Do Slime Toys Work On Largos? Ultimate Slime Rancher Tips and Tricks

Do slime toys work on Largos? Yes, They do. You can combine it with any mix of slimes. Read on to know more about Slime Ranchers.

Slime Rancher is a kind of online stress-release game set out in a place called Far, Far Range, which is a thousand light-years away from earth. If you love playing Slime Rancher, you must be aware of what slimes are. 

Slimes are gelatinous things shaped like balls that produce Plorts. Plorts are very important in Slime Rancher because Plorts can be used to make money, create gadgets and unlock new areas of the Far Far Range.

Largo slimes are a combination of basic slimes. Largos are created when a slim eats a Plort, which is not of the same type. There are 78 possible types of Largos (watch the video below)

Slime toys appear when you reach level 8 in the 7Zee rewards club. Slime toys lessen the rate of slime agitation. However, one question that fans often ask is, “Do slime toys work on Largos?” 

EVERY SINGLE SLIME RANCHER LARGO! (Before Ogden's Wild Update, new video in description)

So, Do Slime Toys Work On Largos?

Yes, they do. Slime Toys work just as well on Largos as they do on normal slimes. Ideally, you should give the two favorite types of toys of each of the slimes combined to make the Largo.

Even if you give more toys, Largos won’t be able to kick them out of the corral, so you don’t have to worry about it. In this article, let us look at some tips when playing slime rancher, how slime works on Largos, and the risk involved.

Slime Rancher Tips for Beginners

Start collecting basic slimes.

If you are playing the game for the first time, you won’t have enough money and need to access a large ranch. So to start earning money and build up the ranch, move straight from your house, and you will find some basic forms of slimes like pink, tabby, and rock Plorts. Try to collect all of the Plorts before heading back home to sell them. 

The video below shows how to get all basic slimes

Slime Rancher All slimes in (2024)

Build corrals and garden

Once the player earns decent money, start building corrals and gardens on their ranch. Put some pink slime in one corral and fill the other with rock slime. You can then plant carrots in the garden. This way, you can feed your slimes and harvest more Plorts and upgrade the corrals.

Start expanding to the grotto when possible.

As the player gets more slimes and is able to build more plots, they won’t have enough space to build things. They will need to expand into grotto and overgrowth when it’s possible.

Keep changing your selling strategy.

If the player sells the same type of Plorts, its prices will drop. The player needs to avoid this and sell one type of Plort all at once. As the price of one plot drops, the player will have to switch to selling another type of Plort.

Combining some slimes is much better than others.

While playing slime rancher, the combination of different slimes looks good, but actually, it is not. Like largo slimes are too large to be kept on corrals. So players will have to look for a place where they can let them roam freely. You can keep a few Largos inside the corral but not too many of them. Keeping largo slimes is very profitable. If you keep largo slime, avoid keeping rad or hunter slimes together.

Do Slime Toys Work On Largos

Largo Slimes

A largo slime is created when a pure slime eats a different kind of Plort. They are too large and cannot be kept inside the corral. You can place them in areas where they can roam freely. Also, it cannot get back to pure slime.

Also, the largo slimes are large enough to Vac, and you can only transport them through the end of the Vac nozzle. When you feed largo slime, they can produce two Plorts, one for each type of slime it has. They give you a lot of profit and double to four directly.

Risks Involved

Keeping Largos is profitable, but it isn’t easy to manage. As it has combined powers of two slimes, ranchers have a greater threat. So if a largo eats any Plort which is not similar to its two sourced slimes, it will turn into a Tarr slime. A Tarr will then overtake the player’s ranch quickly. You can keep a tank full of water just in case you need to destroy them.

Can puddle slimes become Largos?

It is not possible for puddle slimes to become Largos. This is because slimes avoid puddle Plorts and the puddle Plorts avoid other types of Plorts. It is impossible to produce lucky, puddle, fire, twinkle, quicksilver, or gold Largos.

Watch how and where you can get puddle slimes

SlimeRancher how to get puddle slimes

Can hunter slime become Largos?

Hunter slimes are rare and difficult to find when they are invisible. One best way to get hunter Largos without catching their Gordos is to get into their Plorts through a moss blanket known as a feral path.

Also, when a hunter largo is created from its Plorts, its wild and feral nature gets passed.

Tips For Largo slimes

  • As Largos are too large and cannot be inside the Vacpack. As they may get stuck in the nozzle, you can transport them to any other place and release them from one end.
  • When you feed largo slime, it can build four Plorts that are two each from the source slimes.
  • Hunter Largos are dangerous as they can become wild when created. To calm them down, you need to feed them with something. They may even get agitated sometimes and become wild again. Keep them calm, and you can even place a music box near the corral.
  • When creating a largo slime, upgrade your corral with high walls; otherwise, it may escape by jumping. Largo slimes can jump much higher than pure slimes. Also, use an auto feeder or Plort collect if your largo slime was a rock slime earlier or ate rock Plort. Otherwise, it may harm the rancher by mistake.

How Many Largo Slimes Can Be Created in Slime Ranchers?

Trivia. If one feeds all the other fusible slimes ( rock, honey, hunter, oink, crystal, etc.) at every Plort, there would be a combination of 45 in total.

Can You Play Slime Rancher on Your Tablet?

You can use your tablet to collect Plorts and feed to slimes. If you have a phone sensor, you can upgrade your corral. You can even use your tablet to talk to other players and play rancher in online mode.

Yes, Largos Will Play With Slime Toys.

Slime Rancher is a fun and exciting game. Once the player starts exploring the game, he will come across different secrets and hidden places. 

A player needs to keep in mind when playing slime rancher that the combination of different slimes may look cool but may not be good to keep on the ranch. A largo slime can adopt the favorite food, abilities, and traits of the slime it was before getting converted but cannot transform back to pure slime.