Can You Buy Mcdonalds Toys? Are They Sold Separately?

Can you buy Mcdonalds toys? Yes, you can buy them as part of your HappyMeal, or even separately. They are even sold separately on sites like Amazon and EBay. Learn more here.

Are you a regular customer of Mcdonald’s? Then you must be well aware of Mcdonalds Toys. Even before starting HappyMeal, Mcdonald’s used to sell small toys. Then began the series of kitchenware sold at reasonable prices for the customers. 

Then in 1979, began HappyMeal, which included toys in it. Mcdonald’s did not confine itself to manufacturing its own toys. Soon after that, it moved on to collaborate with Disney, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and more to give out new Mcdonald’s Toys related to movies, shows, and more. 

Can You Buy Mcdonalds Toys

Can you buy Mcdonald’s toys? If you love these toys and collect them like me, you would surely like to know the answer to this question. 

Can You Buy Mcdonalds Toys?

Yes, you can buy Mcdonalds Toys. HappyMeal toys come free with the meal according to their policy. But you can buy Mcdonald’s toys from the store or online. If you are looking for old toys, you can buy them from resellers or online websites.

Can You Buy HappyMeal Toys Without The Meal?

Yes, you can buy HappyMeal toys without the meal. Though the company has the policy to sell along with the meal, they do sell it separately if a customer requests. But the policy prohibits the selling of entire cases of toys.

What Is So Special About Mcdonald’s Toys?

Though many food outlets started giving out toys following Mcdonald’s lead, McDonald’s toys are special to their customers and collectors. 

McDonald’s has been a popular outlet for years in all the countries they operate, because they adapted themselves to the country’s culture when they designed their menu and added unique twists to the food. 

This popularity is not confined to the elders but even to children—the main reason being the introduction of HappyMeal. 

Can You Buy Mcdonalds Toys

HappyMeal is a miniature version of meals for grownups. They are served in colorful cardboard boxes which are attractive to children. The box includes food and fun as a toy is added and given as part of every meal. 

Though the toys are made of plastic, they are special as they represent the pop culture that was famous at the time. 

What Are The Toys That One Gets From Mcdonald’s As Part Of A HappyMeal?

HappyMeal started in McDonald’s in 1979. In the beginning, the toys included spinning tops, erasers, puzzles, bracelets, wallets, or stencils. 

After this, McDonald’s started collaborating with other famous franchises to give out themed toys that are famous during that time. 

The first collaboration toys from McDonald’s were the Star Trek toys. This was the first time the food chain promoted a movie. Then this continued from time to time after that. 

After that, McDonald’s gave out Barbies and Hot Wheels as part of their Happy Meals. In 1984, it was the turn of Ghostbusters toys. Then came the most popular Little Pony Toys, which were a huge hit, and Mcdonald’s restocked them every time for some time. 

Can You Buy Mcdonalds Toys

Additionally, McDonald’s also gave out books of American Tail when the customers bought McNuggets or burgers. 

Over time these toys included Halloween-themed ones, Transformer-themed toys which mimicked fries, nuggets, milkshakes, and more. Next came the Muppet babies toys, Disney-inspired toys. 

To promote their Mcnuggets, they came out with Nugget buddies, which were adorable. Then came the Ninja turtle cups, Dino Changeables, Batman series. McDonald’s promoted the holidays with Earth day toys.

Along with these other popular McDonald’s toys were Happy Birthday train, Spiderman toys, Bugs Bunny-themed toys, rad toys, Furbies, Sega handhelds, retro mini video games, and SpongeBob, and emojis. 

Above mentioned are some of the popular toys that came as part of McDonald HappyMeals. Even McDonalds gave out retro toys, fitness CDs for the adults, and storybooks as part of the HappyMeal.

Today, they are offering some educational and fun activities on to engage the kids to do some productive things. 

Also, during Covid times, McDonald’s has given out thank you notes instead of toys in Thank You Meals to the first responders for free.

How Much Do Mcdonald’s Toys Cost?

McDonald’s toys range from $1.69 and higher. It depends on the type of toy you are choosing to buy at that time. If you are looking for some old toys and buying them online, the prices may vary from toy to toy.

Can You Buy Mcdonalds Toys

Where To Buy Mcdonald’s Toys From?

If your choice of toy is not available at the Mcdonald’s outlet, then you can reach out to Or you can make a call to the nearest McD store and find if the toy is available. Be it individual figures or the entire line of that collection you can find from them. 

Then you can reach the store and ask them for a customer satisfaction box, which will contain a complete set of toys in a Happy Meal promotion. The box usually has two to six complete sets, along with the extras of the most popular toys of the HappyMeal. 

These are supposed to be given based on the customer requests. However, all stores may not use these that way. 

Note: You better reach out to the store quickly during the early promotions, as each store gets one box per line of toys that may be over if someone like you is looking for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy McDonald’s toys online?

Yes, you can buy McDonald’s toys online. You can buy them from popular websites like Amazon, eBay, or more. Sometimes, the sale of the toys is made on online websites from where you can get them at the best prices. But recently, McDonald’s using offers engaging activities for the kids to improve their creativity and imagination. 

Q Can you buy Happy Meal toys without the meal?

Yes, you can buy Happy Meal toys without the meal at McDonald’s by paying for it. You can ask for a customer satisfaction box which will hold the latest toys in the line. If you are looking to buy a particular toy at the store, call them beforehand and find if that toy is available in the store, from where you can buy it from.

Q How much is it to buy a Mcdonald’s toy?

It depends on the toys you prefer to buy from McDonald’s. The retail price of some toys without Happy Meal is $1.69. Based on the number of toys and the type you buy, this price may vary. 

Q Does Mcdonald’s put toys in Happy Meals?

Can You Buy Mcdonalds Toys

Yes, Mcdonald’s does put toys in the Happy Meals. The toys in the Happy Meal vary from time to time as they represent the pop culture that is famous at that particular time.

Q Are Mcdonald’s toys worth money?

Absolutely! Though the plastic toys just seemed fun for that particular time. Today we come across many collecting these toys as a token of memories of their childhood days. You can come across resale of those old toys online where the price starts from $20 going even up to $700.

You Can Buy Your Favorite McDonald’s Toys From Many Places.

McDonald’s HappyMeal toys are a memory to many reminding them of their cherishable times. This is because McDonald’s gave out the popular toys inspired by a movie, video game, or TV shows. 

These are part of collectibles for many today, and you can find people gathering all the toys of a line to make them part of their collection. Also, the price to buy these toys, which are no longer available at the store, is way high. 

So, if you are a lover of McD toys, reach your nearest store and grab your favorite toy today!