How To Clean Cabbage Patch Dolls In 3 Steps

If you are looking for ways on how to clean cabbage patch dolls, you have come to the perfect article

We all certainly have one or two cabbage patch dolls in our dolls collection. In earlier years, cabbage patch dolls were one of the top choices for girls’ playful things. If you want to get a cabbage patch doll from your old toys collection for your daughter, you want to clean it properly.

Even if you have bought a new one and are willing to wash it frequently, it is important to know the right washing process. So we are here to help you by providing you with details on how you can clean your cabbage patch dolls. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • What are cabbage patch dolls? 
  • Steps to clean the dolls 

What are Cabbage patch dolls? 

Cabbage Patch dolls are typical cloth dolls designed with plastic heads; the dolls were first made in 1982 by Coleco industries. The dolls are hand-stitched, and the manufacturer uses industrial rugs to fill the dolls. Cabbage patch dolls are soft-sculpted fabric dolls that are equipped with vinyl heads. With a wide range of dolls, you can choose the best from its official website.  

How to clean a Cabbage Patch Dolls?

Since you have decided to clean your cabbage patch doll, you must know how to clean it effectively. The best part is you can easily clean your doll in a washer. The cabbage rolls can be washed the same way as your clothes. Also, you can wash your doll with other outfits and clothes easily. 

So here are few steps that you need to consider to wash your cabbage patch doll in a washing machine: 

# Remove Clothes 

It is important to remove a doll’s clothes if you are willing to clean the sculpted body. Also know, you must wash your doll’s clothes and doll separately. 

# Get A Pillowcase 

As the doll is equipped with yarn hair, it can tangle with each other, so it is important to put the doll in a pillowcase before putting it in a washer. Now you can set your machine as usual as you do for your clothes. 

# Dry Your Doll 

Once the doll is washed, it is important to dry its hair and body. Make sure you put it in the dryer for at least 20 minutes. Now get a towel and dry your doll’s hair. 

# Put back the clothes 

Now it is time to dress up your doll back. Whether you want to get new dresses for your doll or use old dresses is your wish. 

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How Can You Remove stains from your cabbage patch dolls? 

If your cabbage patch doll is too old, and once you take it out for your daughter’s playtime, it may have some stains. Are you worried about how to remove stains? Removing stains is easy; all you need is a stain remover stick. Dip the doll into a stain remover and leave it for half an hour. Now put it in a washer. 

How Can You Clean Old Doll Hair? 

It is important to get fabric softener or baby shampoo to clean old doll hair. Make sure you don’t get the wig cap wet while washing doll hair. You must place the doll’s hair into a bowl and rub the shampoo in your hands. Work with a shampoo or a fabric softener into the hair with the use of your fingers. You need to gently massage the hair with a mild shampoo and rinse them carefully with cold water. 

Which Cabbage dolls are most valuable? 

With so many cabbage dolls available, it is hard to find out which one is most valuable. But five cabbage patch dolls are known to be most valuable in the collection. Here they are: 

# Original Coleco CPK (1983 and 1984) 

This is a rare vintage cabbage patch doll that has its own birth certificate. The doll is gorgeous and is equipped with glasses. The value of Original Coleco is $6500. 

# Cabbage Patch Twins 

Cabbage patch twins are considered to be the most valuable cabbage dolls. If you own this pair of twins and want to sell them, always remember the cost of twins is not less than $3500. The last selling price of these twins was $3500 in 2018. 

# Dark Skinned 1983 Cabbage Kids

The 1983 dark-skinned cabbage doll has a value of more than $6000 in the current date. 

# 1984 Preemies 

The beautiful 1984 Preemies cabbage patch kid is 14 inches tall with its birth certificate. It has a value of more than $5000 in today’s time. 

# Cabbage Patch Kids Produced Overseas in 1984

It is a unique cabbage patch produced in 1984 by Coleco. It is a valuable doll that has a great value of more than $5000.

How To Clean Cabbage Patch Dolls

How to clean the doll’s clothes? 

You must get mild washing detergent to wash your doll’s clothes. Dipping them into cold water with detergent for 20 minutes is a great way to freshen up. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals or strong detergent on your doll’s clothes. 

Why are cabbage patch dolls expensive? 

You must wonder why cabbage patch dolls are expensive; there is only one reason behind its hand-stitched manufacturing. The dolls are completely handmade; no machinery is used for producing cabbage dolls. The hair of cabbage dolls is made up of yarn which is rare. 

Answers To More Questions On Cabbage Patch Dolls

# Can you machine wash cabbage dolls? 

Yes, one can conveniently wash cabbage dolls in a machine just like other clothes. All you need to be careful about is the detergent you use. It is advisable to use mild or baby shampoo to clean cabbage dolls. 

# How do you get stains out of Cabbage patch dolls? 

Getting a stain stick is a perfect way to remove stains out of cabbage patch dolls. You need to pre-stain the dolls and dip them into cold water to help remove the stains. 

Cleaning Cabbage Patch Dolls Is Not That Hard If You Follow Our Guide!

If you own a cabbage patch doll, make sure you know the right washing process to make it look new. The above article will guide you best in freshening up your doll to give a new look.