How Far is Legacy Toys? Are They Any Good?

Legacy Toys stores one of the largest collections of very popular toys online. But how far is Legacy Toys from your home? Read on.

Playing is an integral part of a child’s growth and while you look for the best toy shop. Don’t hesitate and reach Legacy Toys. Legacy Toys is one of the most unique toy store chains in the United States. 

You will find a wide variety of toys in Legacy Toys. It is a one-stop shop for toys, games, and gifts. They have everything from games to puzzles to dolls and plush toys. 

How Far is Legacy Toys

No matter what your child’s interest is and what their age, you will surely get something here that sparks your kid’s enjoyment. 

What is Legacy Toys?

Legacy Toys is a unique toy store founded in 2012 in Ely. The main motive of opening the store is to help kids and parents to ignite their imagination through play. The company has various stores in North Dakota and Minnesota. Every store of Legacy Toys offers a unique experience with great displays and activities to entertain kids and their families. The company provides different games and toys for adults and kids. 

The company offers different ways of shopping, where you are looking for curbside shopping or pick up in-store, it provides every way of purchasing. 

You can also order your children’s toys from its official website. The online store also has a massive variety of toys that can be delivered to your doorstep. 

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Unboxing and Review

Legacy Toys offers free shipping across the United States if the order is more than $79. And if the order is less than $79, then the company charges $5.99 as shipping cost for all across the country. Within 2 to 5 days, Legacy Toys deliver the order to your doorstep. 

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Store Locations 

Before we get into details about the store locations of Legacy Toys, it is essential to know that there are a total of 6 stores well located in North Dakota and Minnesota. 

So to answer your question: how far is Legacy Toys from you? You can always check out the store locations or else order online.

Here are seven of the biggest Legacy Toys stores: 

  • Mall Of America- Bloomington, Minnesota. 
  • Gallerina Edina- Edina, Minnesota. 
  • Ridgedale Center- Minnetonka, Minnesota. 
  • West Acres Mall- Fargo, North Dakota
  • Miller Hill Mall- Duluth, Minnesota
  • Downtown Ely- Ely, Minnesota

Different Toy and Games Brands Offered By Legacy Toys 

Here is a list of brands that Legacy Toys are associated with. All brands are renowned and come with a different range of toys and games of all age groups. 

How Far is Legacy Toys

The Toy Network

It is a USA-based toys brand that provides quality educational toys and virtual learning merchandise to offer its customers a world of imagination. With a wide range of creative and innovative toys, the company offers a ready selection at an affordable price. 


Lego is a reputable brand that allows your child and you to explore the world with games, products, and different characters. If you are looking for perfect brick sets or building toys, then Lego is the right brand to choose from. Also, Lego is the right brand to select the ideal gift for your kid. 


If you want to discover the best dolls, toys, accessories, and more with the Barbie brand. Barbie dolls are iconic gifts for young children. So once you are in Legacy Toys, get the best out of all and surprise your child with a fantastic Barbie gift. 

Hot Wheels 

Hot Wheel is a brand of toy cars introduced by American Toymaker Mattel in 1968. It offers the fastest and most astonishing vehicles. So while you want to buy the best gift or toy for your son, Hot Wheels cars are the best option. Hot wheels give you access to highly collectible cars. 

how far is legacy toys

Categories of Toys, Books and Games By Legacy Toys 

Art and Crafts 

Art and crafts include the following attractive gifts: 

  • Body Art and Cosmetics- You are looking for kid-friendly body tattoos or nail stickers; Legacy Toys has a wide range of body art to surprise your kid with something new every time. 
  • Clay, Putty, and compounds- Dough is something that every age group loves to play with. Get the best clay or Putty from Legacy Toys. 
  • Coloring and Drawing supplies- Your child loves coloring; buy the best colors easily from Legacy Toys. Such supplies allow your kid to discover new things whenever they hold colors or other supplies. 


Legacy Toys have a wide variety of books, starting from toddlers to educational books. 

  • Toddle Books- Are you looking for rhyme books for your baby? Here you will get everything from Twinkle Twinkle to Baby; see the colors. Explore toddler books with Legacy Toys. 
  • Educational Workbooks- Educational books help your child grow in cognitive skills and other essential growth factors. 
How Far is Legacy Toys
  • Storybooks- Legacy Toys offer you a great range of nighttime storybooks or picture books for kids of all ages. 

Games and Puzzles 

Looking for the best strategy and board games or puzzles for your children, visit Legacy Toys and get the one that amazes your children and helps them develop. 

Gear and Apparel 

Legacy Toys also has a great variety of gears and apparel for your kids and adults. No matter, you want a backpack or your kids’ room’s furnishing accessories, it has everything for you. 


Baby toddle toys to outdoor toys, doll plush to science and nature toys, Legacy Toys is a one-stop store for every kind of toy you need. 

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Where are Legacy Toys? 

Legacy Toys is well located in Minnesota and North Dakota; also, they have an official website for online orders. There are a total of 6 stores of Legacy Toys situated in the states. 

How far is legacy toys

Who owns Legacy Toys, Ely, MN? 

Brad Ruoho is the founder of Legacy Toys, Ely, MN. He started the business with his wife to encourage families to grow and play together with different toys, books, and games. 

Do Legacy Toys fidget? 

Legacy Toys offer various fidget toys of different textures and patterns for keeping kids’ hands busy. 

What is the best store for toys? 

While you are looking for the best store for toys around you, Legacy Toys are ideal.