How To Display Action Figures On A Wall In 9 Easy Steps

Are you an action figure collector? Wondering how to display action figures on a wall? Read on to get some good ideas.

Has your obsession for action figures culminated in a huge, unwieldy collection of action figurines? If they are scattered all over your house, and you are clueless about how to display your proud vintage action figure collection, then this article is meant for you. 

There are several ways of arranging your collectibles on the wall while giving you some free space around the house. Explore the various options of displaying figurines that suit your aesthetic personality. 

How To Display Action Figures On A Wall

You could either hook them on your wall, make wall-mounted figure shelves, or showcase your figurines in a cabinet. Apart from these, there are endless styles to adorn your house with Star Wars action figures. So if you are wondering how to display action figures on a wall, read on to get all the answers.

How do you make figure shelves?

Size does matter when you are making figure shelves. Your figure shelf depends broadly on the number of action figures you have and their size. 

Once you make your assessment of the size of your figure shelf, visit a hardware shop and select your wooden boards. Here is a step-by-step procedure for putting together your figure shelves.

  • Measure the wall to match the size of the boards.
  • Make a rough idea of the location of the boards on the wall by placing them.
  • You would need handy tools to make the process effortless. An 18V AirStrike 18 Gauge Brad Nailer would be an appropriate choice.
  • Nail the board against the wall using the nailer.
  • You would need to nail the top shelf on the top and bottom shelf of the flat board onto the wall.
  • You would need 20-degree brackets to provide lateral support to the top shelf so it doesn’t fall. Nail up from the top and the bottom rear. Fix them equidistant apart.
  • If you can get hold of Alex Fast Dry, you can cover the nail patches on the shelves.
  • Paint the patches to give the finishing touch to your shelf.
  • Allow the paint to dry before you display your action figures. 

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Where can I put my action figures?

Whether you have packaged collections or loose figures, here you can have loads of ideas to showcase your figurines. Go through these options depending upon your budget and number of action figures. 

If you are not interested in DIY figure shelves, a small bookshelf or a Billy Bookcase is more likely to fit your pocket. On the other hand, glass display cabinets give an edge to your vintage action figures. 

Irrespective of your choice of showcasing your collectibles, you need to ensure that they are displayed in regulated environmental conditions.

  • The room you choose for displaying your action figures should have a friendly atmosphere with little or no humidity. 
  • You must ensure that the room has a moderate temperature, ranging between 55F and 75F. It would be a good idea to keep the blinds down during the day. 
  • Direct sunlight has the potential to discolor your figures. 
Display Action Figures On A Wall

How do you display Star Wars action figures?

You would have to agree that loose action figures are more complicated to display than packaged action figures. Unpackaged star wars figures do not have a stable ground like packaged ones. 

Moreover, the formers are exposed to dirt, dust, and UV rays that deteriorate their appearance. Thus, you could use compatible cases that act as a protective layer to your toys.

Clamshell cases are UV resistant, scratch proof, and compatible with your Star Wars and Gi-I Joe figures. These glass-like boxes are stackable and manageable. They give a stable hold of your figurines. 

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How do you make a showcase figurine?

There are more than one ways to showcase your figurines. Here are some options that may excite you.

  • Ordinary bookshelves or wall shelving
  • High-end glass showcases
  • Wired Shelf
  • Desktop displays
  • Countertop cases
  • Pegboards
  • Hanging figures from the ceiling
  • And more

Depending upon your personality and aesthetic sense, you can choose the one best suited for you. 

How To Display Action Figures On A Wall

Parting Words

Apart from taking care of your figures, displaying them with a hint of creativity can add a lot of fun to your room. Let your imagination run wild and see the beauty unfold. Brainstorming bright ideas can do wonders for your presentation. 

You can add hue and lighting tubes to bring out the colors in your action figures. Arranging a large number of figurines on a stadium seat is perfect for your collections. You can also complement your figures with a suitable background. 

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Be creative, display with bold backgrounds and colors, and do enjoy your collections with other like-minded friends and collectors to get the maximum out of these wall display methods.