4 Expert Tips On How To Store Dolls Long Term

Are you a doll collector? Are you looking for tips on how to store dolls long term? You have come to the right place.

Dolls have been the favorite toy for girls for many centuries. However, years of play, dress-up and make-up sessions, and tea parties can leave your doll looking dull and jaded. 

Investing in dolls requires a lot of money and emotions from your baby girl. Since your child is so attached to dolls, it is important to take care of them always to make them look new.

How To Store Dolls Long Term

Even if someone likes collecting various types of dogs like vintage dolls, antique dolls, and more, there are some preservation tips to save your dolls from any damage. In the write-up below, we will tell you every aspect of how you can protect your doll from any susceptible damage. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • Proven Tips To Preserve Your Dolls 
  • How To Store Doll’sDoll’s Clothes For A Long Term? 
  • How can you make your doll look new? 

Proven Tips To Preserve Dolls 

Here are proven and important tips that you must follow if you want your dolls to look fresh and new for many years. 

1. Avoid Sunlight 

The very first thing that you must consider to preserve your doll is to avoid natural sunlight. It is important to know that sunlight can fade your doll’s clothes and hair color, so go for indirect lightning instead of choosing direct sunlight. 

Even vinyl dolls tend to get faded in natural sunlight; it is always better to keep your dolls in a room with no natural sunlight. Also, fluorescent light damages dolls, especially when you have vinyl dolls; they can turn green when exposed to fluorescent lights. 

When it comes to storing American dolls for the long term, consider this point a priority. 

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2. Clean Your Dolls Often. 

Not only with dolls, in fact, but it is also with every toy and other playthings; if you don’t clean then often dust may accumulate on them, and it can damage the look. So while you want to keep your doll for the long term, make sure you clean them with a damp cloth and mild soap. 

Usually, accumulated dust can make your doll’s clothes look dull or yellowish, so before you store them, remove the layer of grime or dust. Regularly clean your dolls to preserve them for many years. 

How To Store Dolls Long Term

Always Keep Your Dolls In A Closed Cabinet 

While you keep your dolls in a plastic container, they are exposed to molds and mildew, so keep them in a closed cabinet whenever it is possible to avoid keeping them outside and keep them in a cupboard. 

A secure cabinet will save your dolls from dust, bugs, natural sunlight, and other damage factors. Even when you have pets, they can damage your dolls, so you can also save your dolls from pets when they are inside a closed cabinet. 

Also, preserving your dolls in a closed cabinet helps you keep them in a temperature-controlled place. 

Also, do not store dolls in airtight or plastic boxes, as the moisture inside the box can form mold, resulting in damaging the doll. In such a case also, a closed cabinet for storing dolls is the best option. 

3. Do Not Expose Your Dolls To Acidic Chemicals

We all know that wooden cabinets or cardboard boxes tend to damage your dolls, making it tough for you to save your dolls for the long term. The main reason why wood damages the dolls is the acid present in the wood. 

So it is recommended to use acid-free plastic wrappers and away from varnished wooden areas to keep them away from the mold. Avoid placing dolls with direct contact to varnished woods. 

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4. Avoid Extreme Heat And Cold Conditions

How to store Barbie dolls for the long term? Avoid direct exposure of dolls to extremely hot conditions. All kinds of dolls are made of plastics, and extreme heat conditions can spoil and degrade the plastic. When there is excessive heat exposure, it can destroy the composition of the doll. 

Even extreme cold conditions can crack the plastic and change the design of the doll. It is important to keep your dolls in a comfortable, temperature-controlled part of your house. Also, it is not advisable to store your dolls in a garage or a store that can get affected by extreme temperature conditions. 

How To Store Dolls Long Term

How To Store Doll’s Clothes For A Long Term? 

When you have extra doll clothes, you must save them from many factors to preserve them for the long term. Like our clothes, doll clothes are made of fabric that molds, dust, and moisture can destroy. 

So while you keep doll clothes in a wooden cabinet, they can get trapped by mildews and molds. It is important to store dolls’ clothes in plastic containers. Please make sure the plastic container you choose is clean and dry before storing the clothes in it. 

How Can You Make Your Doll Look New? 

To make your doll look new, you must know cleaning their clothes and washing hair is important. But sometimes, it is not possible to wash the material successfully.

Usually, many dolls have synthetic hair, and they can be cleaned easily with a conditioner to untangle hair. Do not use strong shampoo; you can always get the baby shampoo to wash the doll’s hair. Also, get a metal comb for your doll’s hair. 

When it is about cleaning a doll’s clothes, get a fabric softener and mild washing soap to give them a new look. 

Answers To More Questions About Storing Dolls

How do you pack dolls for storage? 

It is recommended to pack your dolls in a small container that is durable and easy to carry. While you consider storing dolls in a wooden box or a cabinet, use acid-free packing paper to keep them safe. 

How do I store my dolls? 

You must store your dolls in a closed cabinet, which will keep your dolls away from dust, molds, mildew, and moisture. 

How To Store Dolls Long Term

How do you store barbie dolls long-term? 

There are many factors that you need to keep in mind to store barbie dolls for the long term, they are: 

  • Away from extreme climatic conditions 
  • Away from pets 
  • Away from sunlight 
  • In a closed cabinet 
  • Do not store in a plastic container 

How do you preserve an American Girl Doll? 

You can always preserve your dolls in a closed cabinet and use Ziploc for storing their clothes. 

Wrap Up

If you want to preserve your doll for the long term, you must follow the above-stated tips and enjoy your doll collection for many years.