How Long Do Hot Toys Last? How Can I Take Care Of My Hot Toys?

Hot Toys are super expensive, but are they durable? But how long do Hot Toys last? Get all your questions answered here.

If you are a fan of some of the iconic movie franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and DC comics, you are well aware of Hot Toys

Hot Toys is a designer and producer of realistic figures based in Hong Kong. With the toys being hyper-realistic, the production process takes a lot of time and hard work with minute detailing, which makes them very expensive. 

How Long Do Hot Toys Last

Whether you are new to collecting Hot Toys or an old enthusiast, how long do Hot Toys last is something you must worry about? 

How Long Do Hot Toys Last?

Since its establishment in 2000, Hot Toys have been a favorite among toy collectors and die-hard fans of a particular movie, comic, or video game franchise. They started with toys depicting US military forces and gradually shifted to famous figures from different movies, video games, or comics.

Hot Toys are made using high-quality materials, and extreme caution is taken in building the toys. They last long as compared to other toys. Hot Toys can last for decades if you care for them properly. However, everything has an age limit, and even your Hot Toys will deteriorate with time.

How Long Do Hot Toys Last

Let’s take a deeper look at what causes the deterioration of toys and possible ways to delay the process.

Why Do Hot Toys Deteriorate?


Aging can cause damage to your Hot Toys. It is common for Hot Toys to show signs of deterioration after you have owned them for a few decades. They are toys. No matter how much good quality material goes into the building of the toys, it will still show signs of aging after some years. 

One of the common issues is the cracking of the rubber materials, and no matter how good you care for your toys, rubber cracking is something that will happen.

You can delay the process by keeping the toys naturally without bending their limbs too much for too long.

Sun Damage 

Sunlight has harmful UV rays, which can cause severe damage to your Hot Toys. Some of the common damage associated with sunlight are color fading, yellowing, and plastic and rubber material degradation. Even if the toy has high-quality material, it will still get damaged over time.

If you want your toys to have a long life, keep them away from direct or indirect sunlight. If you need lights, use LEDs and make sure to avoid any lights when you are away.

How Long Do Hot Toys Last


No matter how properly you clean your Hot Toys and keep them in a sealed box, dust has a way of getting deposited on toys over time, and that can cause discoloration. 

One simple way to prevent damage from dust would be to clean your Hot regularly. Sealing the display or storage box with tape also helps, and you get more time between subsequent cleanings.

Humidity And Heat

Exposing your Hot Toys to heat and humidity will do intensive damage to the toy. Heat will cause the rubber material to lose its moisture content which will result in cracks. Also, if the humidity is too high where you have your Hot Toys, it can cause fading of the color in your figurines.

One solution for high humidity levels would be to get a dehumidifier for the area, and for heat, storing the Hot Toys in a dark room or basement in a sealed box would be beneficial.

How Long Do Hot Toys Last

People Also Asked

Do Hot Toys Deteriorate?

A simple answer to this question would be yes; Hot Toys do deteriorate. However, the actual answer is not that simple, and many processes go behind it.

Everything has a limited lifespan. No matter how good the thing is, after a certain period, it will deteriorate. The same is the case with Hot Toys.

Manufacturers of Hot Toys spend a massive amount of time in the production of a single toy range. They take extreme caution and pay attention to every minute detail so that the toys look like the replica of the real personality it is based on. 

It results in high-quality toys that will sometimes last you for decades if you took proper care of them. However, as it is with everything, Hot Toys will deteriorate even if it takes decades. Sometimes even sooner, if you use it too roughly and do not keep it safe.

Will Hot Toys Go Up In Value?

Hot Toys are handcrafted and often take months or maybe even years to finish a product line. Even more interesting is a limited edition for every toy series, where only a limited number of toys are crafted. Since the quantity of Hot Toys is limited, that makes it more attractive for a collector.

So yes, Hot Toys, being limited edition collectible toys, often go up in value. How much higher value you will get for your hot toy would depend upon its demand. If there is a high demand, the price will be higher.

There have been several instances when a hot toy has been sold for more than ten times its original price due to it being very rare. Even if the value doesn’t go up, you can rest assured that you will get the amount you have invested.

How Long Do Hot Toys Last

How Long Can A Toy Last? 

The answer to this question is straightforward. The longevity or lifespan of a toy depends upon how much you care for it. If you are using it for displaying purposes, it will last for several years, sometimes even decades. 

But if you are using the toy to play, no matter how gentle you are with it and how much you care for it, it won’t last very long.

Another factor that determines the lifespan of a toy would depend on the manufacturer. If you buy a toy from a high-end toy manufacturer like Hot Toys, it will last you for a long time. However, cheaper knock-off versions of the same toy from other manufacturers will deteriorate quickly.

Do Toys Last Forever?

Let’s start with the fact that nothing lasts forever, and everything will deteriorate over time. The same is the case with toys. Even if you took proper care of them and saved them from any accidental damage, they will deteriorate over a period.  

Like Hot Toys figurines that sell at a high price point, some high-end toys have a better lifespan. If you keep them away from direct sunlight and dust, they can last you for decades. However, even with a high cost, these toys will also deteriorate and won’t last forever.

If the toy is for display purposes, then it is going to last for years to come. However, the toys that kids play with regularly are going to deteriorate faster.

How Long Do Hot Toys Last

Hot Toys Can Last For Decades If Care For Properly

Hot Toys cost way higher than other toys because these action figures are made with precision to match the real-life personalities that they base the toys on. With the toys being hyper-realistic, the process in their production takes a lot of time and hard work in minute detailing. Before investing so much in a piece of toy, any potential buyer would like to know how long do Hot Toys last?

We have tried to answer this question as best as possible because apart from the aging factor, there are many other things responsible for the deterioration of a hot toy.