How To Display Carded Action Figures? 3 Wonderful Ideas

How to display carded action figures? There are many ways to display your action figures on the walls to showcase them in a case. Read on to know more about displaying action figures.

Many of us like collecting action figures of different characters from movies or games.

If you have a huge collection of action figures, you may be wondering how to display carded action figures. 

One great way is to display it on the walls. By doing this, you can save a lot of space as well. You can even put your action figures in a mounted case to keep it safe and secure. 

Let us look at different ideas on storing your carded action figures and choosing the best one for your collection. There are a lot of things you need to consider before displaying your action figures. Let us look in detail.

How To Display Carded Action Figures

In this article, let us further look at,

  • Things to consider before displaying carded action figures.
  • Ideas To Display Action Figures.
  • How do I display packaged action figures?
  • How do you store carded action figures?
  • How do you display star wars action figures?
  • How do you show vintage star wars figures?

Things To Consider Before Displaying Carded Action Figures

So before displaying your action figures, let us look at a few things below.

How Much Space Do You Need For Displaying Your Carded Action Figures?

So firstly, you need to figure out the space you need to display all your action figure collection. Look at the number of figures you have and how big they are. If your action figures are big, then look up at the space to display accordingly.

What Type Of Carded Action Figures Do You Have?

There are two types of action figures. One is carded, and the other is loose figures.

Packaged Action Figures

It may be hard to display the packaged figures as it takes space. To display these types of action figures, you need to come up with unique ideas that will make them look good.

Loose Action Figures

Usually, the loose action figures are pretty easy to display on the walls. You can place them side by side in their poses. One great thing about these loose action figures is that you can instantly change their poses and actions and refresh your display.

How To Display Carded Action Figures

Ideas To Display Action Figures

#1 Evron Display Case

One of the best ways to display your action figures is to put them in a good display case. The Evron display case is dustproof and will keep your action figures clean and safe. 

This premium quality acrylic case gives a modern and elegant look to your shelf. It is pretty easy to set up and comes in different sizes to choose from as per your need.

#2 Action Figure Adjustable Shelves

You will find a lot of adjustable shelves to showcase your action figure collections. The HOMCOM wall shelf is one of the best cases to display all your action figures, medals, and other collectibles. You can store all your items with ease. 

This cabinet has four shelves that you can adjust the height as per the need. The front part of the shelf has a glass door which makes all the figures and collectives visible. It is just a perfect shelf to display your action figures and make them look elegant.

How To Display Carded Action Figures

#3 Glass Cabinets

A glass cabinet is also an excellent option to display carded action figures. Having a large glass cabinet will let you display all your collections in one place. 

The Cuta glass cabinet is a great option to showcase your action figures and other collectibles. It looks sturdy and stylish and has a solid wooden board at the bottom.

How Can You Display Action Figures On The Wall?

Let us look at various options to display your action figures on the wall.

You Can Use Push Pins

If you don’t want to open your action figures from the carded box and display them on the wall, you can use push pins. It is one of the best ways to hang your collectibles on the wall. You can display the figures as you want and keep them organized.

But if your action figures are packed in a box, you may not be able to hook them up and hang them. Sometimes you will find the hook is not placed correctly at the back of the box, which makes it difficult to hang. 

It will not sit well against the wall and will not look good when you display it. So make sure the action figures are carded well and not loose.

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Using Pegboard Hooks

If you don’t want to put a lot of pushpins on the wall, you can use a pegboard hook to display your figures. Using these hooks, you can show your figures neatly and appropriately align them. However, this depends on its built quality. 

Usually, you will find pegboards a bit heavier than the carded action figures. It may be a time-consuming process to hang a pegboard on your wall, but once you are done, it will be easy to display all your collectibles.

Using pegboard hooks, you can hang both loose and carded action figures on the wall. You can use a hook or any other plug for some more support to hang correctly.

Using Floating Shelves To Display Action Figures

Floating shelves are a great option to display your opened or carded action figures on the wall. You need to fix the floating shelves on the wall and place your figures and collectibles. Just look at the weight of your collectibles and the shelves before displaying them.

How To Display Carded Action Figures

How Do You Store Carded Action Figures?

You may have a huge collection of action figures and may not have enough space to store them on the shelves or want to display your new collectibles. So you may have to keep some of your figures elsewhere. If you are planning to store your figures for quite a long period, you need to have a few things:

Storage Unit

You need to look if they are durable and have suitable space to place your collectibles well.

Bubble Wrap

Before storing your figures, make sure to bubble wrap them to keep them safe. You can use a big bubble wrap to cover the sides of the box.


You can use a thin cardboard sheet similar to the size of the storage box. It will help make the surface flat before placing your figures one above the other.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Always keep the bin away from the direct sunlight. Please keep it in a cool and climate-controlled place to keep all your figures safe.

So to store your carded action figures safe and secure, you need to pack them well in the storage unit. Choosing a cool and dry place to store your collectibles is the first thing to look for.

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Keep Your Carded Action Figures Well-Organized And Protected

Now you know what all you need to keep your action figures safe and protected. You need to keep it well organized in a storage box or comic bag.

Follow the below steps to keep your figures well organized in a storage box.

  • You can group your figures as per the size and shape to maximize the space in the box.
  • Label each box with what figures it contains, so it is easy to find your collectibles by looking at the labels.
  • Place the cardboard cuttings at the bottom of the storage bin so you can place your figures properly on a flat surface.
  • Arrange your action figures well in the box as per the size. Position it in such a way that you can take out any figure with ease. Storing carded action figures that are properly sealed and packed do not damage due to light or humidity.
How To Display Carded Action Figures

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Display Packaged Action Figures?

To display your packaged action figures, you can choose to display them on display cases, shelves, or glass cabinets. If you are looking for a high-end option and willing to spend more money, you can go for high-end glass cases. One of the best ways which I like to display my packaged action figures is using pegboard hooks. Using the pegboard hooks, the walls look elegant and showcases all my collectibles well.

How Do You Display Star Wars Action Figures?

The best way to display your star wars action figures is displaying them on glass cabinets with different size stands. Make sure all your figures are properly visible from the display to the exhibits. You can fix LED lighting at the top of the cabinet to make the figures look more elegant. 

You can also choose to display them on wall-mounted shelves if you don’t want to spend a lot.

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How Do You Show Vintage Star Wars Figures?

The best way to showcase your vintage star wars figures is by placing them in a wall-mounted display case. You can place the cases one above the other so you can see all your figures in one place and enjoy looking at them.

So How To Display Carded Action Figures?

There are a lot of options to showcase your action figures and make them look neat and well-organized. However, carded or unopened action figures are best to showcase directly on the walls. 

If you have display cabinets, make sure to have good lighting inside the case as it will make the figures look more elegant and give them a high-end look.