How To Clean Porcelain Doll Clothes In Just 5 Steps

Porcelain dolls’ clothes may catch dirt with time. So, let’s find out how to clean porcelain doll clothes below in this article.

Little girls love to play with dolls. Even adults are fond of them. They like to collect different brands of dolls and keep them in their house to increase the beauty of their showcase. But whenever you keep your dolls on open shelves, dirt and dust are bound to damage your valuable dolls. So, you need to clean them from time to time.

Now, if I talk about porcelain dolls, they will last a lifetime, but you need to take proper care of their accessories. Maintenance and care are two essential factors to keep your porcelain doll in the best condition for years. 

How To Clean Porcelain Dolls Clothes

Sometimes the clothes of porcelain dolls become dirty with time and may develop yellow spots, which may be because of mildew or foxing. You may also find numerous green spots on the sleeves of your doll, which can be because of the urine stains of mice in your house.

So, how to clean porcelain doll clothes? Well, you can easily do it at home. You require just a few simple ingredients which are readily available at home to clean the old dress of your beautiful doll. This article will guide you on how to clean the dress of the doll. So keep reading for more information.

How To Clean Porcelain Doll Clothes?

There are various ways in which you can clean the dress of your porcelain doll. I am listing here some of the solutions which you can easily try at home.

Solution1: Sea Salt And White Vinegar

Ingredients You Need

  • Seat Salt -2 Cups
  • White Vinegar -1 Cup
  • Cold water-3 Gallons
  • A clean washtub


Step1:Combine The Ingredients

You first need to combine the sea salt, white vinegar, and cold water in a clean washtub. But never use a metal tub. It may not give you good results.

Step 2:Submerge The Dress Of Your Doll

Now you need to submerge the dress of your porcelain into the tub. But don’t fall or ball the fabric. Allow the dress to sit in the mixture for 24 -48 hours.

Step 3: Clean With Normal Water

After soaking the dress for many hours, you need to remove the dress from the rub and rinse well with normal water.

How To Clean Porcelain Dolls Clothes

Step4: Repeat If Necessary

If you observe there are still stains left on your doll’s dress, then you need to repeat the process.

Step 5: Dry The Dress

You can dry the dress by hanging it on the clothesline. But don’t expose the dress to direct sunlight for drying purposes. It may fade the color of the dress.

Additional Tips

  • You need first to do a spot test to make sure that the fabrics of your doll dress can tolerate the cleaning to achieve good results. Otherwise, the cleaning agent may hamper the full dress of your doll.
  • Bleach may weaken the fabrics of your doll. So, it’s better to avoid it.

Solution 2: Wisk And Baby Shampoo

You can remove the dress of your Porcelain doll and put it in your washer using a small amount of Wisk laundry soap or with baby shampoo. 

You can even put them in a dryer but with gentle heat. The dress of your Porcelain doll will come out beautiful, and there will be no Smokey smell.

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Solution 3: Baking soda

You can use baking soda and water to remove the stains from the dress of your doll. Just soak the dress in the mixture for a few hours. 

Then rinse with cold water and allow it to dry to remove the excess water. You will observe that there are no more stains on the dress of your doll. It’s nice and clean and ready to redress your doll.

Solution 4: Hydrogen Peroxide

If you observe yellow stains on the dress of your porcelain doll, then you take a tub and mix baking soda, water, and hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions. 

Then soak the dress of your doll in the mixture for a few hours. After that, rinse thoroughly with cold water. You will observe that there are no more stains on the dress, and the dress will be neat and clean.

How To Clean Porcelain Dolls Clothes

How do you clean old doll clothes?

Step1: Use Vinegar And Distilled Water

You can take a jar and fill it with cold distilled water and vinegar. Now put the doll clothes on the jar and allow them to sit for one hour. Then remove the clothes and put them only in distilled water, which will remove the yellowish stains on your doll’s dress.

Step 2: Use Detergent And Water

Now take a tub, mix some ivory snowflakes and water, and soak the dress for a few minutes to one hour. If you observe that the color of your dress is fading, then immediately remove it, otherwise allow the dress to soak for one hour.

Step 3: Wash With Normal Water

After one hour, remove the dress and rinse with cold water.

Step 4: Use Vinegar And Water

Now soak the dress in vinegar and water in equal proportions to eliminate any detergent on your doll’s clothes.

Step 5: Iron The Doll Clothes

Now it’s time to iron the clothes of your old doll. Avoid putting too much pressure on iron on the clothes of your doll. The quilter iron is perfect to iron the old doll clothes.

How To Clean Porcelain Dolls Clothes

Answers To Other Common Queries

#1. How do you clean vintage barbie clothes?

You need first to remove the dress from your barbie doll very carefully. Then gently wash it in lukewarm water and little castile soap dissolved in it. Well, you can use a small amount of detergent for delicate fabrics.

#2. How do you wash delicate doll clothes?

Hand washing is perfect for washing delicate doll clothes. You can take mild soap and water to wash the clothes of your doll.

#3. How do you clean porcelain dolls’ hair?

If you find your doll’s hair dirty, then you can use a liquid fabric softener or hair conditioner on the hairs of your doll. Then wash the hair with normal water followed by drying. Once the hairs are dry, you can comb the hair with a pet hairbrush. You will find that the hairs are free from dust and dirt and are super soft now.

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Wrap Up

Clothes are an essential accessory for a porcelain doll. But when they are dirty, they do not look good. So you need to wash them from time to time. You can use any of the solutions above to clean the dress.

I hope this article gave you some helpful information. You can share your experience after cleaning the dress of your doll in the comment section. We would love to read about your experience.