Can You Use Bird Toys For Hamsters? 6 Types of Toys Safe For Hamsters

Can you use bird toys for hamsters? Some toys are fine, but you can’t use all toys in this way. Let’s find out which ones will work for both birds and hamsters

Hamsters are considered excellent pets. You don’t need to give them a lot of attention and care like other pets. Hamsters are cute, cuddly, and very lovely to hold. They are an excellent starter pet for kids, as long as you help your children understand how to take care of them.

These tiny creatures don’t eat leftover food. So, you have to give them fresh food every day. Again, you need to clean the cage and their bedding weekly. Hamsters are very active animals in the wild, which is why they need daily exercise, even in a cage.

Hamsters love to explore the world through their teeth. If you don’t keep any chew toys in their cage, they start chewing the cage or the enclosure itself. So, it’s advisable to buy chew toys for hamsters.

Can You Use Bird Toys For Hamsters

Birds also love chewable toys that they can destroy using their sharp beaks. But can you use bird toys for hamsters? I cannot give a straightforward answer to this question. 

What Types Of Bird Toys Are Suitable For Hamsters?

All bird toys are not suitable for hamsters. For example: 

Plastic Tubes

Hamsters love to play with plastic tubes. But, you should avoid giving plastic materials to your hamster because the hamster may swallow the plastic pieces. A piece of plastic stuck in the hamster’s belly can be very dangerous, and some inferior plastics may contain BPA or Phthalates, which are poisonous to small creatures. 

Ropes Or Chains

Hamsters are very tiny creatures. So, you should not use rope, fabric, or chain toys because these creatures can get tangled on these toys, which may cause death by asphyxiation. 

Steep Ladders Or Inclines

Hamsters love to climb, but your pet may struggle with vertical or steep incline tubes and ladders, so you should avoid such toys as well.

Toys For Hamster

#1. Hamster Wheels

Hamster wheels are great for these rodents. If you have a hamster in your home, I suggest you keep a hamster wheel in the cage. But try to keep a wheel that has a solid surface to prevent your hamster from injuries. 

Can You Use Bird Toys For Hamsters

Again, hamsters are nocturnal animals. These creatures can make use of the wheel at night. So the wheel should be quiet. Otherwise, it may disturb your sleep. You may put some vegetable oil on the axis of the wheel every few days to make sure that it remains quiet.

#2. Hamster Ball

Your hamster may feel bored if you keep them inside the cage all the time. You should provide the hamster with a lot of toys so that it remains happy. 

One of the best options is a hamster ball, but you should choose the correct-sized ball for your pet. Never force your hamster to use the ball. They will try it once, and if they like it, they automatically play with it again and again. 

Try always to keep the ball on the floor and allow your pet to play in it and have fun. You need to check the lock mechanism of the ball from time to time to ensure your little friend is safe inside the ball.

Can You Use Bird Toys For Hamsters

Initially, you need to secure the ball on the floor of your house with a bit of tape. Seal the room and don’t allow any children to stay in that room. Place a carpet under the ball because your hamster can flip inside the ball and hurt itself on a hard surface. 

Then allow your hamster to play, but not for more than 20 minutes. Whenever your hamster becomes tired, immediately remove it from the ball.

#3. Chew Toys For Hamsters

Hamster teeth grow constantly. So, they need a large supply of chew toys to gnaw at and keep their teeth healthy.

Chew toys made from wooden material are an excellent choice for hamsters. But the wood in the toys should be pesticide and chemical-free. You can even use twigs and small branches from your backyard for your hamsters. Hardwood blocks that are not treated with chemicals can also be a good option for hamsters. 

Along with wood toys, you can give cardboard to your pet. They love to chew paper towel cardboard tubes or toilet paper rolls. Cardboard tubes are made from environmentally friendly materials and are safe for the hamster. They are available in small, large, and medium sizes.

#4.Sola Ball

This organic toy is non-toxic and perfect for hamsters, chinchillas, and gerbils. They love to gnaw on sola ball toys.

The sola ball consists of the roots of the natural sola plant root, which is perfect for chewing and gnawing. Sola material is soft, spongy, and relatively easy for the hamster to bite with their teeth and grab with their feet. 

Can You Use Bird Toys For Hamsters

The stems of sola are arranged in such a manner that your hamster will surely like it. The Sola material is so light that it allows your hamster to pick the ball, toss them and play around with them. They are just great for chewing.

#5. Pumice Stones

A rugged pumice stone with an attached bell is perfect for the mental development of hamsters. These stones usually have hooks so that you can easily place them on your hamster’s cage. 

They are safe, and if you have a pet bird like a parrot, you can also use these stones for your bird. These stones are also helpful for strengthening the muscles of your pet bird.

#6. Wood Bridge

Wood bridges of various colors are available in the market. These bridges consist of natural wood, which is non-toxic, durable, strong, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, and a perfect toy for small animals.

You should not worry when your hamster nibbles on the ladder. That is normal, and grinding their teeth will prevent the hamster’s teeth from becoming too long.

You can even hang a wood bridge on the cage. Hamsters love to climb on it and play, which develops their coordination and balance skills. 

Can You Use Bird Toys For Hamsters

But you need to be highly cautious while hanging the wood bridge in cages. Try always to use thick ropes of the wood bridge so that neither your hamster’s head, body, or legs will entangle on the rope.

The wood bridge is also good for your pet bird. If you have a pet bird and a hamster, you can buy a wood bridge for both of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What toys are safe for hamsters?

Willow balls, rings, and tunnels are good toys for hamsters. In addition to that, you can give toilet paper to hamsters for chewing. They are readily available in your home, and that works great for your pet.

#2. What can I give my hamster to chew on?

Wood is the natural chewing material. So you can give wood to your hamster. But make sure it should be free from pesticides. 

Can You Use Bird Toys For Hamsters

Another great option is a paper towel. Hamsters chew them and love to hide them in paper towels. You can also give dog biscuits to your hamster, but that should be free from garlic.

#3. Are birdhouses safe for hamsters?

An adequately mounted birdhouse is at least ten to twelve feet above the ground, But they are safe for hamsters, as long as you keep the door closed.

#4. Are toys with bells safe for hamsters?

Yes, toys with bells are safe for hamsters. They work great in improving the mental stimulation of your hamster.

There Are Many Bird Toys That Hamsters Can Play With, But You Have To Choose Wisely

Exercise is quite essential for your tiny hamster. It helps in improving digestion and the overall growth of the body. So, you should keep safe toys in their cage or branch of a tree so that they can move around and play, which will also improve their mental development. 

Can You Use Bird Toys For Hamsters

Again a proper toy can prevent your hamster from boredom and stress. Your pet animal will remain active all the time.

I hope this article has helped you know about the safe toys of hamsters and will help you give a suitable toy to your pet.