hair straight. But if you want to keep her hair curly, don’t dip the hairs in lukewarm water.

Step 8: Remove The Goo Gone

Wash the hair once again to remove the Goo Gone. If you still feel the hair sticky, then shampoo the hairs of your doll once again.

How To Repaint Monster High Dolls

Step 9: Dry Out Excess Water

Now remove the excess water with a paper towel and allow the hairs to dry overnight.

Step 10: Comb The Hair

Once the hair becomes dry, comb the hair once again with a bit of brush. The doll will have silky smooth hair, enough to make anyone impressed!

How Do You Fix Frizzy Doll Hair?

If the hairs of your doll have become frizzy, then you need to follow the below steps.

Step1: Make Sure The Doll Is Washable

First, read out the instructions which come with the doll box regarding hair. Sometimes the material on the doll’s hair does not allow for washing. So, please read it before following the below steps. If the material allows, then remove all the clothes from your doll.

Step 2: Make Sections In The Hair

Then divide the hair into various sections. Try to do 2-4 sections of the hair and then spray a bottle containing 50 percent water and 50 percent fabric softener into the hairs of your doll. Make sure the water should be lukewarm. Try to avoid too much hot water as it will damage the fabrics of the hair.

Step 3: Remove Tangles

Remove the tangles by a brush section by section. Rinse the hair thoroughly with water.

How To Fix Monster High Dolls Hair

Step 4: Apply Dishwashing Soap Or Baby Shampoo

Take a bowl with some cold water. Then put some drops of liquid dish soap or baby shampoo to wash the synthetic hairs of your doll. Then put all the doll’s hair into the bowl and allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes.

Step 5: Wash, Rinse, And Dry

Wash the hair with running water. Remove excess water with a paper towel and allow the hair to dry completely. Once it is dry, brush the hair. The hairs of your will be soft and have no fizziness.

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Wrap Up

Doll hair becomes frizzy or sticky with time. You can use any of the above methods to wash and clean the hairs of your doll. It will make the doll’s hair silky smooth, and she will look stunning.

I hope this write-up helped you in giving some helpful information. Please don’t forget to share your own tips and tricks and photos of your dolls with their hair done in various styles!