How Many Shoppie Dolls Are There

How many shoppie dolls are there? There are more than 1000 shoppie dolls. Many shoppie dolls have a total of six variants of each shoppies. Read on to know more.

Shopkins is a range of toys that kids love. It was developed and manufactured by Moose Toys. It was released in 2015. Most toys are based on grocery items, and each shoppie has a unique name and personality. This exclusive range of toy collections has expanded into clothing, cards, and other categories as well. 

How Many Shoppie Dolls Are There

Do you know how many shoppie dolls there are? There are more than 1000 shoppie dolls. It is one of the most popular toys among kids, and they love collecting the new Shopkins when it’s released. Some of its toys are common, some are rare and limited edition, and some are exclusive. Till now, 15 seasons of Shopkins have come out. 

In this article, let us further look at

  • Which One Was The First Shoppie Doll?
  • What are the shoppie dolls names?
  • What is the rarest shoppie doll?

Which One Was The First Shoppie Doll?

Season one of the first Shopkins was released in 2014. Each shoppie doll has a unique name and personality. It came in a pack of 5, 10, 12, and 20. The first season of the playset included a grocery set, a small supermarket, bakery, and shopping cart sets.

What Are The Shoppie Dolls Names?

Each toy comes with a shoppie, a bag, and a hairbrush. The shoppie dolls included Jessicake, Popette, and Bubbleisha in the beginning. Later, they included Peppa-Mint, Donatina, and Rainbow Kate. The shoppies in the larger pack included Bella Bow and her Bowdie Bear and Toy R Us exclusive.


Jessicake is the leader, a queen, and always stays classy. She does not harm anyone and always does great things. She is always well-dressed, sensible, and intelligent. 


Her personality is kind of sweet and sour. Sometimes she bursts out her anger, but then her Shopkin friends know how adorable she is.


She is a popcorn-theme shoppie doll and stands out from other shoppie dolls. It comes with a popcorn bowl and Polly popcorn.

Its second edition comes with a popcorn theme playset with a lot of improvements to the previous set. Popette doll looks good in blue hairs, and she looks more adorable in her outfit.

How Many Shoppie Dolls Are There

Peppa Mint

Peppa mint looks chilled out but sometimes gets emotional as well. She is a very warm-hearted person and loses cool many times. 


It was an exclusive set of dolls that comes with a playset donut delight. It comes with a sturdy cart and other Shopkins that include daisy donuts, rolly donuts, and four other mini donuts.

Rainbow Kate

For this shoppie doll, life is full of fun, and always have a good time with friends. She makes everyone happy and brightens up their day. It has an outstanding design and has colorful hairs, and has a unique sign. 

Pineapple Lily

This toy comes in a truck playset. In its first edition, it had light skin and blonde hair. In the next edition, it has dark skin and colorful hairs with matching pairs.

What Is The Rarest Shoppie Doll?

Shopkins is one of the most popular toys that kids love to collect and play with. A lot of shoppie dolls are released. Some are exclusive and limited edition; some are rare and precious. Let us look at the rarest shoppie dolls below.

Jessicake Doll

Jessicake doll is a limited edition doll that was released in 2015. Only 2000 pieces of this doll were produced. It came in a box that looked like a cupcake. In the San Diego Comic-Con event, she wears a cupcake dress covered with glitters and has long gold tinsel hair, and wears a crown. She carries a golden purse and matching shoes. In its limited edition, cocoa cupcake and cherry cake are also included.

Gemma Stone

One of the rarest and valuable Shopkins is the Gemma Stone. It was one of the most expensive toys that were released in 2015 at the New York Toy Exhibition. It looks like a diamond gem and is one of a kind shoppie.

Cupcake Queen

You may find a different variant of this toy. It is one of the rarest Shopkin from season one, and very few units were released worldwide. They might be harder to find in the market.

The cupcake queen is there from the very start and has appeared again in seasons 9 and 10. It is covered with metallic gold and has a cute smile. She carries pink candy in her hand, and her hair has pink sprinkles all over. 

How Many Shoppie Dolls Are There

Marsha Mellow

This toy was produced in season two. Less than 100 units of it were released. A similar type was also released in the later season, but still, you cannot compare it with this beauty. This looks similar to a marshmallow and is covered with golden glitter.

Winnie Award

It is one of the latest Shopkin that was released in 2017. It was produced only one time. So there is just one of these in the whole world. 

Jenny Penny

Only one of these was produced in the whole world. Jenny Penny is charming and looks like a coin covered with a metallic gold finish. 

Did you know Jenny Penny is the 1000th shoppie made, and that is why you will find “1000” written on her back?

Frenchy Perfume

It is a perfume bottle with big lips, and the eyes look innocent. It is a dark-colored orange bottle that gives a yellowish finish and is tied with a pink ribbon.  

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Why Do Kids Love Shopkins?

Shopkins looks adorable and is one of the reasons kids love collecting Shopkins toys and playing with these playsets. 

They Are Affordable

Kids love collecting the limited edition and exclusive Shopkins that are available in the market. They are pretty cheap, and anyone can afford to buy them.

Shopkins Playset Do Not Require A Lot Of Space

As the size of toys is very small, you can keep them anywhere as it does not require a lot of space. Kids can take these toys in a small bag to their friends’ place as well. 

Kids of All Ages Love To Play With Shopkins

Kids of all ages love playing with these playsets. They have a lot of fun and enjoy playing with these toys. 

Kids Love Surprises

Many of the Shopkins toys come in a blind bag. If you buy a larger set, you may see the Shopkins, but still, there will be one Shopkin hidden inside. As kids love surprises, they love opening the set and finding the hidden toy. It gives them an opportunity to open the set and experience.

How Many Shoppie Dolls Are There

Benefits Of Playing With Shopkin Playsets

Shopkins are small plastic toys that kids love collecting, and you will find the playsets available in most stores. Did you know there are a lot of educational benefits when kids play with Shopkins? 

Fine Motor And Cognitive Skills

When kids play with Shopkins playsets and toys, it develops fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination and visual senses. When kids play with Shopkins, it helps improve their memory and planning skills. 

Kids learn and memorize each unique Shopkin character’s names and key details like BFF, Shopkins hobby, and hobbies. When children watch the Shopkins series, they recall the scenes from the episodes while playing.

Social Skills

Playing with Shopkins helps develop social skills. As Shopkins are small toys, kids can carry them to their friend’s places and share their toys. Siblings will be motivated and will work together to collect all the Shopkins and have a collection.


Children love spending time and playing with these pretend and play toys. They will spend hours acting out each unique character from the episodes they watch and have a good time. 

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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Different Types Of Shopkins Are There?

There are around 140 different types of Shopkin characters that you can collect. It includes rare, special, exclusive, and limited edition toys having unique finishes. They are grouped in different parts that include a supermarket, grocery, and others.

Is Shopkins Rare?

The Shopkins that are exclusive and limited edition are rare and valuable. Only a few pieces of these toys are produced worldwide, so they are hard to find. All the exclusive and limited edition Shopkins are unique, have different personalities, and are worth the price.

Why Does Some Shopkins Have Holes In It?

You will find a hole at the bottom of the Shopkins. Though they are not made to put on the pencil, it does fit on the top of it. You can place the Shopkins in the shopping cart as well.

Are Shopkins Discontinued?

Only four seasons of Shopkins were released, and then it was discontinued in the year 2020.

So How Many Shoppie Dolls Are There?

There are more than 1000 Shopkins that have come out since 2014. Kids who love Shopkin toys love collecting these toys. Most of the toys are exclusive and limited edition, while some are even harder to find. 

Till now, fifteen seasons of Shopkins have come out, and each series has a certain theme, such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.