Can You Play Skylanders Without The Toys?

Many beginners ask the question, can you play Skylanders without the toys? Let us find the answer.

If you are in love with adventurous games where you can take the credit for saving the world, you must be familiar with Skylanders

Activision and Toys for Bob, the publisher and the creator of Skylanders, tickle your imagination by bringing your toys to life in an action-adventure-filled video game series. Skylanders is not just a game for you. 

It is an exhilarating experience where your toys can come alive. This is the reason why Skylanders witnessed a whopping sale of more than 175 million in the year 2013

And the rising star has not seen a downfall yet! Now, many beginners ask the question, is there a way you can play Skylanders without the toys? Let us find the answer.

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How Can You Play Skylanders Without The Toys?

The original game of Skylanders enlisted a specific set of things to play the game. Such as the game on Xbox or any other platform, PC, a good WiFi connection, Portal of power or a mod, a console controller, minimum of two action figures or Skylanders, and connectivity to a visual display. Who doesn’t like to see lifeless figures come alive? 

Scan Your Figures Into Nintendo Switch

Can you still play the Skylanders game if you do not have the toys? If you found it uncomfortable using cumbersome portals and being chained to wired accessories, you can scan the figures into the Nintendo Switch version. 

Scanning will allow you to play with Skylanders without the toys. You can save your scanned characters there without the interruption of going through a bunch of toys every time. 

Can You Play Skylanders Without The Toys

Alternatively, if you love collecting figures, you can opt-out of toy-free games. The creators of Skylanders have developed a toys-to-life dimension to the game to raise the fun quotient. Multiple Skylander figures will help you to expand your gameplay.

Create Your Own Characters

Currently, Skylanders offers its players a game where you would need toys on the Power of Portal. However, if you do not have many toy figures for the game, you can enjoy playing Skylanders with a Crystal Creator. This small tool gives you the freedom to add your very own characters. 

What’s more? You can save the figures you have created with the Skylanders Imaginators on your Xbox 1, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS4, and WiiU. Moreover, you will have the option to create ten different character classes under the fire element with a creation crystal.

Can You Play Skylanders Without The Toys

Can You Emulate Skylanders?

The moment you place them on the “Portal of Power,” your characters come alive with intelligence. Since each character or Skylander is oriented with a Portal of Power, you would need an Android emulator to play Skylanders. 

If you are wondering how to set up online compatibility with the Skylanders game, the NFC reader on the right Joy-Con can help. You can set up your Dolphin Emulator with Spyro’s Adventure. The Emulator will program your PC to enjoy the game. 

You would need a Dolphin Emulator, a legit Skylander game, and a Wii or USB-powered Portal. When you plugin, your computer will automatically set up the device. Click on Zadig drive and select libusbk (v3.0.7.0), and replace your driver. Your computer will begin to install to boot up the Skylander game. Voila! 

Can Old Skylanders Be Used In New Games?

If you like collectibles, then Skylander is the game for you. You can buy as many Skylander characters as you want and interchange them with old ones in your new games. You are going to be lucky since the toys are not console-specific. 

So, whether you are on PS4, Xbox, or any other platform, you can play with old and new alike. However, some action figures do have compatibility issues, such as Giants, 

New Core, Battle Packs, and Reposed are not in sync with Spyro’s Adventure. 

It would be a good idea to read the labels of Skylander before you buy toys with or without compatibility.

Can You Play Skylanders Without The Toys

Do You Need the Portal To Play Skylanders 3DS?

Yes, you need the Portal in order to play Skylanders 3DS. A Portal of Powers can lend viewing abilities to the portal masters. Using the portal powers, a portal master can look for a location as well as characters of interest. 

Thus, a Skylander would know where to move during the game. Thus, you need the Portal of power to bring in the toys in the Skylanders game. You need to place the said toy in the Portal’s center, and this would make the character enter the game. 

Portal is a circular device that can recognize two of the characters you place on it, and it can glow in different colors as per the characters’ elements. 

Answers To All Your Skylanders Questions

What do the colors on the bottom part of Skylanders imply?

Different colors imply different meanings; for example, the Orange color means Giants, Red Color implies Trap Team, the Blue color means SWAP force, and the engine color signifies SuperChargers.

What is the most powerful Skylander?

Some of the top-ranking Skylander characters are Ignitor, Stealth Elf, Chop-Chop, and Trigger Happy.

Are Legendary Skylanders better than others?

Legendary Skylanders, as per gaming experts, are stronger than other regular Skylanders series. Whereas Skylanders commonly make use of the color schemes of gold and navy blue, Legendary Sensei uses Legendary gold and red-colored armor.

Can You Play Skylanders Without The Toys

Yes, You Can Play Skylanders Without The Toys

Skylanders is a famous toys-to-life adventure game that has caught the attention of not only kids but even adults. Players can make use of fantasy characters based on their favorite toys. 

They need to only place the toys on a portal that is connected to their consoles, and the toy characters would come alive in the game. So, if you also love to play with your toys characters and would like to breathe life into them in the gaming world, Skylanders is the game for you. 

Happy gaming!